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Helmin, 50ml




HELMIN Spag. Oral Drops | Pekana Homeopathic Remedy – Provide Powerful Therapy to Fight Intestinal Parasites.

To help patients fight intestinal parasites. Recently developed by PEKANA founder and master pharmacist Dr. Peter Beyersforff.

“Parasitic infections, including those caused by worm eggs, can occur due to contaminated food, self-infection or the result or poor hygienic or sanitary conditions,” explains Dr. Beyersdorff. “Maintaining a healthy intestinal flora is the best protection against parasites, and use of PEKANA homeopathic-spagyric medications can help promote good gut symbiosis.”

HELMIN Oral Drops combine seven powerful ingredients to fight worms and intestinal distress. These include:

Allium Cepa    6X
Artemisia abrotanum    8X
Artemisia cina    12X
Cuprum oxydatum    12X
Okoubaca aubrevillei    4X
Schoenocaulon officinale    6X
Spigelia anthelmia    4X

Allium cepa 6X resolves inflammation in the stomach and colon that can lead to the development of pinworms and intestinal worms. In all variations of Allium, the onion contains antiseptic glycosids (Alliins) that fight sepsis and fermentation states that produce gas and result in intestinal distension (meteorism).

Artemisia abrotanum 8X helps eliminate colon worms that can cause chronic stomach inflammation, often seen in children with depressed appetites. Its efficacy is similar to the Artemisia absynthium plant, but without the danger.

Artemisia cina 12X promotes normal colon function. It contains Santonin, a bitter constituent historically used to eliminate intestinal worms. It also contains Artemisin that acts as an effective agent for expelling worms from the intestines.

Salts of cuprum are well known for their anticonvulsive, antispastic efficacy. Cuprum oxydatum nigurm 12X has also shown superior results for treatment of worm, such as asvaridic or tapeworms.

Okoubaca aubrevillei 4X resolves digestive disturbances that result from toxins. Derived from a West African tree, it reliably regulates toxic loads that burden the intestines.

Schoenocaulon officinale (Sabadilla) 6X offers good regulating function against worms. It also provides beneficial effects to the central nervous system, soothes irritations to the stomach-intestinal tissues, resolves circulatory problems and eases allergic sensations.

Spigelia anthelmia 4X is a classic remedy used to eliminate worms. Certified in all pharmacopeias, it treats focal toxic loads and neurologic states indicated by a paleness of the face and hollow eyes.

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Helmin, 50ml


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