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Toxin Detox & Protection

Pekana Homeopathic Detoxification

Detox remedies by Pekana are effective at removing heavy metals, including mercury. Pekana detox remedies are highly recommended after dental amalgam removal.

Paracelsus coined the phrase: “Everything that is outside of us is against us.” Today, this saying is more relevant than ever.

At no point in time has the human organism been confronted with such an abundance of substances on a daily basis, as it is today, whether in the form of voluntary intake of nicotine and alcohol or just through exposure to the environment in general. A medical discussion has ensued within this context, linking these factors to the increased number of people suffering from allergic reactions.

Additionally, on a modern diet, important trace elements, vitamins, and mineral substances are frequently in short supply.

The ingested substances are in part stored in the body as depots. The preferred locations for storing such substances are fat-storing cells like the subcutaneous fatty tissue as well as connective tissue structures like joint capsules, muscles and tendons, but also the glial cells.

According to the theories of holistic medicine, this prescribes undergoing a detoxification and purification therapy as a basic measure before initiating other holistic therapy processes. The objective is to prevent chronic processes and to achieve relief and have a positive impact in the case of existing manifestations of toxic conditions.

Here, holistically oriented naturopathy offers a wealth of treatment options.

A purification therapy should normally be carried out twice yearly (spring and autumn). Due to the long shelf life of Pekana remedies, opened packages can be used again at a later date. Further information is available from your pharmacist or therapist.

Spagyrics – in Germany – is a component of the special therapy approach “Homeopathy” and therefore a treatment method of naturopathic holistic medicine. Any statements quoted here are exclusively based on findings and experiences which have been gained within the therapy approach of Homeopathy and Spagyrics.

Tips on carrying out a detoxification treatment

In order to undergo a preferably gentle and yet targeted detoxification treatment based on the principles of holistic medicine, the following tips should be observed:

The gentle start in the purification therapy begins 1 week before the actual detoxification treatment. The time is scheduled during the moon’s waning phase and is therefore ideal for strengthening the main excretory organs, liver and kidneys. A stimulation of these organs should be triggered by the appropriate homeopathic-spagyric remedies.

The optimal time to start detoxification is when the moon is full. When the therapy begins, the moon’s waning phase starts. According to findings in holistic medicine, the functions of the body are ideally configured to release waste during the waning phase of the moon. In this manner, natural physiological body processes are used to promote the success of the therapy.

Drinking sufficient amounts of fluid is essential. What actually are “sufficient amounts of fluid?” The required daily quantity of fluid significantly depends on the body weight of the person and can therefore be best defined according to this measure.

Sufficient intake of liquids is considered to be 30 mL per kilogram body weight. This means that a person weighing 75 kilograms requires an intake of 2.2 litres of liquid per day. Ideally, this liquid should be good quality non-carbonated water.

Post Treatment:
In the case of increased over toxicity, the holistic medicine purification therapy process can have a weakening effect. If so, special compounds can be taken to strengthen the spleen and the immune system, thereby significantly improving general well-being.

According to the basic concept surrounding holistic medicine, a simultaneous treatment to optimize therapy should be introduced at the onset of the waning moon and continued until the 2nd full moon has been reached.

Pekana Detoxification Protocol

Day 1-7 (start on waxing moon, 1 week before the full moon)
Start with apo-Hepat and Renelix, 20 drops of each remedy 3X per day.
Day 8 (full moon) to day 35 (the next full moon)
Continue with the same dosage of apo-Hepat and Renelix, but also add in Toxex and Itires, 20 drops of each remedy 3X per day

Resource: Pekana Remedy Guide 2014

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Drug & Alcohol Detox & Withdrawal

Little Mountain Homeopathy Client Testimonial

I had been suffering from long time debilitating depression and anxiety over the last few years. Out of desperation I had tried several anti-depressants which all made me violently ill as I am extremely sensitive and the withdrawal being worse than being on the drug lasted for weeks and months. I recently became desperate again and allowed myself to be convinced that it’s just a matter of finding the right medication and trying another. Again I became very ill after being on one only 10 days and trying another for only 3 and again the withdrawal a week later an unbelievable hurricane of symptoms (in the meantime a new gynecologist treated me for perimenopausal symptoms and quickly resolved the depression and anxiety with bioidentical hormone replacement). AGAIN I was so sick with nausea, vertigo, headaches, extreme GI pain upset, only to name a few of the horrible things I was experiencing. I was beside myself because I knew I was in for it for several weeks from past experience. I had a gut feeling to try homeopathy and found another woman’s story online that had a similar experience and said she was helped dramatically by homeopathy. I was determined not to suffer any longer and found Sonya on a web search and I got very lucky she fit me in for a short phone consult right away, and told me what to buy locally since I am in US . She said I should see some improvement by the next morning. Well the next morning I woke with the same gut pain I had the last several days and thought “oh no it’s not working” and feared getting out of bed to face the dizziness and nausea all day. Well I found my symptoms to be dramatically better by late morning and by late afternoon had a much more pleasant day than I ever thought possible, it’s only the second day so I’m excited for tomorrow. I found her fees very reasonable and I will continue with her treatments to resolve a number of other issues no one has yet helped me with.
Forever grateful,
Audra K.
Cave Creek, AZ
*Practitioner’s note: Audra contacted me 2 days after she submitted the testimonial to report that she is still experiencing dramatic improvements from the remedy and she is now experiencing almost no adverse effects at all from the prescription drug.

Homeopathic treatment is a holistic form of healing, meaning that it deals with the healing of both the mind and the body simultaneously. We treat the physical damage done from the abuse of drugs and alcohol as well as the mental and emotional difficulties linked with detoxing from drugs and alcohol. Recreational drugs can effectively be detoxed from the body using classical homeopathy, including marijuana, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines. Pharmaceutical drug addiction can often be more damaging than recreational drug addiction. We treat the damage and side effects caused by pharmaceutical medications such as painkillers, cholesterol lowering drugs, blood pressure medication, thyroid medication, antibiotics, diabetes medication, and more.

All synthetic drugs take their toll on the internal organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs and heart. They also take an emotional toll. People who have used or are using drugs and alcohol currently or in the past need to cleanse their body and mind. Those who need to stay on pharmaceutical medications can use homeopathy as complementary therapy to minimize emotional and physical damage.


Colon Cleanse

Classical homeopathic treatment detoxes the entire digestive tract. Symptoms of a toxic colon include constipation, chronic diarrhea, gas and abdominal bloating. Irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, Celiac disease and Chrohn’s disease are conditions involving bowel toxicity. Our remedies address food allergies, intestinal parasites, and candida infections. As complementary therapy, our remedies can be used to treat and prevent colon cancer.

Our remedies also address other symptoms of a toxic digestive tract including acid reflux, nausea and vomiting.

Cleanse the colon gently without invasive colonics. Our remedies are always safe and have no side effects. They will not interfere with your daily routine. Our remedies are easy to use and administer and are completely safe for pregnant women and children.


Homeopathic Remedies for Radiation Therapy & Nuclear Crisis

All of the remedies listed below are powerful remedies that should only taken under the supervision of a professional classical homeopath.

Homeopathic Remedies for Radiation Therapy

Cadmium Sulphuricum: This is the leading remedy for the side effects of radiation therapy. There is a lot of exhaustion, prostration and icy coldness. There is nausea and vomiting, anorexia, weight loss, and hair loss.

Sol: Hair loss and emaciation. Try this remedy if Cadmium Sulphuricum seems indicated but has no effect.

Radium Bromatum: Use for burned skin after radiation therapy.

X-Ray: Another common remedy for burns caused by radiation therapy.

Topical Aloe Vera: For radiation burns, apply aloe vera directly from the leaf onto the wound. Calendula cream is also effective for topical treatment for radiation burns.

Dosage: Give 2 doses of the indicated remedy, one at 4 hours and one at 2 hours before the radiation therapy. Give one dose immediately after the radiation therapy and then give one at 2 hours and one at 4 hours after. On the two days following the radiation therapy give 3 doses of the indicated remedy approximately 6 hours apart. Use a 30C potency (strength) of the indicated remedy

Homeopathic Remedies for a Nuclear Crisis & Radioactive Fallout

First, try to determine what radioactive substances you are dealing with. The recommendations below are for people who are in close vicinity to a nuclear disaster. Homeopathic experts Ravi Roy and Carol Lage-Roy helped thousands of people after the Chernobyl disaster. Homeopath Susan Curtis also gives recommendations in her book “Surviving with Natural Remedies.” For the current disaster in Fukushima, Curtis and the Roys recommend the protocol as listed below in the next section of this article.

Homeopathic Remedies For Protection (Prophylaxis) from Radiation

Take a combination of remedies specific to the radioactive particles that one is exposed to. For the crisis in Fukushima, take Radium Bromatum, Plutonium Nitricum, Strontium Carbonicum and Caesium Muriaticum. For people with weak thyroids (e.g. Hashimotos), use Radium Iodatum instead of Radium Bromatum. Order a custom made combination remedy to be made up from all four indicated remedies from the homeopathic pharmacy. 

Potency: Use a 30C potency (strength) of the indicated remedy.

Dosage for General Protection: Take one dose once per week of the homeopathic combination remedy (e.g. Radium/Plutonium Nitricum/Strontium Carbonicum/Caesium Muriaticum). Repeat for several weeks until danger of exposure has passed.

Dosage During Danger of Exposure: The combination remedy (Radium/Plutonium/Strontium/Caesium) can be taken as often as twice daily. The greater the danger, the more protection the body needs.

Homeopathic Protection from Radioactive Iodine

Kali Iodatum 3X should be taken during exposure to radioiodine. 1 dose should be taken 3 times per day. This method of protection should be considered for those who are in danger of heavy exposure to radioiodine and have no access to potassium iodide tablets. It is also the preferred method for those who have minimal exposure to radioactive iodine but who would still like protection (e.g. people in the United States and Canada). Kelp tablets and sea vegetables also protect the thyroid from radioiodine, and can be consumed instead of or along with kali iodatum 3X.

Treatment of Acute Radiation Poisoning

Dr. Grimmer at the height of the cold war recommended carrying Arnica 30C and Phosphorus 30C.

Give Arnica for the immediate effects such as shock and bruising. Wait a half hour then give a dose of Phosphorus. Then follow up with a regular dose of one of the following indicated remedies:

Arsenicum: Nausea, retching and vomiting after eating and drinking. Utter prostration. Extremely anxious and fearful. Restless.

Nux Vomica: Violent vomiting. Intense nausea slightly relieved after vomiting.

Phosphorus: high fever with much vomiting. It is a burning heat as if the internal body is being burnt. Desire for very cold drinks in large quantities. Empty feeling in the stomach with nausea. Anxious and melancholic.

Rhus Venenata: extreme itching, especially if large blisters form.

Also refer to the beginning of this article, remedies listed under the subheading “Homeopathic Remedies for Radiation Therapy,” as these remedies may also be indicated for acute radiation sickness.

Dosage: Give a 30C potency (strength) of the indicated remedy 2-3 times per day.

Interested in homeopathic remedies for radiation? Click here to book an acute online consultation. 


Curtis, Susan “Surviving with Natural Remedies,” Winter Press, Kent, 2003.

Roy, Ravi and Carola Lage-Roy. “Homeopathic Protection and Treatment of Radioactivity.”

The Holistic and Homeopathic Resource Center, Cairo “Holistic Treatment of Cancer: A Brief Protocol Sheet for Prescribing Homeopathic Remedies”

Potassium Iodide Only Necessary During a Nuclear Crisis

A few days ago I wrote a blog article about various ways to protect and detox from radiation and nuclear fallout. Although potassium iodide (KI) does not detox the body from radiation, it can protect the thyroid from being damaged by radioactive iodine (iodine-131). Iodine-131 is rapidly absorbed by the thyroid gland and, especially in children, increases the risk of thyroid cancer.

News sources including National Geographic report that radioactive iodine was one radioactive chemical released into the atmosphere in Fukushima. Radioactive iodine (iodine-131) vaporizes easily and can disperse over long distances. There is a possibility, though I’m not sure how probable it is, that the West Coast of North America could be negatively affected by the radioactive plume coming from Japan.

There is a very small possibility that people on the North American West Coast will need to take potassium iodide tablets when the plume does reach us. Numerous news sources are telling us not to stock up on potassium iodide because the nuclear accident at Fukushima does not pose a health threat to us. Indeed, today the radioactive plume was reported to have reached Northern California, but officials say that the amount of radiation is so tiny that it poses no health risk.

Potassium Iodide Should Only be Taken during an Emergency Nuclear Crisis

You will be given ample warning and will notified by the press and/or the government whether it is necessary or not to take potassium iodide. In those situations, the government will distribute potassium iodide to its citizens. However, it is best to keep a couple bottles on your shelves in case there is a real emergency where you would need to act quickly. (This is not the case with the Japan situation because we are actively monitoring the radiation levels in Western North America).

Potassium iodide is a synthetic drug. It should not be taken unless there is an actual threat of exposure to radioactive iodine.

Keep Potassium Iodide on your Shelves in Case of Emergency

KI pills are now sold out in the US. Instead of panicking and buying them during a crisis, stock up on some in advance and store them on your shelves. It is a good idea for everyone to keep a bottle or two of potassium iodide on their shelves at all times in the case of a nuclear emergency. It should be added to your emergency first aid kit.

Potassium Iodide Poisoning

Yesterday there were reports from US poison control centres of potassium iodide poisoning. Fearful of radiation poisoning, people were taking potassium iodide pills without any real threat of harm from radiation.

Panic could spark a “mini-epidemic” of potassium iodide ingestion and overdoses, predicted Dr. Leonard Wartofsky, spokesman for the Endocrine Society and a thyroid expert.

There are also very serious consequences from taking potassium iodide for more than 10 days. After that period of time, the drug can induce severe hypothyroidism, a condition that essentially shuts down thyroid function.

Potassium Iodide Alternatives

There really are no other alternatives to potassium iodide. However, KI should only be taken during a real emergency. Kelp, spirulina and chlorella have been proven to detox and protect the body from other forms of radiation. These green food supplements should certainly be taken along with potassium iodide after dangerous exposure to radiation. Kelp, spirulina and chlorella are completely non-toxic and can be taken as part of a daily regimen to protect and detox from all types of radiation. Homeopathic remedies should also be taken for optimal health and detox, as prescribed by a classical homeopath.

Detox & Protection from Radiation & Nuclear Fallout

Learn how to detox naturally from radiation exposure using natural remedies such as iodine supplements, detox baths, and eating iodine rich foods.

Potassium Iodide Tablets

Potassium iodide supplements protect the thyroid gland from absorbing radioactive iodine. The thyroid becomes saturated with the iodine from the tablets, thus blocking absorption of radioactive iodine. Growing children are at the most risk for radioactive iodine exposure, so ensure that they take potassium iodide tablets if they are in danger of exposure. Radioactive iodine exposure has been linked to thyroid cancers.

Potassium iodide tablets only protect the thyroid gland and not other parts of the body. They should only be taken in a radiation emergency that involves the release of radioactive iodine, such as an accident at a nuclear power plant or an explosion of a nuclear bomb.

Dosage: Take 1 dose (130 mg adults, 65 mg children) every 24 hours after there has been an official announcement of risk of radioactive iodine exposure. Do not take potassium iodide tablets for longer than 10 days.

Radiation Detox Baths

Salt Baths

Salt Baths detox the body from general radiation exposure, such as from Cobalt-60 irradiated food, X-rays, or air flights where you are subject to high levels of ionizing radiation.

Dissolve 1 pound of sea salt or rock salt and 1 pound of baking soda in a hot bath — as hot as can be tolerated — and soak into the water until the bath becomes cool. This usually takes about 20-25 minutes. Afterwards, do not shower or rinse the salt off your body for 4-8 hours.

Baking Soda Baths

If you have been exposed to low-grade radioactive materials from the atmosphere, you can dissolve 2 pounds of baking soda in a tub of hot water, and follow the previous instructions by staying in the water until it cools.

With radioactive fallout, a specially prepared warm drink must be sipped during the bath. Drink an 8-ounce glass of warm water containing ¼-teaspoon natural sea salt and ¼-teaspoon baking soda. Each  glass is to be taken with 3 tablets of calcium lactate, which is a very easy to absorb form of calcium.

The baths should be taken at night and only one bath should be taken per day.


Spirulina, a type of algae, has been shown to be very effective in treating the damage caused by radiation poisoning, and especially has a protective effect on the kidneys. There have been a number of scientific studies verifying its protective effect from radiation.

Sea Vegetables

Scientific studies show that sea vegetables, such as kelp, contain sodium alginate, which has the ability to bind to radioactive strontium. Eating sea vegetables such as kelp will detox and protect from radiation.

Kombu, a member of the kelp family, is one of the most radioprotective sea vegetables because it is high in fucoidan, a potent radioactive detoxifier. Bladderwrack, another type of sea vegetable, is also rich in fucoidan and can protect and detox from radiation.

Sea vegetables are also rich in iodine, which has a protective effect on the thyroid in the event of a nuclear disaster (see information on potassium iodide tablets above). They also bind to and detox heavy metals.

The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission recommends that we consume two to three ounces (wet weight) of sea vegetables per week, or two tablespoons daily to protect from radiation toxicity. This should be increased fourfold during or after direct exposure to radiation.

Remember to consume sea vegetables that have been tested to be free of heavy metals.


Scientific studies have also shown that chlorella has a protective effect against radiation. Chlorella is rich in chlorophyll, and it has been shown in scientific experiments that animals on a chlorophyll rich diet have an increased survival rate from high doses of radiation.

Bentonite Clay Baths

Clay has a long history of being used successfully to remove and contain nuclear waste from the environment and from the human body. Clay absorbs and binds to radioactive toxins.

Use a a pure bentonite clay that has been tested to be low in aluminum. New Roots Bentonite Clay, for example, has been fully tested to be free of heavy metals.

Clay can be taken internally, but clay baths are preferable for radiation exposure.

Instructions on How to Take a Clay Bath

Homeopathic Remedies for Radiation

Examples of homeopathic remedies used by professional homeopaths to treat and detox radiation are radium bromatum, uranium nitricum, plutonium nitricum, x-ray and plumbum.

Click here to learn more about Homeopathic Remedies for Radiation

Constitutional homeopathic remedies for radiation exposure are very powerful and should be prescribed and progress should supervised by a professional homeopath. Contact the clinic or a local classical homeopath in your area.

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