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Effective Cancer Treatment with Popular Cuban Homeopathic Drug Vidatox

What is Vidatox?

Vidatox is a drug produced from five protein peptides extracted from the venom of the blue scorpion (Rophalorus junceus), which is endemic to Cuba and which has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic effect in more than 15 different cancer cell lines. The result of 15 years of research, by October 2010 Vidatox had been tested on more than 10,000 cancer patients, some 3,500 of them foreigners, with positive results both in improving quality of life and stopping tumour growth.

Labiofam, a Cuban pharmaceutical laboratory, is set to release a new homeopathic cancer drug to the international market. Marketed as Vidatox, it is the result of work by Cuban biologist, Misael Bordier with the venom of the blue scorpion.

The medication was produced from over 5,000 scorpions of the Rhopalurus junceus variety, native to eastern Cuba. According to the company, it has no contraindications and is compatible with any other oncological treatment.

The company presented the results of its Vidatox research in its first international congress in late September in Havana before some 500 delegates from all parts of the world. Vidatox International Congress: Results of Scientific Research

The Company is all set to register its homeopathic version in coming days and go for its commercial production. The medication, and Labiofam says that its homeopathic version should be registered in the coming days and could be commercially produced immediately. González added that the company would continue research to produce synthetic or biotechnological versions of the compound.

Report on the Current Situation Regarding Vidatox 30 CH (Translated from Spanish)

The use of natural products in traditional and alternative medicine is widely practiced today. In particular, the Poison Scorpion have been little studied and a few years ago began their potential pharmacological evidence.

In Cuba there are 32 species and subspecies of scorpions, including 28 endemic among the most common being the scorpion Rhopalurus junceus the which has been used in traditional medicine to apply under the Cuban stomach in case of urinary retention and improvement of some diseases.

The 30 CH VIDATOX ® is the registered trademark for the drug homeopathic and natural (health record: H-11 – 038 – NO2) obtained from junceus Rhopalurus scorpion venom, endemic to Cuba, indicated as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of symptoms caused by effects of cancer and pain relief. The decision to produce is the result over 15 years of a research project aimed at characterization of the poison, and evaluating their potential as antitumor agent, analgesic, antiinflammatory, and toxicological safety.

Based on the evidence of safety and efficacy provided by the preclinical research, VIDATOX 30 CH was applied in a controlled study of 174 cancer patients of both sexes with histopathological diagnosis confirmed, which was administered 5 sublingual drops every 12 hours during the period 3/12/2007 to 2/2/2010.

Samples were grouped by location, neoplastic families, stage evolution of the disease, treatment received and the presence of cancer neoplasia. At the conclusion of the study period (2 years) lung, prostate, colon, breast and uterus were the most sensitive effect of the product. Similarly, it is demonstrated that administration of medication in 96% of patients, led to a life of greater than 12 months regardless of the location and stage of disease, especially in those patients for whom there were no treatment options available in conventional medicine.

As another important clinical outcome may be mentioned that 90% of patients who received VIDATOX ® 30 CH in the dose given, reported improvement of clinical symptoms based on consultation, and in 62% of them initial pain evolved into a mild form that did not require treatment necessarily to their relief, while 27% said absence of pain.

This latter aspect of his enormous influence on the quality of life of patients, is important to detail that 62% of patients with presence of severe pain with continuing need for medication (level 2), after treatment passed to the condition of minimal or moderate pain without medication (level 1).

Generally in patients comprising the sample are referred to herein has been:

  • Improvement in pain
  • Improvement of inflammation
  • Improvement in hematologic parameters
  • Improvement of appetite
  • Improvement of general health
  • Improved function in organs and systems affected
  • Weight gain
  • Reduction of cough
  • Desire to live

We conclude that the use of 30 CH VIDATOX ®, can improve the quality of life, increase survival and slow tumor growth without the appearance of patients today cause undesirable symptoms and cytostatics radiation to which we subject our patients.

In this context, one should not ignore the massive consumption of the product for more of 26,000 people, from October 1 to April 10 of 2010 without reported adverse effects to date of application, confirming the preclinical experimental results.

MSC: Fabio De J. Linares Pazoz
Production manager Laboratories Homeopathic Products

Read the most current news about Vidatox – Vidatox for Cancer: 2012 Update


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Effective Cancer Treatment with Popular Cuban Homeopathic Drug Vidatox

41 thoughts on “Effective Cancer Treatment with Popular Cuban Homeopathic Drug Vidatox

  1. Hello everyone. I recently came back from Cuba (April 12th, 2014) from visiting family and whilst there, I purchased several vials of Vidatox for a Chinese colleague whose uncle had stage 4 liver cancer. However, while I was there, the uncle passed away and I was not notified of this. Now I have several vials sitting here which will expire on 25 October, 2015 and I am not planning on listing them on some shady classifieds website.

    I am based in the UK (and prefer to sell them in the UK) but would be willing to ship elsewhere. I can say that the two bottles we were able to get for him earlier this year made him feel a lot better, although I cannot attest personally that the product works. I almost got in serious trouble in customs because of the bottles, but I told the truth and was let off.

    The packaging is white with green lettering (which indicates it was available in Cuba) versus the red lettering (which indicates it was intended for sale abroad) – I read about this on their facebook page. They all have their labiofam labels and are all identical. Please contact me via e-mail at mhtennisfn(at) and tell me how many you need and I will give you a fair price.

    I will feel bad that you are contacting me, because it will mean that you or someone you love are affected by cancer. However, I will feel worse that the vials will go to waste if no one uses them. In fact, I would have preferred not having bought them in the first place. I guess I would not make a good businessman.

    Best, MH

  2. I came across to your page about Vitadox product. My uncle has liver cancer and its spreading everywhere. He cant eat anything and can you please let me know if this product will help. We really need your help on this. His not doing well and we really need him to live. I pray for him with faith and hoping this product will help. Please contact me and I would love to purchase this product. God bless your soul. I live in UNITED STATES

  3. well scorpions have bacteria in their venom because the blue scorpion is only indigenous to Cuba they might not have ever seen that bacteria before I’ve taken it now from reading your post I’m kinda scared to keep on trying

  4. How can I get it in Canada , my mom has stage 4 liver cancer and she has multiple tumors, Who can I call to get in contact with to get more info please ?

          1. is there anything you could recommend iv shrunk the tuma by 2 thirds and refused all chemo and radio but was wondering about other natural remedies im already juicing and not using sugar

  5. My mother get lung cancer last stage, where i can get Vidatox in Hochiminh city, Vietnam?

  6. Hello, I purchased 4 Bottles of Vidatox omeopathic product in Cuba, costs is 150 euro per bottle, I do not need them anymore and I am willing to sell them for the same price, 150 euro per bottle plus postage costs, please note that I am based in London. or 0044 7825540300

  7. Edi,
    Sorry your father is not doing as well.
    Could you say more about your father’s protocol? Is he going through chemo/radiation/surgery as well? Is he taking the homeopathic drops of Vidatox or the natropathic liquid? Is he following the other recommened supplements from Labiofam? (the iron, actin and Vimang) Has the urine cleared? Could you ID the pathogen?
    Thank you for posting. It really helps those of us who have loved ones in not the best place to make decisions.

    1. I bought this medication for my father (has bladder and prostate cancer, bladder operated) in Cuba, and he has been taking it for around 3 weeks now. 2 weeks ago analysis showed that he has urinal infection (and doctors said that they’ve never seen such bacteria), so he started taking antibiotics. 10 days after that, he did another analysis and still the same thing – antibiotics didn’t help). Also, his appetite actually got worse in the last 3 weeks, so now he has to force himself to eat. While I am not sure if this is related to Vidatox, I thought that I might share it with people interested in this subject. I will keep you posted.

      1. Thanks for your feedback and please do keep me posted. This drug does have good results with a good number of cancer patients, but I don’t think it would have good results with 100% of patients. If he is not responding well, you might have to adjust the dose or change medications – perhaps talk to the doctor in Cuba to discuss your father’s case and they can reassess his medication/dosage.

  8. Hola , me dicen tengo linfoma y que no es curable y tampoco operable, diganme si esta cura esta en mexico por favor, le agradesco su informacion

  9. I believe that I want to learn more about this drug, before using it. I have always believed in natural healing, especially the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables with lots of water, to heal any disease, along with exercise. Can it parrallel this? Are there any active ingrediebts such as alchol of any sort, in it?

    1. I think in some cases, diet and proper living are enough to reverse disease, and sometimes not. This product can work along with proper nutrition, to ease symptoms of cancer. Of course standard treatments (chemo, radiation, etc) might also be needed and Vidatox can be taken along with those treatments.

  10. i wish someone explains me why is not so famous though its supposed to b a break through in medical field

  11. when vidatox is so successful why is it not famous and published throughout the world it can help millions of people out i m so eager cuz i m an learning homoeopath

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