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Little Mountain Homeopathy

Classical homeopath in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Award-winning holistic natural health practitioner.

2011 Consumer Choice Award Winner

I am very pleased to announce that Little Mountain Homeopathy won the 2011 Consumer Choice Award in the category of Homeopathy. Thank you so much to the Vancouver community for your help in making Little Mountain Homeopathy #1.

About the Consumer Choice Award

Each year across Canada, Consumer Choice Award gathers the opinions, perceptions and expectations through the responses of thousands of consumers and businesses. Established in 1987, the selection process has been perfected with a third party research firm to ensure that only the most outstanding service providers are the winners within an industry. This is the only organization in North America to recognize business excellence by conducting a research that surveys both the consumer & business community with statistical accuracy. The research method determines all service providers, ultimately selects the top ranked companies, and establishes the winner within each industry.

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2011 Consumer Choice Award Winner
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