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Weight Loss

Lose Weight After Pregnancy with a Whole Food Diet

Many women struggle to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight. Some of the common reasons for this weight gain include poor eating habits, increased emotional stress, and less sleep, leading to prolonged hormonal imbalance.

According to the latest scientific research, the ability to lose weight is tied to the hormones. If the hormones are out of balance, it is very difficult to lose weight. Therefore, a whole foods diet plan, in order to get to the root cause of the problem, should be targeting hormonal imbalance – Metabolic Balance is such a program.

Leptin and Ghrelin: The Appetite Regulating Hormones

The two main hormones that regulate the appetite are called ghrelin and leptin.

Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells; it signals to the body to stop eating when it is full. However, there is a condition called leptin resistance which has become a very common problem. If a person is leptin resistant, the body produces leptin, but the brain stops listening and the appetite doesn’t drop. The body then goes into starvation mode and tries to increase fat stores. You are most likely leptin resistant to some degree if you have tried calorie restriction and/or exercise for weight loss with no success.

There are many factors contributing to leptin resistance. Recent research has shown that refined sugar, in the form of fructose (the type of sugar that is commonly found in fruit), is a major contributor to leptin resistance. Consuming whole fruits in moderation is healthy, but foods high in fructose, such as commercial fruit juice or foods containing high fructose corn syrup, should be avoided during any weight loss program that targets leptin resistance.

Most new parents are not getting enough sleep, and lack of proper sleep also contributes to leptin deficiency. During sleep, leptin levels will naturally increase. However, as is often the case with new parents, when one doesn’t get enough sleep, this leads to a lack of leptin in the body, which leads to increased hunger.

Ghrelin is a hormone secreted by the stomach when it’s empty. Ghrelin is in charge of telling the body when it needs to eat. During sleep, ghrelin levels will naturally decrease; sleep deprivation results in too much ghrelin in the system leading to increased hunger. Ghrelin levels (and hunger) can also increase in stressful situations, according to a medical study done at UT Southwestern Medical Centre. This same study found that ghrelin also functions as a mood regulator, which partially explains emotional eating. Most new parents probably have excess ghrelin in their system!

According to a study published in 2006, eating meals that have adequate amounts of protein leads to a greater feeling of satiety and lower ghrelin levels in the body. Yes, eat your veggies, but don’t forget to balance your salad out with adequate amounts of protein.

Insulin: The Hormone that Allows your Body to use Sugar

Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas that allows your body to utilize sugar from consumed carbohydrates. The body’s cells need sugar for energy. After eating a meal, in order for the sugar to be absorbed by the cells, the pancreas secretes insulin. Insulin then sends a signal to cells to absorb sugar from the bloodstream.

With insulin resistance, the amount of insulin secreted is not sufficient to move glucose into the cells and the cells become resistant to insulin. To compensate, the pancreas secretes insulin in ever-increasing amounts, which leads to weight gain and eventually a host of other problems including type 2 diabetes, kidney problems, high cholesterol, etc.

Insulin resistance is triggered by the same thing that leptin resistance is triggered by: a diet high in fructose. For example, a study done in 2009 on mice showed that a diet high in fructose led to insulin resistance. Fructose in the form of high fructose corn syrup is a common ingredient found in many packaged foods and drinks. However, just cutting out foods high in fructose is not enough to combat insulin resistance because there is scientific evidence that the liver can also produce fructose from non-fructose containing carbohydrates. In fact, according to researcher Dr. Miguel Lanaspa: “Our data suggests that it is the fructose generated from glucose [found in grains, starches and many other major carbohydrates] that is largely responsible for how carbohydrates cause fatty liver and insulin resistance.” Therefore, there is ample evidence that limiting all carbs is key in order to effectively combat insulin resistance. Please note that for weight loss I do not advocate for ultra low carb diets, but instead advocate for a diet that limits carbs.

High-Quality Fats Balance Insulin Levels

Even though the latest research has shown that low carb diets are more effective for weight loss than low fat diets, most conventional North American health practitioners stubbornly continue to recommend low fat diets, the same diets they have recommended for the last 60 years, for weight loss. Clearly this advice isn’t and hasn’t been working because modern-day North Americans are on average more overweight than ever before in human history! In fact, our North American ancestors were altogether a lot healthier and on average weighed a lot less than before these modern low fat dietary guidelines were put into place in North America roughly 60 years ago.

Healthy fats that have been shown to combat insulin resistance include coconut oil and ghee. Coconut oil was used traditionally in India, but when Indians switched to the so-called “heart-healthy” fats such as sunflower and safflower oils, the incidence of diabetes and atherosclerosis skyrocketed. We can learn much from the wisdom of traditional cultures. A study done on animals in 2009 found that coconut oil protects against insulin resistance. The traditional fats butter and ghee (clarified butter) are rich in butyric acid, which has been shown to regulate insulin sensitivity. The consumption of olive oil has also been scientifically shown to combat insulin resistance.

Summary of Recommendations

To summarize, after pregnancy, if there are difficulties with losing weight despite calorie restriction and/or exercise then it is absolutely necessary to balance one’s hormones. The root of the problem is most likely leptin resistance, insulin resistance, and imbalanced ghrelin levels.

Lifestyle changes such as better sleep and a reduction in stress will combat leptin resistance so try to make that a top priority if possible. If lifestyle changes are simply not possible then there are dietary changes which will also produce results. Restricting carbs including fructose is a must. The consumption of high quality healthy fats will also assist. Eat high quality proteins in balanced portions along with your veggies. The Metabolic Balance program takes all these considerations into account which is why it is so effective at helping women lose weight after pregnancy.


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The Metabolic Balance Mango Lassi

IMG_20160705_144002by Sonya McLeod, Certified Metabolic Balance® coach

1 portion full fat yogurt (protein portion)
1 mango
1/8 tsp cardamom
1/8 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp 100% pure vanilla extract
4-5 ice cubes
Makes 1 serving

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Coach’s comments
I find that most of my metabolic balance clients are looking for a quick and easy breakfast that they can make on the go. They may be used to having shakes or smoothies for breakfast with added protein powder, but metabolic balance forbids protein powder because it is processed and is not a whole food. The spices and vanilla extract in this recipe naturally add sweetness to this lassi without the need to sweeten with juice or sugar. The added ice cubes give this lassi a smooth, liquid texture.

Click here to learn more about Metabolic Balance

EFT For Weight Loss

I have found that my clients have had so much success with the Metabolic Balance® program but only if they stick with the plan. The biggest challenge most of my clients face while on the program is breaking their old eating habits and combating sugar cravings. Even though clients know consciously that healthy eating is good for them, their subconscious mind wants to self-sabotage.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a great way for clients to access their subconscious mind in order to form new, healthier eating habits. Once the subconscious mind has been reprogrammed using EFT, it is easier for clients are able to stick to their Metabolic Balance® plan without wanting to go back to their old, unhealthy eating habits. EFT works, it’s very easy to use, and there is no shortage of easily accessible free information online about how to use it.

What is EFT?

EFT is a form of psychological acupressure. Acupuncture energy meridians are activated by tapping acupuncture points on the body, while at the same time, voicing of positive affirmations in order to remove the psychological block around the particular issue that one is struggling with. Sugar cravings are one good example of a psychological block that can be helped with EFT, because EFT will access and remove the subconscious block around the craving for sugar instead of the craving for healthier foods.

How do I use EFT?

Tapping is done with the fingers, and takes only a few minutes to learn. The 9 tapping points are at the top of the head, on the eyebrow, the side of the eyes, under the eye, under the nose, the chin, collar bone, under the arm (sides of the ribcage) and beside the wrists (“karate chop” point).

While tapping with the fingers on the 9 points in numerical order (spend a few seconds on each point), the following affirmation statements should be said aloud: “Even though I have this (fill in the blank with what is to be worked on e.g. sugar craving), I deeply and completely accept myself.” Keep tapping the points and saying the affirmation until you feel that the issue has dissipated.

It’s really that simple, and it works! It’s also useful for any emotional program, not just weight loss issues.

Free Step by Step Information about EFT

Dr. Mercola has a great step by step detailed guide about how to use EFT 

The authors of “The Tapping Solution” books have a great free introductory guide to EFT

Books about EFT

Sam Smith Loses Weight with Metabolic Balance Coach Amelia Freer

The key to losing weight? Listen to your GUT

SINGER Sam Smith has undergone something of a transformation over the past two weeks.

Amelia is helping to change attitudes to food

Amelia is helping to change attitudes to food

The Grammy award-winning writer of hits such as Stay With Me and Money On My Mind has shed a stone in just 14 days and credits his rapid weight loss to healthy eating guru and Metabolic Balance Coach Amelia Freer. Amelia, who is a former personal assistant to the Prince of Wales, says it was her own bad diet that prompted her to train as a nutritional therapist.”I was eating a lot of pasta, bread, desserts and drinking wine. I felt rubbish and was exhausted all the time,” she says. By cutting down on alcohol, caffeine, gluten and sugar Amelia, 39, felt much better, her irritable bowel syndrome cleared up and she became determined to spread the word of healthy living.”I started to look at food as medicine, not as something to eat quickly to keep hunger at bay but as something that can nourish and protect us.”For the past 10 years Amelia has worked as a nutritionist, helping her clients lose weight and change their attitude to food.
Here are her five golden rules for a healthy life:
1 GIVE UP JUST ONE THING Don’t try to give up everything at once. Instead let go of just one part of your diet and focus on all the things you can include instead. Caffeine, sugar or alcohol are all a good thing to give up first. The foods all create a need for each other so giving up one could help break the links between them. “I started to look at food as medicine, not as something to eat quickly to keep hunger at bay but as something that can nourish and protect us” Gluten and dairy are two other food groups you might also consider. When you’re deciding what to give up, listen to your gut. It can guide you as to what you thrive on and what makes you feel under par. If you eat bread and bloat or dairy makes you gassy, there’s your answer.
2 DO A KITCHEN DETOX If you keep the wrong sort of food in your house you will end up eating it. Throw out breakfast cereals which are full of sugar and preservatives, processed and convenience foods, margarine (it’s much better to use butter if you can tolerate dairy), canned meals such as spaghetti hoops, gluten grains, salad dressings (make your own with apple cider vinegar, olive oil, mustard powder, fresh rosemary, garlic and sea salt), biscuits, cakes and sweets.Restock your fridge with protein such as eggs, chicken, meat and fish, feta cheese, pulses, nuts and seeds, salad and vegetables and dairy alternatives such as coconut milk. Use coconut and olive oil for cooking and gluten-free flour such as coconut or rice flour for baking or thickening sauces. Quinoa is a great alternative to rice and couscous.
3 STOP SNACKING Many of us believe we should eat little and often and spend the day grazing, barely going an hour without consuming something. Constant eating stimulates the production of insulin that can put our bodies into fat storage mode.The worst offenders are refined carbohydrates and sugary treats but even eating healthy snacks means our body has to work constantly to process them.It’s not a good idea to go cold turkey on snacking. You need to make sure you are eating properly the rest of the time.Every meal should be made up of fat, protein and plants to help fill you up and balance your blood sugar levels. Most importantly try not to snack in the evening. It is important for your metabolism to fast for 12 hours overnight so stop eating after dinner and don’t start again until breakfast.4 BE CONSISTENT, NOT PERFECT One of the many reasons so many diets fail is because people can only do something restrictive for so long. We live in the real world where we have birthday dinners with friends, family gatherings and glasses of wine. Vowing never to eat or drink these things again is setting yourself up for failure. If you do eat something like pizza or a biscuit, enjoy it but don’t think that once you’ve eaten it you need to keep eating the same thing. Instead go back to how you were eating before.5 EAT FEEL-GOOD FOODS These foods have all been proven to benefit the body.
• Fermented foods. Fermenting is an ancient way to preserve foods. Sauerkraut is probably the easiest to find but pretty much any vegetable can be fermented if you do it yourself. Fermented foods help to supply the digestive system with beneficial bacteria.
• Healthy fats. Coconut oil, avocado, organic and free-range eggs, wild salmon and olive oil are good sources and play a role in brain health.
• Dark green, leafy vegetables. Vegetables such as spinach, kale, broccoli and cabbage contain folate, which studies have shown may reduce symptoms of depression. This is because folate is used by the brain to make feel-good hormones including serotonin and dopamine.

Dessert Recipes

Listed are recipes for Phase 2 without oil, Phase 2 with oil , phase 3 and phase 4 are listed in order.

Phase 2 without oil
some recipes from phase 2 with oil one can also do without oil

Oven apple rings 
apple 1 serving
1 serving of crisp bread
cinnamon and clove

Peel the apple and cut into rings. Serve with cinnamon & clove, spread evenly in a baking dish and bake at 180 ° C for about 20 minutes in the oven. The crisp bread coarse crumble with your hands, fry with some coconut oil in a pan, put on the finished apple rings and serve.

Plum compote
Either you can cook a single serving or cook multiple servings at once and then divide them after boiling down
1 serving (or more) Plums
Some clove, cinnamon and vanilla
A little water

For breakfast with yogurt

Cover the bottom of a baking dish with water, cut the plums and stone them. Add the spices – according to taste – add to the casserole dish with the plums and the water – mix it all together. Bake covered for 40 minutes at 150 ° C (I cover with aluminum foil). Turn up the oven to 200 ° C for the last 20 minutes and remove the cover. Then pour into a glass container – in the refrigerator lasts a couple of days.

Oven apple
1/2 serving of apple
5g crisp bread
Possibly some sesame, 1 vanilla bean, cinnamon, clove
Dice apple, coarsely crumble the crisp bread in your hand, mix it all together in a casserole dish. If you like sprinkle 1/2 tsp sesame on it. Mix with lots of cinnamon, vanilla bean and a little clove. Bake at 200 ° C in the oven and enjoy warm.

Apple chips
1 apple
Use a grater to slice the apple. Sprinkle with cinnamon and bake at 200 ° for at least 10 minutes in the oven.

Apple Cottage Cheese pudding
½ apple (the rest as raw vegetables)
25g cottage cheese
cinnamon, cardamom , a little clove

Cut the apple into small cubes and place in an ovenproof clay mold. Mix the cottage cheese with about 8 tablespoons water and mix in the spices. It should create a creamy liquid consistency throughout; pour and stir with the apple. Bake for 45 minutes at 160 ° C. Optionally, in the last 10 minutes turn up the oven to 190 ° C but be careful that the apple pieces are not too brown.

Rye pancakes and apple dessert
1 rye flatbread
1 apple
cinnamon, gingerbread spices, cocoa (deoiled strong)
coconut oil

Very thinly spread the coconut oil very thinly spread on the rye flatbread and cut the apple thinly. Place the apple on the rye flatbread, sprinkle the spices through a small sieve and leave at 180 ° C for about 20 minutes in the oven. The rest of the apple simply eat raw or according to taste.

Dessert for Breakfast

1 portion of whole milk plain yogurt (protein portion)
1 serving of quick frozen unsweetened strawberries
½ tsp pure vanilla
¼ tsp cinnamon

Put the frozen strawberries in a food processor. Pulse until coarsely chopped. Combine yogurt with the machine running, gradually pour the mixture through the feed tube. Process until smooth and creamy, scraping down the sides of the work bowl once or twice. (The frozen yogurt should be firm enough to be served directly from the food processor, but if it is a little soft, let it harden in the freezer for about 30 minutes.)

Baked apple with vanilla milk


1 serving / 75g rolled oats
1 apple
1 serving / 250ml milk
1/2 vanilla bean
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon


Process the oats with a mixer into oatmeal. Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Wash the apples, cut into slices and remove the core. Place the apple slices in a baking dish and bake in a hot oven for about 15 to 20 minutes. Boil half the milk, stir the oatmeal and take the pan off the hot cooking area. Halve vanilla bean lengthwise, scrape out the seeds and stir in the hot milk. Take apple rings from the oven, cut a small slice and add to the milk and puree with a hand blender. Sprinkle the remaining apple slices with cinnamon and serve with the vanilla milk.


Drink the remaining milk as a protein snack drink beforehand.

Phase 2 with oil
many recipes from phase 3 one can also do without chocolate or coconut milk 

Apple muffins (Phase 2 with oil)
20g Rye crispbread ground (equivalent to 2 slices of bread)
1Msp. Vanilla, cinnamon (and soda)
2 tablespoons water
1/2 apple (depending on the size even more)
Ca. 3 muffin cups
2 tablespoons canola or grapeseed oil

Grate the apple. Mix all ingredients together (quickly with a fork). Put it into the muffin cups. Bake at 180 ° C for 40 minutes. Done !!!!
Aooooooooo good 🙂 TIP: The other half of the apple I slice ​​and bake for the last 15 minutes in the oven.

Tip for apple muffins for Phase 3
The basic recipe remains the same, only I have two tips for this:
Use Rye flour with coconut flour mix 50:50; delicious!
A small piece of dark chocolate, prior to baking, hide in the middle, then yields a liquid core

Grilled plums
plums 1 serving
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp sesame seeds
1 tsp olive oil

Stone the plums and cut into quarters, and finely sprinkle with cinnamon (I have used a tea strainer) and also sprinkle the sesame seeds over it. Brush aluminum foil twice on the inside with a little olive oil, place plums in foil and seal. On the grill, place plums in foil on the very edge (low heat) for about 20 minutes and let it stew in its own juice. Enjoy hot! A dream I tell you: o)

Persimmon dessert
1 tsp coconut oil
1 piece persimmon
ground a little clove, cinnamon

Peel the persimmon and cut into slices. In a pan, heat the coconut oil, put the persimmon slices in and let fry for at least 2 minutes on each side, turn around, put on a plate and season with clove & cinnamon.

Apple chips
1 serving of apple
1 tablespoon coconut oil
cinnamon, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove

Heat the coconut oil in the pan until hot. Peel the apple and cut like french fries. Add the spices except the cinnamon in the hot coconut oil, then add the apple and let brown on all sides (takes a bit – do not despair), then season to taste with cinnamon and enjoy hot.

Apple dessert
10 g rye crispbread
1/2 apple
2 pinches baking soda
2 pinches clove
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp coconut oil

Mince together ingredients in a cuisinart, then put in a muffin tin. At 150 ° C bake about 40 minutes, cool slightly, remove from the mold and serve lukewarm.

Papaya Rings
1 “ring” Papaya about 0.5cm thick
1 serving of bread
1 tsp coconut oil

Heat the coconut oil in a pan, saute the papaya ring from both sides, until it is a little warm. Then rolled into the pan and spread the crunchy coconut oil to fry, sprinkle with cinnamon and papaya on the bread.

Phase 3
some recipes from phase 3 are suitable without chocolate and coconut milk for Phase 2 with or without oil

Apple with liquid chocolate center
1 serving of apple
1 tsp of coconut oil
cinnamon, cardamom, clove, vanilla
1 piece (9g) dark chocolate

Peel apple, dice and fry in coconut oil. Season with cinnamon, cardamom, clove and vanilla. When it is soft, lightly mash the apple with a wooden spoon. Portion layers, grate a little dark chocolate for decoration, the rest of the dark chocolate now hide in the middle of the apple. Pour the rest of the apple mixture on top of it, press and serve lukewarm

Iced Mango
1 serving of mango
1 vanilla bean (Mark)
1 tablespoon flaxseed oil


Peel the mango, cut the flesh into fine strips and chop. Scrape out the vanilla bean, mix well with the flaxseed oil and mango. Leave everything together for about 1 hour in the freezer – a dream!
1 serving of papaya
1 vanilla bean
1 tsp coconut oil
A little cinnamon
½ tsp sesame (light)
6 tablespoons coconut milk

Dice the papaya, scrape out the vanilla bean, coconut oil, melted in a coated pan. Fry the papaya with the sesame briefly in it, deglaze with coconut milk, add the marrow of the vanilla bean and cinnamon – let simmer until all the liquid is absorbed. Serve hot.

Papaya and coconut milk chili
1 serving of papaya
4 tablespoons coconut milk
1 pc chili, dried
1 tsp coconut oil
1 tsp plum kernel oil
1 vanilla pod (the Mark)
cinnamon, clove

Peel the papaya, core and dice. Melt the coconut oil in a frying pan, mix the coconut milk with the vanilla bean. Fry the papaya with the whole chili in coconut oil about 5 minutes, then pour in the coconut milk. Add the spices, let the whole chili still about 15 minutes on low flame. The chili is best taken out before anyone bites on it. At the end, pour the plum kernel oil over it.

Rye crepe with applesauce
20g rye flour (Equivalent to 2 slices of bread)
1 egg
about 80ml warm water
a little coconut oil

For the apple sauce:
1 apple
cinnamon, clove,   vanilla

Separate and beat the egg whites until stiff. In a bowl, combine the rye flour, mix it with some cinnamon, add the egg yolks and mix everything. Gradually pour the warm water into the bowl, there should be a creamy texture; stir in the beaten egg whites) Cover the dough and put for 30 minutes in the refrigerator. In the meantime, you can peel the apples, remove seeds, cut into small pieces and place in a pot with water. The apple pieces should be completely covered by water, spices can be put into the pot from the beginning. Now boil the apple until you can turn it into mush.
The score: The dough has been put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and you have fresh applesauce before you, if that’s the case, let us go on with …

… A hot, very well coated pan without oil. You take a spoon full of batter and put in the hot pan. Now waiting (depending on thickness) until you can turn the crepe well, turn it around, let it again briefly warm and take it out of the pan on the other side. For me, two large and one small crepe came out! Now fill your finished crepes with apple sauce and place back in the pan with a little bit of coconut oil. The crepe can be folded or rolled into the hot pan raise again for a short while until all sides are brown, remove and sprinkle with cinnamon or cocoa (best with a tea strainer).

Coconut mousse
80 gm fresh coconut
1 tsp coconut oil
5 tablespoons coconut milk
1 vanilla bean

Scrape vanilla bean and mash everything together in a cuisinart for at least 5 minutes, so it is really soft. Empty into a glass and enjoy!

Exotic Swirl

Metabolic Balance Desser fruit strudel







  • 250 g rye flour
  • 150 ml of water
  • 50 gr olive oil
  • Salt


  • 4 apples
  • 2 mangoes
  • 1 Papaya
  • Juice of 2 lemons
  • Cinnamon
  • Oil


Mix the strudel dough ingredients and knead into a dough and let rest. Meanwhile, peel apples, mangoes and papaya and cut into small cubes. Marinate with lemon juice and cinnamon.

Roll out the phyllo dough with a rolling pin, very thin, brush with oil. Place in a baking dish and in the oven at 180 ° C bake for about 35 minutes.


Amelie Cooks Metabolic Balance
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Newest Celebrity Diet: Metabolic Balance for Weight Loss

In Hollywood, the stars whisper his name: Wolf Funfack, a country doctor from the Upper Bavarian Isen, Germany, has developed a weight loss program with global success.

By Ulrike Heidenreich

The fact that the rich, beautiful and famous up in the Hollywood Hills recently whisper  the name Isen, is not the fact that this small market town exudes a great deal of glamour in the rolling hills of Upper Bavaria – except that in this area the series “Somehow and Anyway” was filmed.

Wolf Funfack is a country doctor in Upper Bavaria. Today there stands the headquarters of Metabolic Balance, a worldwide organization.

On the red carpet, this program is endorsed by internationally renowned actresses like Jennifer Aniston and Kate Winslet and regional celebrities such as Sonja Kirchberger and Katerina Jacob as their doctrine of salvation. It’s called ” Metabolic Balance” and seems to live up to its name.

Wolf Funfack decided almost exactly ten years ago on this program to change the metabolism in the body. Many general practitioners and medical practitioners in Germany display the subtle blue-green Metabolic Balance logo, which points out that they cooperate with Funfack.

In 30 countries, the program is now widespread. “I can sometimes even not believe how fast it all goes,” says Wolf Funfack who has finally given up his work in the Internal Medicine practice in Isen two and a half years ago, because the people of the world struggling with their weight needed him – and not only the patients in Isental.

The people who slim down with Doctor Funfack want to change their stature – the 5000-strong town Isen has quietly changed with the rise of the fame of their country doctor in the past few years.  The Metabolic Balance headquarters was built in Isen two years ago, a big building but harmonious stone-wood construction, built according to geomantic principles.”The soul of this special force place thereby come to fruition,” says Funfack. Energy is certainly needed here: the house is the central server that calculates your personal computer nutrition program for all Metabolic Customers customers worldwide.

What makes the place Isen still a bit different from the neighboring villages are the restaurants and hotels. In local beer gardens,  one can can order the vegetables by weight, for example. A restaurant  in the village center touts its own Metabolic Balance menu. The B & Bs and Inns are usually completely booked when they are running one of Funfack’s conference center nutrition seminars.

The principle of this metabolic program goes something like this: The consultant creates a diet plan that is based on 36 blood values ​​of the individual. 80,000 to 100,000 plans are produced per year, which are created in the data center in Isen. Low carbohydrate, high protein, lots of vegetables are the main ingredients. After two days of preparation, the culinary highlight is a vegetable soup, and then begin two weeks strict conversion – without alcohol and sweets with three protein-rich meals. Noodles or rice is prohibited, and the portions are small.

In the third phase, the maintenance phase, one may also test again other foods,” says Funfack, who  probably can recite even in deep sleep the other principles: “Three meals a day with at least five hours break, no snacks, do not eat after 9pm. The food may contain only one type of protein. ”

(Photo, left) Marketing Manager Benigna Daubenmerkl presents the success of the diet, based on photographs in which the client is once filling the picture in the foreground, and in the background is slim.

A native of Erlanger, Funfack had started in his doctoral work at the beginning of the seventies with “obesity in infancy and early childhood.” For ten years he worked in the Moabit Hospital in Berlin, where he stated: “The children who are arrived, were getting fatter. ” In 1983, he found himself by chance in the form of a practice display by Isen, where he soon with specially tailored nutritional advice rather casually moved his heavy patients to. Funfack sought the solution in the blood values, the plans he wrote by hand, the mouth-to-mouth propaganda was in full swing. “When I eventually had to write three to four schedules per day, I started to work professionally with a software company,” said Funfack.

Meanwhile, his wife directs the company, there are countless books of Metabolic Balance for beginners, professionals, diabetic to the mental and metabolic reference. 3500 consultants were trained in its Isen Academy in recent years,and 2000 are currently most active. The courses are always full, even though the 17-day training for dietitians costs about 2500 Euro, additional courses separately.

The office of the country doctor who was so successful behind the seven hills of Isentals is worth seeing. Beside one hand is a milky-gray rock crystal on the desk (“It makes me feel good”), the view from the porthole window of the house on geomantic helical pattern in the garden, the so-called sanctuary should ground the boss. But on the dresser opposite attracts a small pennant, an American flag the Chamber of Commerce of California. “The was given to me, because I am now also a member of the Chamber of Commerce there,” says Doctor Funfack.

Company offshoots in Europe and South Africa, China and Russia have been around longer. For a year, the company from the district of Erding is largely boarded in San Diego. “America is a big market for us, the people there are really necessary,” says Funfack. And then he can not help but smile.

Translated from the original article in German: Abspeck-Programm aus Bayern – Messias der Molligen

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