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About Acquired Brain Injury: Brain Injury Canada 160,000 Canadians sustain brain injuries each year. Incidence (and reporting rates) are rising. Over a million Canadians live with the effects of an acquired brain injury. About 50% of all acquired brain injuries in Canada come from falls and motor vehicle accidents. Think First reports that thirty per […]

Sinus Infections

Little Mountain Homeopathy Client Testimonial After a long 3.5 year journey with chronic sinusitis, I just had my 6 month root canal check up with the dental specialist, which showed improvement in inflammation around the canal roots and sinus floor. Sonya’s homeopathic treatment provided the healing needed to resolve the underlying sinus issue. To help others […]

Our New Hand Triturated Remedies are Now Available at Helios Pharmacy!

I am very excited to announce that our hand triturated remedies, fully proven using the C4 trituration proving method, are now available for sale at Helios Pharmacy! The following remedies are currently available for sale from Helios Pharmacy: Ailuropoda melanoleuca (fur) (Giant Panda) Isatis Tinctoria (Woad, Glastum) Poa Pratensis (Kentucky Bluegrass) Corvus Caurinus (feather) (Northwestern Crow) […]

SALE! Oregano Oil and Neem Leaf Capsules

I am currently selling the New Roots Herbal brand Oregano Oil as well as Neem Leaf Capsules for 50% OFF. The Neem that I currently have in stock expires end of December 2016 and the Oregano Oil expires in February 2017. Buy the Oregano Oil for only $11.00 per bottle and the Neem for only $9 […]

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a tick-borne disease, passed on by the bite of a tick infected by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. The acute symptoms of a recent Lyme disease infection include the appearance of a “bulls-eye” rash at the site of the tick bite along with flu- like symptoms such as fever, joint pains, weakness and fatigue. If caught […]

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