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Vidatox for Cancer: 2012 Update

About a year ago I introduced the followers of this blog to the Cuban homeopathic medication Vidatox: A Scientifically Proven Treatment for Cancer

On September 26, 2012, in Havana, Cuban scientists presented the benefits of the homeopathic drug Vidatox 30 CH, in cancer therapy, which has raised life expectancy and quality of life to a group of patients. During the 2012 LABIOFAM International Congress Dr. Eva Solomon, head of the Cancer Control Group and the Center of Disease in Havana, said the drug was administered to 845 people with cancer in advanced stages in breast, lungs, colons, prostate and cervix, with favorable results.

The drug is administered in five sublingual drops every 12 hours, and after six months 87 percent of patients improved their appetite and felt pain had decreased, so they stop taking morphine, said Solomon, who works as a researcher at the LABIOFAM Business Group, which develops the product obtained from the venom of the Rhopalurus junceus scorpion.

It also reduces swelling and improves overall mental and emotional conditions of patients and families, Solomon stressed.

The drug has proven effective and is used after concluding the traditional therapy (surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy), said the specialist, who participated in a Symposium on Natural Products in Cancer Therapy, being held as part of this congresss.

Meanwhile, Master in Experimental Pharmacology at LABIOFAM, Alexis Diaz, announced that in the trials with that scorpion venom, endemic to Cuba, from which the homeopathic product is made, checked for analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects and has wide demand in the international market.

The expert pointed out that the experiences with this scorpion toxin, show great efficacy on tumors of epithelial origin, and not on lymphomas and leukaemia. Patients suffering from tumors in the pancreas, bone marrow, prostate, lungs and other organs have dramatically improved their quality of life thanks to the use of Vidatox 30CH, the scorpion venom product with no known side effects.

As part of the scientific evidence, congress attendees watched footage of the  venom, destroying tumoral cells.  Studies allowed for the isolation of five peptides armed with the ability to inhibit the growth of tumoral cells and induce cell death through an apoptosis mechanism.  This inhibiting action confirms the certainty of using this substance as a complementary treatment for tumoral diseases.

Vidatox has now been tested with positive results on 65,000 cancer patients. “Unlike any other, Vidatox crosses the blood-brain barrier,” said the president of Labiofam, Jose Antonio Fraga Castro.

Already Vidatox is being used in South & Central America, Europe, Asia, Cuba, and the Caribbean region.  However, knocking down the barriers of incredulity that stand in the way of traditional medicine as opposed to conventional treatments, is a challenge on the road ahead.


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Vidatox for Cancer: 2012 Update

39 thoughts on “Vidatox for Cancer: 2012 Update

  1. Hi Sonya, do you have an idea about Artemisinin? Is Vidatox better than Artemisinin? Is it possible to take both of them?

    1. I don’t know much about how Vidatox compares to Artemisinin. Both could be taken together because Vidatox can be taken safely along with any other prescription or natural medications.

  2. Hi, my father was recently liver cancer so can my father use it ? I readed some information on the internet but it doesn’t give me about. I hope u replay me as soon as posible. Thank you !

  3. Could you please let me know if there is any conflicts with Vidatox and products like AHCC, Curcumin, GCMAf..

  4. Hello. I am hearing a lot about this drug. Could you provide me with some studies that have been done showing how successful it has been? Also, does it have any side effects? And how can one drug suppose to treat so many different types of cancer if homoeopathy says that each person’s treatment should be individualised. Also it says “is used after concluding the traditional therapy”…so mainstay therapy still has to be used. How do you know what did the curing? I have a aunt with breast cancer, who since her surgery and chemotherapy has not a single recurrence and is doing very well. My friend now wants to try this and asked me to look it up and I want to be really sure for her before I say ‘go ahead’. Thanks.

    1. Yes, Marie, all studies are written about and listed on my blog.
      There are no side effects with Vidatox because it’s homeopathically prepared.
      Vidatox is very unique because it is sort of a cure-all for cancer. I don’t know of any other homeopathic medication like it.
      Yes, it is always recommended that Vidatox be used along with standard treatments.
      Hard to know what did the curing – although some of the people I talked to definitely felt it was definitely the Vidatox that helped

  5. Hi Sonya,

    My brother was recently diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer and it’s rapidly progressing. I have done some research online regarding the improvement of quality of life by taking scorpion venom. I found two companies Medolife and Vidatox that provide the medication. What’s the difference between the two companies and the dosage a patient should take? Also, I’m concerned about ordering the product because it’s coming from a different Country. I live in the US and I am contemplating if I should purchase the product. Can you please guide me in the right direction?

    1. Sorry but I am not familiar with the difference between the two companies. As far as I have heard from clients, the company Labiofam in Cuba is a legitimate source for the Vidatox product (they have a website you can order from). I hope your brother gets some relief from the Vidatox 🙂

    2. My mom just got some from Cuba. A friend of a friend was traveling to Cuba and just returned with 2 bottles.

  6. Hi, my father has pancreatic cancer. He is 67 years old and currently weights 65kg. We now have a box of the Vidatox and I was just hoping you could explain the dosage that he needs to be taking. Thank you very much.

    1. Sorry to hear about your father 🙁 I recommend that he take 5 drops twice per day, also he should be consulting with a physician who is familiar with Vidatox through this process.

  7. Hi,
    Do you know how and where can I purchase Vidatox? I live in Toronto and my mom is battling pancreatic cancer. I ordered it from Mallhabana website (Labiofam’s distributer) but am concerned that it may take too long for it to arrive and my mom doesn’t have a lot of time. Any input would be appreciated.

  8. Hi, is this only administered to cancer patients? A good friend of mine has been given this by his doctor because he has liver problems BUT he does NOT have cancer. Do you know if this drug is used effectively for other health problems? He has been told also that it would be beneficial for him to travel to Cuba for further medical treatment. His liver is damaged from alcohol but he is not immediately at risk of death as he is young and was told if he stops binge drinking (which he has) then he could repair his liver in time.

    1. I have never heard it being used for anything besides cancer. However, most homeopathic remedies have many uses, so it is certainly possible that Vidatox could help your friend. Also Vidatox is used for liver cancer – so maybe it helps the liver in general.

  9. Do I understand correctly that VIDATOX does not cure cancer but helps relieve symptoms of cancer ? My 42 yr. old niece is diagnosed with brain tumour but it is secondary cancer (the various tests/scans failed to come up with the primary source of cancer). How would VIDATOX help in her case?

    1. Results vary with Vidatox. Certainly in some cases it can cure cancer, but it should be used along with other cancer therapies, not on its own. It is known to help with the symptoms of cancer as well, such as pain. I do think Vidatox could help your niece, keeping in mind that response varies from person to person.

      1. It’s very important to not misinform and note that Vidatox is not effective for blood cancers such as Leukemia and NHL = as indicated in their literature: “The expert pointed out that the experiences with this scorpion toxin, show great efficacy on tumors of epithelial origin, and not on lymphomas and leukemia”

    1. i need vidatox for my mother with breast cancer fase4 can u delivery to miami florida plz i need asap .my email is send all the information about plz is verry urgent.thx god bless u.renato de la rosa komici

      1. Bonjour, Est ce que vous avez pu avoir du vidatox et est ce que ca a été efficace pour votre mère ?

  10. I was happy to know about the positive results of Vidatox in cancer patients.I am a homeopath living in India.I am curious to know whether Vidatox can be made available on commercial basis here.Please inform whether any steps are taken in this direction.Thank you,   regards,    K A Baig


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