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Proaller, 50ml




PRO-ALLER spag. drops | Pekana Homeopathic Remedy

ProAller is a natural homeopathic remedy that really works to relieve allergy symptoms.

PROALLER drops were developed to treat a wide variety of allergies, including hypersensitivity to house dust, foods, antibiotics, metals and animal hair; hay fever; conjunctivitis and irritation of the eyes and ears; and skin allergies such as atrophic eczema and neurodermatitis.

Allergies indicate an extensive intoxification, blocked enzymatic processes and a general disruption of the metabolism. Although the type of allergy varies from patient to patient, each represents the body’s attempt to excrete excessive toxins via an alternative pathway because the primary organs (liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs) have reached the saturation point. In fact, neurodermatitis is a textbook example of how the body attempts to excrete via the skin as a last resort.

PROALLER drops stimulate hepatic and renal function and clean the blood to help the body excrete toxins that play a key role in the development of allergies.

Research shows that Leaky-gut syndrome frequently plays a decisive role in many allergies. When an intestinal tract insufficiency allows undigested food particles or bacteria to enter the bloodstream, a systemic intoxification results that burdens the liver, kidneys and other organs. Therefore, the intestines and other excretory organs must always be treated simultaneously with PEKANA medications to control and eliminate allergies.

Similar to allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome indicates a severe systemic, pathogenic intoxification. Although CFS may seem to appear rather suddenly, it takes years to develop and in severe cases may require years to reverse. This debilitating condition — in which exogenic and endogenic factors such as root canals, mercury from amalgam fillings and intestinal dysbiosis cause a continuous, massive intoxification and organ dysfunction — can lead to serious degenerative diseases, including various forms of cancer, if not ameliorated.

Use of PROALLER drops and complementary therapies can successfully address these problems.


Ailanthus glandulosa 4X severe infections, allergic skin disorders
Comocladia dentata 4X itching, conjunctivitis
Euphrasia 3X dryness, itching
Okoubaka aubrevillei 3X detoxifies system, acute diarrhea
Gratiola 1X eye irritation, skin conditions
Juglans regia 1X stimulates lymphatic system
Sarsaparilla 1X chronic skin eruptions
Taraxacum off. 1X stimulates hepatic and renal function

Ailanthus glandulosa 4X treats severe infections and allergic skin disorders where the immune system is overburdened and cannot combat the conditions at hand.

Comocladia dentata 4X is indicated for treatment of conjunctivitis, urticaria with intolerable itching, swelling and blisters. It also helps treat cases in which the skin has a painful burning sensation and is inflamed with sores that produce a thick, pussy mass. These pathogenic processes produce toxins reabsorbed by the skin that act as allergens and burden the metabolism.

Euphrasia 3X heals inflammation of the eyes, increases tear production, relieves dryness of the nose and eyelids and eliminates itching sensations. It also aids the stomach, liver and intestines, important because modern eating and cooking habits contribute to the development of allergies.

Okoubaka aubrevillei 3X is the powdered bark of a West African tree that has proven itself as a first class detoxification medication. It is used to treat a wide variety of conditions including the flu, phlebitis, toxoplasmosis and many childhood diseases. In addition, the bark has a profound affect upon acute and chronic ailments that afflict travelers to the tropics such as severe diarrhea.

Gratiola 1X relieves eye irritation and skin conditions through its ability to stimulate stomach, intestinal and liver functions. In addition, this herb detoxifies the urinary tract and helps flush out large amounts of toxins.

Juglans regia 1X stimulates a weakened lymphatic system, which is always present in skin allergies accompanied by wetness and itching, including neurodermatitis. It also helps to correct and regulate digestion.

Sarsaparilla 1X addresses chronic skin eruptions of the skin accompanied by severe itching. It is also stimulates excretion via the intestines, kidneys, and skin (sweating), which helps to “clean” the blood. This process also makes it unnecessary for the body to excrete toxins via the skin or mucous membranes, preventing conditions such as neurodermatitis, rhinitis and sinusitis.

Taraxacum off. 1X stimulates and cleans the liver, renal system and metabolism. This bitter-tasting plant addresses afflictions of the gallbladder, and also stimulates the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and liver. Moreover, it plays a major role in cleansing tissues where the body has been forced to store toxins it could not excrete.


Adults: 15-20 drops 3 times per day directly or in liquid
School Children: 7-10 drops 3 times per day
Small Children: 5 drops 3 times per day


AILGENO drops spleen function
DERCUT drops skin diseases
apo-HEPAT drops liver function
OPSONAT drops focal infections, mucous membrane inflammation
TOXEX drops general excretion, heavy metals

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Proaller, 50ml


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