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Bruce Lipton on Homeopathy

Karma Singh interviews Dr. Bruce Lipton in July 2010
Dr. Bruce Lipton, one of the world’s leading cell biologists, explains how energy healing modalities such as homeopathy work and why pharmaceuticals do not work

Karma Singh: Professor Lipton, we heard you on the weekend telling us about the informational causation of perhaps the majority of the maladies known to mankind. Does it seem appropriate to you that a method of healing that is based on information is more likely to be more effective than one which is based upon chemistry?

Dr. Bruce Lipton: It is absolutely important to understand that a very small percentage of illness on this planet is due to organic causes, especially genetics. As a matter of fact, around 2% of diseases in this world today can be directly attributed to genetics. The rest of diseases are our relationship to the environment and genetics. The significance of the environment is that the information that we pick up – and it’s information about the environment that we pick up through our senses – this information is the information that is used to actually not just adjust our own biology and behaviour but this information from the environment even adjusts our genetics; so that every day as we respond to environmental cues, not only are we adjusting behaviour but we are also influencing the read out of all our genes; so the concept that we are made out of genetic concrete and that determines our lives gives way to a reality that the genes are essentially plastic. The read out of the genes can vary day by day based on our personal life experiences and the information that we receive from the environment, so much to the extent that one gene blueprint can be modified to create 30,000 different variations of proteins from the same gene, and all these variations are dependent upon an individual’s response to the environment. So, rather than emphasizing the organic nature of disease, it turns out that diseases are most related to how we interpret or perceive or respond to environmental cues, which by definition is information.

Karma Singh: So, then, an informationally based medicine could be effective, such as homeopathy.

Dr. Bruce Lipton: All kinds of information based medicines are very effective, starting from just psychology alone. When you start to understand the nature of the placebo effect – the placebo effect is just based on a person’s perception or belief, and a minimum of one third of all healings from the medical profession, be they drugs or surgery, one third is just due to the perceptions and beliefs and attitudes of the patient.  So, anything that will actually influence a person’s perception, or response to the environment, becomes a primal input into the nature of our health and disease.

Karma Singh: So what exactly does homeopathy do, in this sense?

Dr. Bruce Lipton: It’s interesting because homeopathy is, by conventional standards, kind of weird, but by the understanding of quantum mechanics it becomes based on hard science. Water molecules in solution communicate with each other via hydrogen bonds. And hydrogen bonds are charges of vibration of loose bonding between individual water molecules based on their polarity. What’s very interesting is that science has found out that when hydrogen bonds are formed between water molecules, the bonds also act as conduits for vibrational information. So, water molecules can pass information from one water molecule to another water molecule to another water molecule. So, whatever is influencing a water molecule can ultimately be spread in a solution of water via hydrogen bond communication between the molecules of water so that information is transferred. So if I put some information in the water, in a short period of time, the information will transfer from one water molecule to another via the hydrogen bonds. And then you might say, “Well what about the initiating piece of information, like a chemical?” Well, if you remove that chemical, but you still have the vibration in the field, the water molecules will apparently maintain the continued vibration, so that you can have the information transferred even without the chemistry anymore. And basically this is where the memory of water is applied and understood as a molecular connection between the information in the field and the hydrogen bonding of the molecules.

Karma Singh: So, for the human body, being at least 70% water, the information in water should have a very significant effect on the human body.

Dr. Bruce Lipton: Oh, absolutely. All the chemistry in water is equivalent of creating homeopathy. Just as much as I put a chemical in a beaker of water or I secrete a chemical from my brain into the blood, which the base is all water, there would be no difference in those two except for the location. So basically, the water in the body would also carry information, and this is a really interesting new insight because this actually was understood a long, long time ago. There was a Nobel Prize winner named Albert St. Georgi who actually won 2 Nobel Prizes, one was on the molecular nature of muscle contraction and the other was on the interaction of molecules. In 1959 he wrote a book, I think it was called “The Introduction to Subcellular Biology,” and introduced the concept of quantum mechanics as a fundamental element in understanding the nature of a human body. It was very interesting, because back in those days, even though he won a Nobel Prize winner, all of his conventional peers thought he was kind of crazy and losing it; they thought that St. Georgi was going a little senile when he introduced the nature of quantum mechanics. Had he lived long enough and had his peers lived long enough, they would have recognized the new understanding in biochemistry today, is that when you talk about proteins, which are the fundamental units of the body, and proteins interacting, they interact via an entanglement with quantum fields through what we call constructive and destructive interference patterns which control their behaviour. The relevance about that is proteins interact to energy fields more than they interact to chemical fields. So, quantum biophysics will be the actual future of new medicine and new biology.

Karma Singh: So, if I follow this correctly, when Hahnemann said that it’s the information of the healing substance which is paramount, and it is the chemical substance which has almost no relevancy, he was speaking nothing other than objective fact.

Dr. Bruce Lipton: It wasn’t known it was fact at that time, but now this is becoming much more understood and factual. There was researcher by the name of McClare at Oxford or Cambridge, one of the two serious universities in England, and what he identified was, he was looking at the spread of information, signalling, and his question was, “If cells can respond to both chemical signals, and they can respond to energetic signals, would there be a difference in the response?” And when he did the assessment he found that signalling with energy vibration is an order of magnitude greater in the ability of sending information than trying to send information via chemicals. He talked very simply about the fact that when you use chemicals as a signalling device, that when a chemical binds to another chemical, there’s something called the heat of reaction, and in the heat of reaction you give off the heat from a chemical interaction. But heat is disorganized, dissipated energy. If a molecule is carrying information, about 98% of the available energy for information is actually dissipated as heat during a chemical reaction. So, when you use a molecule to send information you are approximately getting about 1% of the information in the transfer, and about 98-99% of the information lost as heat. In contrast, he said, when you use energetic signalling, vibrational signalling, that you essentially get 100% of the signal in transfer because there’s no energy lost in the chemical reaction. Therefore this showed that vibrational energy is more effective at communication rather than chemistry.

Karma Singh: So you’re saying that modern science now says that it’s the information which counts, and the chemical substance is not only irrelevant, it’s dangerous. So science is saying that homeopathy is the thing, and science is saying that pharmaceutical medicine is unscientific.

Dr. Bruce Lipton: Pharmaceutical medicine is actually kind of lethal and is one of the primary causes of death, in what we call iatrogenic illness. For example, in the United States alone, 300,000 or more people die every year from pharmaceutical chemistry, which is vastly more people than those who die from so-called illegal drugs. Legal drugs are actually more lethal. There was an interesting article published in the journal “Nature” regarding the mechanism by which information influences the movement of molecules and why that is important is because life is derived from the movement of molecules. So the paper was studying what is the mechanics that result in the movement of molecules which result in the expression of life. They first tried to assess the movements of molecules using the mechanisms of Newtonian physics and they were completely unable to predict the movements of the molecules. As soon as they applied the quantum mechanical principles to the movement of molecules they were able to accurately predict the movement of molecules which then emphasizes this: That our conventional medicine, which is based on Newtonian physics and Newtonian chemistry, is incorrectly perceiving how molecules move, and the mechanics of life; and that the new physics is really the foundation of molecular movements. And what’s very interesting about this is that there was a review article by the two authors, Pophristic and Goodman, the ones that were looking at the mechanisms of molecular movement, and there was an editorial in the same issue of “Nature” that said, “What is the meaning of this work by Pophristic and Goodman?” I love it because it says right there in the subtitle of the article, “If you want to understand the nature of molecule movement, don’t look for the answers in your organic chemistry textbook.” And the complete important meaning of that message is that organic chemistry is used to define the principles of medicine. Medicine is built on organic chemistry. And yet, what Weinhold’s article [in “Nature”] is talking about is that when you understand the mechanisms that cause molecules to move, you’ll realize that those mechanisms are not described in conventional organic chemistry because they’re really quantum biophysics. So, if you want to understand how life works, that’s essentially what he means by if you understand how molecules move, he said you will not find the answers in organic chemistry, and organic chemistry is the foundation of allopathic medicine. So basically, allopathic medicine’s perception is totally skewed and flawed because it does not incorporate the role of quantum entanglement and the roles of vibrational energies, and what are called destructive and constructive interference patterns. So harmony and resonance is really the primary mechanism of molecular movement, not positive and negative charges or regional charges which are Newtonian mechanisms.

Karma Singh: As a former teacher of medicine in major universities, if you had a health problem and you were faced with the choice between an allopathic doctor who uses pharmaceutical medicine, and a doctor who uses homeopathy, which one would you choose?

Dr. Bruce Lipton: Very simple answer for me. I don’t go to medical doctors! I haven’t been to a medical doctor in about 15 years, and I knew exactly what I was going for then because I wanted some penicillin because I had pneumonia and I had to see a doctor to get the prescription for it. But I stay away from them as much as possible. But I don’t want to say that medicine is bad. Medicine has an important function. Medicine does miracles in its field. Then what is it that you would go to medicine for? The answer for me is trauma. If I break something, I need something sewn up, I need a part replaced, you can bet your life I’m going to go to a medical doctor before I go to a homeopath. But when it comes to issues that medicine really just plays with like diabetes, Alzeheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, cancer, obesity – these kinds of issues are not trauma related issues, and as a result of that, medicine doesn’t have a very good track record with them because medicine is coming from a wrong scientific foundation. Medicine, being founded on the mechanisms of Newtonian mechanics, is really not totally understanding the nature of life because the nature of life is based on quantum physics. The difference between them is that Newtonian physics emphasizes materialism, matter, physical chemistry; and quantum physics says no it’s the invisible forces, it’s the energy and the vibration which are profoundly important. So, from the work of McClare and the work of Pophristic and Goodman and even Albert St Georgi, their research says that the new direction of medicine will be energy medicine. But this doesn’t mean if I get into a car accident and my guts are hanging out that I will try to find a homeopath to help me. That wouldn’t work for me. Use the medicine for what it’s really good for, but consider alternatives when it comes to issues of health that are outside the nature of trauma. For example, cancer. What is cancer caused by? Well, now we’re recognizing the primary cause of cancer is perception. Genetics account for far less of cancer than 10%. So, the relevance is that 90% of cancer cannot be attributed due to the physical mechanical body, but it is attributed to the information or the perception of the individual in response to their environment, and that perception being translated into biology. So, the healing issues in our world are mostly not approached by conventional medicine. Conventional medicine would recognize, for example, that 90% of cardiovascular disease, which is one of the leading killers in the world, has nothing to do with organic causes. 90% of cardiovascular disease is a person’s personal perception or stresses or environmental lifestyle actions. And why I bring that up is because if you have cardiovascular disease, and you end up going to a conventional allopath, the first thing they are probably going to do is try to assign a pharmaceutical drug, when the fact is, the first thing they would have done in real health is to give a foundation and education and insight into the reality that cardiovascular disease is changeable just by how you change your perceptions or responses to life, and not how you change your physical body.

Karma Singh: Last week in in one of the journals there was a large article explaining why homeopathy should be banned because it is unscientific. Would you like to comment upon this?

Dr. Bruce Lipton: I would really like to say that on a real definition basis, allopathic medicine is pretty much unscientific, because allopathic medicine is manipulated and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, which sells chemistry. Well why is that important? Well let me just bring up a simple point. If I asked the audience, “Are you aware that there are much more efficient ways to produce energy on this planet besides burning fossil fuels that are much more efficient and effective?” I think most people would recognize yes, there are many different ways to produce energy besides fossil fuels. Then I ask the question, “Where are they?” The reason why I ask the question is they are not here. But if we know they exist then why aren’t we using them? And the answer is that it’s not in the interest of the fossil fuel industry to offer energy that doesn’t use fossil fuel, because that’s the whole business program. So what does that mean about medicine? Are there other ways to heal yourself besides medicine? And the answer is most certainly there are, and most of it involves energy. All these different forms of alternative or complementary medicine are really based on energy at the fundamental level. So if that’s really true then where are these energy modalities in our world today? And the answer is it’s not in the interest of a pharmaceutical industry that sells chemicals to offer insights into other forms of healing that don’t use chemicals. It’s not in the business plan. In fact, having been a researcher and professor in a medical school for a number of years and having received my grants and all the things I had to do I can tell you that my work was funded because when I wrote my grants I appealed to the pharmaceutical industry’s perception of chemicals and molecules involved in healing, and yet when I had the opportunity to do my work, the understanding about health was really information in the fields. What I knew and what I learned is that medical research is directed and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. It’s not directed and influenced by the interests of the public. And why is that important? It’s a fact that in the United States today, allopathic medicine is the leading cause of death. It’s called iatrogenic illness. The relevance of that is very simple: if a healing modality is the leading cause of death then you have to ask a logical question: “If you really know how life works and you’re trying to heal with your science then how come allopathic medicine is the leading cause of death?” The answer is because something very profound is missing from their awareness: What’s missing is the nature of the role of energy and mind and field in understanding the nature of life, and that is the nature of quantum physics. Well how come I claim that modern medicine is not scientific? And the answer is that science is built on a hierarchy of fundamental sciences, built one on top of each other. The foundation of all sciences today is called mathematics. And then from mathematics you create physics which is the science of mechanisms, how things work. And then from physics you create chemistry. So if you understand the nature of physics you understand the nature of chemistry. And there are all different kinds of chemistry, and on the top of the chemistry pile is something called biochemistry. And the relevance about that is that leads to biology, which then leads to psychology. So, in a hierarchy of sciences, physics is down much lower than biology and psychology. Well why is that important? And the answer is that when a science on a lower tier changes its belief system, it is incumbant that every science built above on that foundation must incorporate those new insights into their science. So what’s wrong then with conventional allopathic medicine? The answer is it’s based on Newtonian physics. And Newtonian physics has been modified, updated and really changed by the concepts of quantum mechanics, which came in in 1925. Chemistry has now incorporated quantum mechanical mechanisms in its understanding of the new fields of chemistry where you can direct chemical reactions by vibrational frequencies. Biology, especially because of its manipulation by the pharmaceutical industry, has retained its Newtonian base in the presence of a quantum mechanical world. That means that science in the form of biomedicine is no longer scientific because until it incorporates the principles of quantum mechanics, which are the fundamental mechanisms of the universe, then conventional biology is operating from a misperception of a Newtonian universe, something that has now been proven to be totally false. So until this change occurs, conventional science, especially as it’s run by the drug companies, with its primary interest in the material mechanisms of Newton; until the new physics comes in, conventional biomedicine is by definition outdated.

Karma Singh: Thank you very much

Dr. Bruce Lipton: We need to get this information to the public as fast as we can, because we are really running into a crises in the world. When you recognize, for example, that health care crisis are undermining countries and civilizations around the world because of the high cost and less effectiveness in its approach to health, it’s time to introduce a new understanding of health, and especially one based on energy medicine because once you start to recognize that it’s energy you say, “Well how much does energy cost?” Well, it doesn’t really cost anything.

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