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Ailgeno, 50ml



AILGENO drops specifically stimulate and detoxify the spleen to eliminate focal infections and old deposits of toxins. This unique medication also helps treat anemia, gastritis, diabetes, eczema, herpes, chronic infections, chronic weakness and cachexia. It stimulates the entire metabolism.

Few homeopathic remedies address spleen dysfunction and intoxification, although this organ plays a vital role in immune system response. In fact, some chronic diseases can be extremely difficult to heal unless the spleen is also treated.

In addition, when the body cannot excrete properly, it will encapsulate the burdening materials in local depots to protect itself against a massive intoxification. These foci can result in spleen insufficiency, which in turn leads to what appears to be completely different illnesses, such as diabetes. AILGENO drops reactivate and stimulate the spleen, which helps eliminate local foci while making systemic healing of chronic conditions possible.

It is notable that AILGENO drops stimulate a healing process that can result in an amazing excretion reaction not seen when using allopathic medications such as antibiotics. For example, an old Hepatitis epidemica can be healed. This preparation also can successfully treat therapy-resistant chronic conditions. For best results, AILGENO drops should always be used in conjunction with apo-HEPAT drops, RENELIX drops and other PEKANA medications.

Ailgeno spag. drops | Pekana

Spagyric and/or homeopathic preparations of:
Agaricus muscaris     4X
Arsenicum album    6X
Carduus marianus     15X
Ceanothus americana     4X
Cinchona succirubra     6X
Glechoma hederacea     6X
Grindelia robusta    6X
Natruim muriaticum     12X

Foci of infection and/or toxicity in the spleen.
Abnormalities with hematopoesis due to unresolved burden of toxicity on the spleen.
Usually a prerequisite to dealing with bone marrow regulation and CNS infections.

As this remedy can be very provoking in nature, use low dosages, such as 2 to 5 drops taken once or twice daily, until tolerance for the remedy is demonstrated.
Once tolerance has been shown to be good, dosage can be increased to 10 to 25 drops taken once or twice daily.

Duration of Use:
This remedy is usually used in pulsed doses.  This means that it is used for a few days to a few weeks, then discontinued to give the body a rest, then restarted after a rest period of 1 to 2 weeks.

Combines Well With:
Never used as stand-alone remedy.  Often combined with Apo-Stom to reduce the intensity of the detox process provoked by this remedy.  Other drainage remedies, such as Itires and/or Renelix, are generally added to help handle the download of toxins released by the action of Ailgeno.

Generally Not Combined With:
Other highly provoking remedies, such as Septonsil , Specichol and Toxex

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Ailgeno, 50ml


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