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Erectile Dysfunction

how_to_help_him_cope_with_erectile_dysfunction_edErectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is characterized by a man’s inability to develop and/or maintain an erection long enough to have sexual intercourse. According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 5% of 40-year-old men and between 15% and 25% of 65-year-old men experience ED on a long-term basis.

In most cases, erectile dysfunction is related to problems with the nervous system, circulatory system or loss of libido. Men are always advised to also consult with their MD while undergoing homeopathic treatment for ED.

Erectile dysfunction and low libido can be related to emotional or physical stress, as well as hormonal imbalances. Once the body is physically and emotionally brought into balance under homeopathic treatment, sexual function is also brought back into balance.

Homeopathic remedies for erectile dysfunction should be prescribed and monitored by a classical homeopath.

Case Example of Homeopathic Treatment for ED/Impotence by Jonathan Hardy

A man of 56 came to see me. “I’m worried I’m going to have another breakdown (this had happened some years previously). I’m just feeling so stressed again. I wake up in the morning feeling so anxious. If there’s something I don’t want to face at work I find ways to avoid it. A while ago I just broke down in floods of tears and I had to have some time off. Now if someone comes to the door or the phone goes I make myself scarce. I’ve been having panic attacks. I’m having problems with impotence.”

He was indeed worryingly close to a breakdown. In addition he had significant problems with indigestion and flatulence. He had joint pains and was not sleeping well. It is so common that, when we get ill, we are affected on all levels of our being: physically, emotionally and mentally. I felt that Lycopodium would be a good medicine for him. Lycopodium is a remedy strongly indicated in people who lack confidence even though the ability is there. They have the tendency to run away from problems. Nearly always an individual needing Lycopodium will have some kind of digestive upset. A few doses of Lycopodium worked miraculously for him. Not only did he feel much happier and able to take problems easily in his stride, but all his physical complaints cleared up.

More Case Examples of Homeopathic Treatment for ED/Impotence

A patient with psychic impotence could possibly help himself to relax and decrease the amount of tension by taking on himself a less active role during coitus. He can assign the active role to his female partner. One case of a young man who had indulged in the practice of masturbation merely for physical relief was brought to my attention. He married and no more than one week after the ceremony his bride came weeping to me asking for advice. She coded that the young husband’s attempts at intercourse were revolting to her, as well as disturbing to her nervous system. Because she wished to have a family, she was crushed by grief at the predicament in which she found herself for she was in love with the man of her choice. Above everything else I recommended her to be patient, sympathetic and to do everything in her power to reassure him of her confidence. Both were nervous frightened and thrown into the deepest chagrin.  Rest and emotional relaxation were needed and no attempts at intercourse should even be attempted for several weeks. Intimacy and affection and knowledge of each other were in this case the first essential. I advised the young woman that all the outgoing streams of affection and confidence should be strengthened before the final act of sex should be thought of again.

The husband should of course make a determined effort to free himself of the pernicious habit which had caused this temporary tragedy and which had such a deleterious effect upon his nerve centers. The advice was followed along with a single dose of CONIUM 1M (ill effects of masturbation- Anac, Ph ac, Pic ac, Salix Nig, Staph) and within six months not only had this marriage been successfully consummated but a baby was on its way into the world. By a strict adherence to the simple rules advised and the wife’s tactful sympathy complete potency was regained and with it an added ambition and mental understanding.

 Another case of impotence through masturbation was brought to my attention but in this case the young man indulged not merely for physical relief. His imagination was fired by feminine attire by magazine covers. HIS imagination had been perverted and fixed by the practice and he failed to break through the slavery of the habit. This man with a proper counseling session and along with a single dose of AGNUS CASTUS 1M (Perverted sexual desire – Agn Cast, Nux Vom, Plat, Staph) is now perfectly normal & is a father of a sweet little girl.

 It reminds me of one more case of a 26 yrs old male who believed that he would be unable to perform normal sexual act as he was impotent. Therefore, his fiancée should not suffer unnecessarily on account of him. He insisted on her forgetting him and to marry someone else. On medical examination it was found that there was nothing wrong with his sex organs and his fear had no organic cause. Thus it was clearly impotence of psychological origin. A dose of ONOSMODIUM 1M (Fear, impotence of – Nat Mur, Onos, Pitu) along with a counseling session changed this young man’s life.

Male Sexual Problems and Homeopathy: Case Examples by Dr. Binoy Vallabhassery 

Dr Love relates the following case, in which sulphur cured: “W., aged forty, merchant; tall and slender; melancholic temperament; guilty of onanism (masturbation?) in his youth. Has been married eight years, but could never accomplish his marital duties, although erection is complete; but ejaculation takes place as soon as he approached his wife. Sulphur 12, two doses, and six weeks he was cured.” Phosphoric acid has also been used with success in cases of this sort.

The following case by Dr. W.E. Rogers illustrates the use of Gelsemium:”W., aged twenty-two. Bilious temperament. Has been masturbating for a number of years. Has been allopathically treated. Symptoms: genital organs relaxed; entire absence of sexual feeling; the organs seem paralyzed; perfect impotence; during the evening a partial erection and slight discharge; mind depressed; engaged to be married; has lost flesh; appetite poor; bowels costive; looks sallow. Gelsemium tincture, two drops night and morning, caused an improvement in a week, and cured in a few week.” 

The kind of impotence for which Cuprum acet. is useful, is illustrated in the following case by Dr. Kissell: “Strong fresh-colored man, aged twenty-eight, two years married, has never been able to effect coition, because the member immediately became diccafl again, though sometimes semen escaped. During the transient erections, he felt some tension in the perineum, and often complained of rheumatism in the back and legs. Genitals normal. After Cuprum acet. all was well and the pains disappeared”. 

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