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Dalektro N, 50ml



Dalektro N | Pekana Homeopathic
Homeopathic for mineral supplementation and regulation of the electrolyte system

Name: DA= give, (E)LEKTRO(n)= electricity


DALEKTRO N drops contain homeopathic minerals that normalize regulation of the electrolyte system and stimulate enzyme activity. These minerals also act as vital catalysts that activate profound chemical changes at the cellular level to help return a chronically ill body to health. DALEKTRO N drops are particularly indicated for treatment of diseases that involve an impaired metabolism, including leukopenia, anemia, thyroid gland afflictions, heart conditions and arteriosclerosis.

DALEKTRO N drops’ homeopathic minerals differ from standard mineral supplements by providing a unique stimulant that enables the body to utilize trace elements present in the digestive tract and replace those missing at a cellular level. Reasons for mineral deficiencies may include poor absorption due to intestinal dysbiosis, an impaired mucosal system, bad nutritional habits, self-intoxification through smoking or chronic illness.

DALEKTRO N drops’ trace elements also regulate and normalize systemic processes, which in turn enables the body’s immune system to address the underlying causes of illnesses. Moreover, this medication helps activate a blocked Mesenchyme (connective tissue), a pathogenic process that can lead to chronic sinusitis, anal fistula and eczema.


Argentum nitricum – 4X – mucous membrane inflammation, nervousness

Calcium carbonicum – 6X – blood coagulation

Cobaltum nitricum – 6X – RES, blood formation

Cuprum aceticum – 12X – reabsorption of nutritive iron

Ferrum metallicum – 6X – blood formation

Kalium carbonicum – 4X – activates enzymes

Magnesium muriaticum – 4X – connective tissue degeneration

Manganum aceticum – 8X – activates enzymes

Selenium – 12X – antioxidant, eliminates cadmium and mercury

Silicea – 12X – builds connective tissue

Zincum phosphoricum – 12X – red blood cells, pancreas, eliminates toxins

Argentum nitricum 4X provides catalytic stimulation of the immune system. It also helps heal mucus membrane infections throughout the body, and calms nervousness.

Calcium carbonicum 6X plays a major role in blood coagulation, building teeth and bones, and directing muscle and nerve function. Pregnant mothers and older people should take this mineral and other calcium rich products to avoid osteoporosis, connective tissue weakness and disruptions in growth (Studies indicate that childbirth depletes the mother of the calcium equivalent contained in one tooth).

Cobaltum nitricum 6X builds Vitamin B12 and thereby helps prevent anemia. As a vital biocatalyst, it aids the formation of blood and the reticuloendothelial system (RES) — the fundamental regulation tissues that ingest bacteria and other matter. It also activates iron absorption, utilization of iodine by the thyroid and creation of protein.

Cuprum aceticum 12X plays a role in the creation of blood cells and antibodies, as well as elimination of toxic metabolic waste products. It is also important for pigment metabolism (skin and hair color) and helps stop painful spasms. In addition, copper boosts the immune system to help fight infections, increases the metabolism and plays an important role in the reabsorption of nutritive iron.

Ferrum metallicum 6X is essential for the creation of red blood cells, and stimulates enzymatic activity. It is also necessary for combating focal and gynecological infections. In addition, iron helps eliminate toxins and protein particles not indigenous to the human body, such as bacteria in the spleen.

Kalium carbonicum 4X (Potassium) plays an important role in activating numerous enzymes, and ensures proper functioning of the heart, muscles and nerves. Lack of potassium disrupts the acid-base balance and causes a fundamental disturbance of the metabolism. Allopathic diuretics, fasting, excessive sweating and stress can lead to or exacerbate a deficiency of this mineral.

Magnesium muriaticum 4X functions as an anti-aging metal by preventing connective tissue degeneration. It also stimulates the activity of approximately 300 enzymes, many of which play an important role in regulating somatic processes. Lack of magnesium can lead to headaches, fainting, excitability, hyperstimulation of the central nervous system and vasospasm.

Manganum aceticum 8X activates a series of enzymes. Although no specific symptoms are associated with a deficit of this metal in humans, it accompanies iron therapy in eliminating anemia, low levels of blood sugar, disruptions in liver and spleen function and menstruation irregularities. Lack of this mineral may play a key role in the onset of depression and disequilibrium (imbalance), Parkinson’s disease and Multiple sclerosis.

Selenium 12X is an antioxidant that, similar to vitamin E, helps neutralize and eliminate environmental toxins such as cadmium and mercury. Contained in whole grain bread, nuts and asparagus, it is an essential trace element and constituent part of the metal-enzymatic complex.

Silicea 12X is essential to build the connective tissue in young people. In fact, silicic acid is as important to the body’s supportive tissues as iron is to the creation of blood. This mineral boosts the immune system, stimulates phagocyte activity, improves liver, spleen and pancreatic function, prevents kidney stones and helps treat pus-containing wounds that are slow to heal. Silicea is also necessary for the regeneration of healthy hair and nails, and for proper functioning of the digestive system.

Zincum phosphoricum 12X is a vital trace element required for proper functioning of red blood cells, bones, eyes and the islet-cells of the pancreas. A lack of zinc is especially evident in diabetes, liver disease and development of various forms of cancer. In addition, zinc — which activates specific enzymes — plays an important role in healing tissues, eliminating toxins and treating exhaustion, nasal infections, varicosities and cramps.


Adults – 15–20 drops – 3 times per day directly or in liquid

School Children – 7–10 drops – 3 times per day

Small Children – 5 drops – 3 times per day


apo- HEPAT drops – liver function
apo- STOM drops – stomach and intestinal function
apo- STRUM drops – thyroid function
ITIRES drops – lymphatic inflammation
RENELIX drops – kidney function
TOXEX drops – general excretion
OPSONAT drops – focal infections, mucous membrane inflammation

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Dalektro N, 50ml


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