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Where to buy homeopathic remedies in Vancouver

People often ask about where to buy homeopathic remedies in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Thankfully, the common homeopathic remedies such as Arnica 30C for injuries and Osciloccoccinum for flu and combination remedies such as Coryzalia and Stodal for coughs and colds are widely available at integrative pharmacies and health stores such as Pure Pharmacy, Whole Foods and Choices. In terms of what brands to look for in stores, Boiron and Homeocan are trusted and widely available.

However, when people are after the less common remedies, they can struggle with finding where to buy single homeopathic remedies in Vancouver.

Buy single homeopathic remedies

Finlandia Pharmacy is a great source for homeopathic remedies as well as other natural health products.

Finlandia Pharmacy is usually the store of choice when Vancouverites want to buy more unusual single homeopathic remedies. However they no longer take special orders and have an increasingly limited supply of single homeopathic remedies.

Order online within Canada

Those who are looking for the unusual single homeopathic remedies can usually find what they are looking for online at Thompson’s Pharmacy based in Toronto Canada. Thompsons also offers a wide variety of mother tinctures as well as homeopathic creams.

Homeocan is a Canadian pharmacy based in Montreal, Quebec. Use the search feature at the top of their website to find single homeopathic remedies. Besides single remedies, they also offer a varied selection of homeopathic creams and combination remedies for a wide range of acute ailments.

Boiron is a French pharmacy with a Canadian headquarters in Quebec. They offer free shipping on all orders of $20 or above, so they are usually the best option when placing a smaller order. Use the search feature on their website to search for single homeopathic remedies. Like Homeocan, they also offer a wide selection of combination remedies.

Buy homeopathic Schuessler cell salts

The best place to order Schuessler homeopathic cell salts is Jackson’s Naturals. Not only are their products made locally but they are also certified vegan and lactose free.

Buy homeopathic kits

Buy homeopathic remedies as a kit, along with books and creams.

For homeopathic kits I recommend Mary Aspinwell’s Homeopathic Kits. Unfortunately the kits aren’t local, they are made in the USA, but are of the highest quality and provide a lot of value even to Canadian customers.

Buy mother tinctures

Although this is not technically a homeopathy question, people often ask about where to find mother tinctures. Gaia Garden is an excellent source for all herbal remedies including mother tinctures and teas.

Place a custom remedy order

For those people who are looking for unusual homeopathic remedies, and for locals who are looking for a fast turnaround, I am now able to offer custom remedy orders. This service is suitable for Vancouverites as well as for anyone in North America, since shipping is available.

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Where to buy homeopathic remedies in Vancouver
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