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New Mandatory Flu Shot Policy for BC Healthcare Workers is a Tyrannical Violation of Human Rights

On December 1, 2012, all health care workers in BC will be forced to get a flu shot, or wear a mask while at work. Health care workers are also expected to wear a distinctive badge indicating they’ve had the shot. The BC Nurses’ Union has filed a grievance against the policy because they question […]

Flu Homeoprophylaxis / Nosodes

Little Mountain Homeopathy Client Testimonial Sonya at Little Mountain Homeopathy has provided us with homeopathic remedies for 2 years running. Our family has been healthy and grateful to have avoided the many illnesses that can accompany flu season, especially with school age children. We will continue to visit Sonya and are relieved to know there […]

H1N1 Vaccine Miscarriages: Exclusive Interview with Connie Adams and More Reports Worldwide

December 6, 2009: About 6 weeks ago, when mass vaccinations were getting underway in North America, I warned pregnant women that the unadjuvanted H1N1 vaccine for pregnant women is not safe. I am very sad to report that pregnant women have been miscarrying after receiving the H1N1 injection. The press in Europe has reported that […]

Deaths from Flu in Young Healthy People Linked to MRSA Infection

This flu season there has been lots of talk in the mainstream press about how deadly the (H1N1) flu is, and therefore we must all get the (H1N1) flu vaccine(s). What a lot of people don’t know is that it is not always the swine flu itself that is killing people. The vast majority of […]

Polish Health Minister Rejects H1N1 Vaccine

Polish Health Minister in Polish Parliament regarding swine flu vaccines 5th November 2009 I would like to say that my priority during my 20 odd years of my GP practice was “First of all do not harm,” I took that rule with me to my Health Minister Office. In situations when I was to recommend […]

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