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Homeopathic Placenta Remedy Custom-Made

  The traditional medicine of many indigenous cultures recognizes and values the healing potential of the placenta. It is prepared and used in a variety of ways to benefit both mother and child, for example Traditional Chinese Medicine dries the placenta for later use as a medicine. The placenta is also used in homeopathic medicine […]

Make Your Own Pregnancy and Childbirth Kit

*Custom-Made Homeopathic Placenta Remedies Now Available for Online Order. Can be used for newborn and as child’s constitutional for life, and can also be used by mothers postpartum. Click here for more information* A Homeopathic Pregnancy and Childbirth Kit is useful for all of the stages of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Some of these remedies […]

Homeopathic Treatment of Mastitis

Homeopathic treatment can be very effective for the treatment of mastitis. The following are the most frequently indicated remedies for this condition: Phytolacca: The most frequently indicated remedy for mastitis. The breasts are often lumpy and will be caked with hard knots and nodules. Bryonia: Also a frequently indicated remedy for mastitis. The breast pain […]

Homeopathy for Breast & Nipple Pain during Breastfeeding

Prevent Breast & Nipple Pain Use calendula cream on the nipples several weeks before birth and after nursing begins. Wash the calendula cream off the breast before nursing begins. Take Hyland’s Silica 6C Homeopathic Cell Salts. Take 3-4 times per day at the beginning of the nursing experience to strengthen the nipples. Discontinue as soon […]

Postpartum Homeopathy

Homeopathy can be very useful during the postpartum period for the following health complaints: Physical trauma of mother and/or baby after a difficult labour Afterpains Postpartum bleeding (hemorrhage) Healing after a c-section, episiotomy or tear Postpartum depression Nursing difficulties including low milk supply and painful nipples Mastitis Jaundice Colic & Acid Reflux Thrush Failure to […]

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