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Mundipur, 250ml




MUNDIPUR | Pekana Homeopathic Remedies – This is a very deep acting tonic, described as a tissue de-clogger, for the person inclined towards rheumatic & gouty complaints.

By cleaning and purifying the connective tissues, MUNDIPUR drops help alleviate symptoms that accompany a slowed or derailed metabolism, such as increased mineralization of the body, tendencies toward infections, and concrement build-up that inhibits proper organ function. This medication also stimulates the drainage of metabolic waste products, treats inflammation of the mucous membranes and breathing tract, regulates and stimulates intestinal excretion, combats gout and rheumatism that accompanies cellulite development, and eliminates uric acid deposits.

In addition, MUNDIPUR drops eliminate inflammatory tendencies of the heart muscle and provide anti-diabetic properties. In general, this remedy provides a mild, long-term form of excretion that is well-tolerated by even chronic and elderly patients.


Bryonia alba 3X rheumatic pain, gout, intestinal excretion
Colchicum 4X rheumatism, gout
Natrium carbonicum 3X weakness in a limb, promotes digestion
Phytolacca 4X stiffness, neuralgia, muscular spasms
Berberis vulgaris 1X uric acid excretion, systemic intoxification
Harpogophytum 1X large joints, spastic pain, stimulates metabolism
Ledum 1X pain, stiffness, thermo-regulation
Cynara scolymus 1X drainage, gout, painful inflammation

Bryonia alba 3X eliminates inflammation of the mucous membranes often accompanied by stabbing pains in the muscles and joints. This substance also stimulates intestinal excretion and treats infections.

Colchicum 4X is a classic treatment for gout and rheumatism. It also helps eliminate inflammation in the heart muscle, regulate disrupted digestive processes, and overcome toxic blockages that can lead to weakness and pain in the limbs.

Natrium carbonicum 3X reduces the development of uric acid, which helps eliminate severe weakness in the limbs, joint pain and other rheumatic conditions. It also treats inflammation of the mucous membranes, breathing tract and digestive organs that can lead to chronic skin conditions. This substance further addresses infectious processes and prevents damage to the heart.

Phytolacca 4X is a quality regulating and healing substance that addresses rheumatic symptoms such as stiffness, neuralgia and muscular spasms.

Berberis vulgaris 1X promotes the excretion of uric acid and cleans toxins from the organs, especially the liver and gallbladder. It also protects the body against infection and toxic damage that can cause liver function disruption, diabetes and kidney insufficiency, and treats severe skin problems that appear due to systemic intoxification.

Harpogophytum 1X addresses cramping, spastic pain and tearing sensations in the large joints and spinal area by helping to improve the metabolism and stimulate elimination of waste products.

Ledum 1X treats gout deposits, pain in the small joints and general stiffness within the musculoskelatal system. This substance helps dislodge concrement deposits that lead to severe inflammation and promotes proper thermo-regulation.

Cynara scolymus 1X promotes general excretion of toxic waste products from the tissues, stimulates digestion, and acts as an anti-inflammatory and diuretic.


Adults: 1 teaspoon 3-4 times per day directly or in liquid
School Children: 1 teaspoon Once per day


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Mundipur, 250ml


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