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Homeopathy for Holidays

Holiday-party1Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, but sometimes they can also be stressful, especially if one has to spend a lot of time with family members or if traveling to a foreign country.

Holiday gatherings often involve overindulging in too much food and alcohol. To soothe or avoid a hangover, take Nux Vomica 30C the night of the event before bed, and again three times per day on the day after the event.

After overindulgence in too much sweet and/or fatty foods, take Pulsatilla 30C, one dose before bed that same night and a few doses the day after the event.

Food poisoning can be common during the holidays, whether the culprit is foreign food or holiday party food. The most common remedy for food poisoning is Arsenicum 30C. For an acute case, take the remedy as often as every half hour for 3 doses. The day after food poisoning, repeat the remedy three times throughout the day.

holiday shopping copyHoliday shopping, hosting holiday parties and seeing long-lost relatives can often lead to a feeling of anxiety. For anticipatory anxiety with much weakness and trembling, try Gelsemium 30C, taken a few times during the day of the event. For over-excitement with insomnia, a dose of Coffea 30C can help (this remedy could be especially beneficial for kids who are having trouble sleeping due to excitement and anticipation during the holidays).

Ignatia 30C, a common remedy for grief, can be taken a few times throughout the day; Ignatia can be helpful for somebody who is missing a loved one over the holiday season. For exhaustion and sleep deprivation, try Cocculus 30C taken a few times throughout the day. If you are feeling angry and resentful of relatives but are too polite to express your thoughts, try a few doses throughout the day of Staphysagria 30C.

Another remedy that generally alleviates stress and anxiety is Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. It can be taken a few times per day during the duration of your holiday, as needed.

Vacationing Overseas

holidayTo avoid jet lag, take a dose of Arnica 30C before departure, and a few doses the day of arrival.

For fear of flying, take Gelsemium 30C if there is a lot of weakness and trembling, or Aconite 30C if there is extreme fear and panic. Take a dose before the flight, and a few doses of the indicated remedy during the flight.

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