Little Mountain Homeopathy, 351 E. 39th Ave., Vancouver, BC V5W 1K3
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Little Mountain Homeopathy

Classical homeopath in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Award-winning holistic natural health practitioner.

Do You Offer Online or Telephone Consultations?

Yes, I do offer telephone and online consultations. I find that telephone works best, but Skype can also work (unfortunately Skype does tend to cut out, making it difficult to communicate at times). If possible, it is always best for me to see you in person for the initial consultation and for the follow-ups. However, if you do not live in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, face-to-face consultations may not be practical for you. I am happy to accommodate your situation by offering telephone or Skype consultations. Coming soon: homeopathic email consultations.

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Do You Offer Online or Telephone Consultations?
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