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Our New Hand Triturated Remedies are Now Available at Helios Pharmacy!

I am very excited to announce that our hand triturated remedies, fully proven using the C4 trituration proving method, are now available for sale at Helios Pharmacy! The following remedies are currently available for sale from Helios Pharmacy: Ailuropoda melanoleuca (fur) (Giant Panda) Isatis Tinctoria (Woad, Glastum) Poa Pratensis (Kentucky Bluegrass) Corvus Caurinus (feather) (Northwestern Crow) […]

SALE! Oregano Oil and Neem Leaf Capsules

I am currently selling the New Roots Herbal brand Oregano Oil as well as Neem Leaf Capsules for 50% OFF. The Neem that I currently have in stock expires end of December 2016 and the Oregano Oil expires in February 2017. Buy the Oregano Oil for only $11.00 per bottle and the Neem for only $9 […]

Nutritional Balancing

I no longer recommend fasting, detox or cleansing diets for any prolonged period of time to my clients. Though these types of diets have been healthy and effective for people in the past, in modern times people are too nutritionally depleted to benefit from cleansing diets and fasting, due to the poor nutrient density of our […]

August 6, 2016: Real and Raw Milk Event in Burnaby BC

Burnaby Neighbourhood House Community Hall, 5024 Rumble St., Burnaby BC Doors at 2:30pm, Speeches start at 3pm Seasoned raw milk activist Gordon Watson speaks about his experiences with and about the politics of raw milk. Mr. Watson is a vocal advocate for the legalization of raw milk, which is currently illegal for sale in BC. Learn more about […]

The Metabolic Balance Mango Lassi

by Sonya McLeod, Certified Metabolic Balance® coach Ingredients 1 portion full fat yogurt (protein portion) 1 mango 1/8 tsp cardamom 1/8 tsp cinnamon 1/4 tsp 100% pure vanilla extract 4-5 ice cubes Makes 1 serving Directions Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Coach’s comments I find that most of my metabolic […]

Black Kyanite Trituration Workshop

EXPERIENCE RESONANCE HOMEOPATHY TRITURATION WORKSHOP C4 Homeopathy and Practitioner Development July 16-17, 2016 9am-5pm both days Location: Little Mountain Homeopathy, 136 E. 53rd Ave, Vancouver, BC (temporary relocation during new office construction) With Sonya McLeod, Registered Classical Homeopath Online & Published Author of 12 Trituration Provings: Trituration of the Gemstone “Black Kyanite” Triturations are a […]

Common Spring Tree Pollen Allergies in Vancouver

Unfortunately, Vancouver has one of the longest allergy seasons in Canada due to the combination of the city’s mild weather and rising spring temperatures due to global warming. The city also has a high concentration of trees, much higher than many other cities in Canada. Also, because most of the trees in Vancouver have been […]

Fibromyalgia: Vidatox a Valid Remedy

Browsing through the various pages of Facebook, we stumbled on a group with the name: “FIBROMIALGIA STOP AI DOLORI” where one of its members highlighted the effectiveness of the homeopathic product named Vidatox. We copy and paste HER WORDS IN FULL: there are many positive comments about it. Will it be the real solution to this terrible disease […]

A Weight Loss Diet Should Include Healthy Fats

Why Experts Now Think You Should Eat More Fat Less Carbs, More Fat For more than half a century, the conventional wisdom among nutritionists and public health officials was that fat is dietary enemy number one – the leading cause of obesity and heart disease. It appears the wisdom was off. And not just off. […]

EFT For Weight Loss

I have found that my clients have had so much success with the Metabolic Balance® program but only if they stick with the plan. The biggest challenge most of my clients face while on the program is breaking their old eating habits and combating sugar cravings. Even though clients know consciously that healthy eating is good […]

Bruce Lipton on Homeopathy

Karma Singh interviews Dr. Bruce Lipton in July 2010 Dr. Bruce Lipton, one of the world’s leading cell biologists, explains how energy healing modalities such as homeopathy work and why pharmaceuticals do not work Karma Singh: Professor Lipton, we heard you on the weekend telling us about the informational causation of perhaps the majority of the […]

Natural Treatments for Wildfire Smoke Inhalation

Here in BC this year in 2015, it has been an extremely dry, hot spring and early summer. As of July 6, 2015, there are currently 178 wildfires burning in the province of BC; leaving much of the province of BC, including Vancouver, blanketed in smoke. Consequently, the air quality index in Vancouver is at […]

Sam Smith Loses Weight with Metabolic Balance Coach Amelia Freer

The key to losing weight? Listen to your GUT SINGER Sam Smith has undergone something of a transformation over the past two weeks. PUBLISHED Mon, Mar 23, 2015 in the Express Amelia is helping to change attitudes to food The Grammy award-winning writer of hits such as Stay With Me and Money On My Mind […]

Homeopathic Trituration Proving FAQ

What is homeopathy? Visit to learn more about homeopathy. What is a homeopathic proving? Homeopathic provings were invented by the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Homeopathic provings consist of the master prover (the person in charge) and the volunteers, who are called provers. The master prover usually decides what homeopathic medicine the provers will take. […]

Why I Love Doing Homeopathic Provings

1. Following in Hahnemann’s Footsteps I have always been a great admirer of Samuel Hahnemann’s work. In fact, if he were alive today, I have the feeling we would have been great friends. Sometimes when I read his writing I feel like it’s something that I could’ve written (especially the long rants about allopaths). Here […]

Newest Celebrity Diet: Metabolic Balance for Weight Loss

In Hollywood, the stars whisper his name: Wolf Funfack, a country doctor from the Upper Bavarian Isen, Germany, has developed a weight loss program with global success. By Ulrike Heidenreich The fact that the rich, beautiful and famous up in the Hollywood Hills recently whisper  the name Isen, is not the fact that this small market town exudes a […]

Diabetes Diet Plan

Metabolic Balance® and Diabetes 14 November 2014 is World Diabetes Day. Overweight due to a poor diet is considered the main risk factor for type 2 diabetes whereas type 1 diabetes is due to genetic predisposition. By means of the Metabolic Balance® program, type 2 diabetics can reduce their weight considerably. Weight loss reduces a […]

Homeopathic Treatment of Ebola

October 2014 – “Is it the flu or is it EBOLA?” Important information regarding EBOLA Hemorrhagic Fever Compiled by Sally Tamplin MARH,DSH, PCH and Jacob Mirman MD, DHt, CCH The top US medical official, Thomas Frieden, has said that the Ebola challenge is the biggest since AIDS. Britain and the USA have implemented enhanced […]

Homeopathic Remedies for Enterovirus 68

by Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) September 11th, 2014 In case you haven’t heard, the new media medical scare for children this season is Enterovirus 68. Yikes! The added number makes it sound so official and daunting. But remember, folks, you have homeopathy in your court and a kit in your medicine cabinet. This doesn’t […]

What Causes Autism?

Many scientists and MD’s relate autism to genetics. Genetics do play a role, of course, but all alternative practitioners along with a growing number of mainstream practitioners also relate autism to environmental factors. The mainstream medical community says that there is no relation between autism and vaccination, yet many parents have observed that the onset […]

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