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Albino “Ghost” Redwood Proving Presentation at the BCAH Conference in Vancouver

Saturday October 5, 2019
BCAH Annual Homeopathic Conference
SFU Harbour Centre, Vancouver

Sonya McLeod, Classical Homeopath and BCAH Board Member, is excited to present material from her upcoming book “Provings Volume 1” to be published in 2020 by Saltire Books.

Albino “Ghost” Redwood was a trituration proving organized by Sonya McLeod in Vancouver in 2011, guest led by “Trituration Handbook” authors Judy Shriebmann and Anneke Hogeland from San Francisco.

The key themes of this unique and useful homeopathic remedy will be discussed.

During her one hour presentation, Sonya will also invite participants to experience and resonate with the core essence of the remedy first hand by playing clips from the original 2011 voice recording of the Albino “Ghost” Redwood trituration proving. Sonya has found that one of the most effective and powerful ways to interact and connect with the proving substance is during the scraping and grinding (trituration) process itself; therefore, all participants will be invited to interact with the substance directly by each taking a turn at grinding the original “C5” Albino “Ghost” Redwood lactose powder with a mortar and pestle.

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Albino “Ghost” Redwood Proving Presentation at the BCAH Conference in Vancouver
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