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Igor Sisgoreo Rating Review posted on
Feb 24, 2013
Sonya at Little Mountain Homeopathy is amazing! We took our little girl to Sonya to do her homeoprophylaxis program. Sonya was very thorough and always answered all of our questions. She is compassionate and intelligent. We are very happy with our decision to pursue homeoprophylaxis for our daughter. Thank you Sonya! Igor, Rachel & Thea

Homeoprophylaxis Testimonials

lathyrus_sativusPrior to having my child, I never considered or knew much about supplementary natural medicine.

I learned about the option of homeoprophylaxis and thought it would be a very worthwhile investment for our family’s peace of mind and while my husband was very skeptical at first, after some research and discussion, we decided that would be the route we’d take.   Prior to the homeoprophylaxis  we learned about the constitutional remedy and that it would be best to do that first before the homeoprophylaxis. So, after 2 years now, we are pretty much complete with the homeoprophylaxis.

My child has been in preschool for 1 year and he is enrolled in many group activities with other children so he is exposed to all sorts of viruses and so far he has not caught anything.   He gets a cold here and there but and has only had a fever 3 times in 4 years.  The bottom line is that kids will get sick, but with homeopathic medicine, he does not get the full blown illness and only mild symptoms so far.  The biggest issue he’s had so far is daily nosebleeds and with Sonya’s latest constitutional remedy, they have stopped!  It is pretty amazing.   It did come back and then Sonya advised me to re-dose and they stopped once again.  So, homeopathic medicine really works!


12355247_10100974961820836_1997012445_nI have been working with Sonya for over 2 years now. I am doing the childhood homeoprophylaxis program for both of my children. I absolutely believe in and swear by homeopathy. My kids love getting them and actually look forward to it. It is so easy and fool proof. I am still learning about all the benefits and uses of homeopathy. But Sonya makes it so easy to talk to and learn from. I highly recommend.

Massachusetts, USA

CIMG0145 (766x1024)Sonya at Little Mountain Homeopathy has provided us with homeopathic remedies for 2 years running. Our family has been healthy and grateful to have avoided the many illnesses that can accompany flu season, especially with school age children. We will continue to visit Sonya and are relieved to know there is a chemical free alternative for our health.
Thank you Sonya

Cheryl Cameron
Vancouver, BC

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Nosodes are not intended to be an alternative to vaccination.

The CHPA cannot recommend the use of any homeopathic medication, in lieu of conventional medical vaccinations. To their knowledge, there have been no homeopathic substances thoroughly tested as consistently effective replacement therapeutics for conventional medical vaccinations

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