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Homeopathy for Cancer

A healthy immune system kills 10,000 mutant cells each and every day. When the immune system becomes weakened by stress and/or a toxin, it can no longer defend the body against mutant cells, and cancer results. Homeopathic treatment strengthens a weakened immune system. Whether one chooses natural or allopathic treatment, or a combination of both, […]

Vidatox for Cancer: 2012 Update

About a year ago I introduced the followers of this blog to the Cuban homeopathic medication Vidatox: A Scientifically Proven Treatment for Cancer On September 26, 2012, in Havana, Cuban scientists presented the benefits of the homeopathic drug Vidatox 30 CH, in cancer therapy, which has raised life expectancy and quality of life to a […]

Radiation Exposure & X-Rays

Scientific studies have shown that homeopathy is effective for detoxing from all kinds of radiation. Homeopathy detoxes the body from the harmful effects of x-rays, mammograms, CT Scans, and long-haul flights. For such short term exposure to radiation, acute homeopathic radiation detox consultations can be¬†booked through our website. Homeopathy can also detox the body from […]

Radiation Treatment & Chemotherapy Side Effects

Radiation treatment and chemotherapy can sometimes be effective in killing cancer cells, but these treatments take their toll on the immune system. Because cancer is the result of a weak immune system, it is vitally important to strengthen the immune system in order to keep cancer away permanently. Classical homeopathic treatment addresses the side effects […]

Effective Cancer Treatment with Popular Cuban Homeopathic Drug Vidatox

What is Vidatox? Vidatox is a drug produced from five protein peptides extracted from the venom of the blue scorpion (Rophalorus junceus), which is endemic to Cuba and which has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic effect in more than 15 different cancer cell lines. The result of 15 years of research, by October 2010 Vidatox had […]

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