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Drug & Alcohol Detox & Withdrawal

Little Mountain Homeopathy Client Testimonial

I had been suffering from long time debilitating depression and anxiety over the last few years. Out of desperation I had tried several anti-depressants which all made me violently ill as I am extremely sensitive and the withdrawal being worse than being on the drug lasted for weeks and months. I recently became desperate again and allowed myself to be convinced that it’s just a matter of finding the right medication and trying another. Again I became very ill after being on one only 10 days and trying another for only 3 and again the withdrawal a week later an unbelievable hurricane of symptoms (in the meantime a new gynecologist treated me for perimenopausal symptoms and quickly resolved the depression and anxiety with bioidentical hormone replacement). AGAIN I was so sick with nausea, vertigo, headaches, extreme GI pain upset, only to name a few of the horrible things I was experiencing. I was beside myself because I knew I was in for it for several weeks from past experience. I had a gut feeling to try homeopathy and found another woman’s story online that had a similar experience and said she was helped dramatically by homeopathy. I was determined not to suffer any longer and found Sonya on a web search and I got very lucky she fit me in for a short phone consult right away, and told me what to buy locally since I am in US . She said I should see some improvement by the next morning. Well the next morning I woke with the same gut pain I had the last several days and thought “oh no it’s not working” and feared getting out of bed to face the dizziness and nausea all day. Well I found my symptoms to be dramatically better by late morning and by late afternoon had a much more pleasant day than I ever thought possible, it’s only the second day so I’m excited for tomorrow. I found her fees very reasonable and I will continue with her treatments to resolve a number of other issues no one has yet helped me with.
Forever grateful,
Audra K.
Cave Creek, AZ
*Practitioner’s note: Audra contacted me 2 days after she submitted the testimonial to report that she is still experiencing dramatic improvements from the remedy and she is now experiencing almost no adverse effects at all from the prescription drug.

Homeopathic treatment is a holistic form of healing, meaning that it deals with the healing of both the mind and the body simultaneously. We treat the physical damage done from the abuse of drugs and alcohol as well as the mental and emotional difficulties linked with detoxing from drugs and alcohol. Recreational drugs can effectively be detoxed from the body using classical homeopathy, including marijuana, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines. Pharmaceutical drug addiction can often be more damaging than recreational drug addiction. We treat the damage and side effects caused by pharmaceutical medications such as painkillers, cholesterol lowering drugs, blood pressure medication, thyroid medication, antibiotics, diabetes medication, and more.

All synthetic drugs take their toll on the internal organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs and heart. They also take an emotional toll. People who have used or are using drugs and alcohol currently or in the past need to cleanse their body and mind. Those who need to stay on pharmaceutical medications can use homeopathy as complementary therapy to minimize emotional and physical damage.


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Drug & Alcohol Detox & Withdrawal
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