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Do You Treat Babies and Children?

Yes, the successful treatment of babies and children constitutes a large part of my practice. Homeopathy can treat a wide variety of children’s health complaints. Homeopathic treatment is completely non-toxic, so it can therefore be used safely on babies and children. Click here to learn more about the type of children’s health conditions that homeopathy can successfully treat. 

I am one of only a handful of practitioners to offer homeopathic immunization consultations. For those parents who wish to immunize conventionally, I also offer a homeopathic program to detox the vaccines from your child’s system. Click here to learn more about alternative vaccine consultations. 

I strongly believe that the earlier a child starts using homeopathy, the better. Once a parent starts relying on homeopathy for their children, they can start to rely less on traditional medicine. Many traditional methods of treating children, such as steroids creams for the skin or inhalers for asthma, will only suppress the child’s symptoms. Using traditional methods, the health problem typically will not go away, and over time it will probably get worse, requiring stronger and stronger pharmaceutical medications. Traditional medications also have side effects, whereas homeopathic medication has no side effects. Homeopathic medicines get to the root of the problem, and over time, the problem will subside.

I understand that in some cases it could be dangerous or life-threatening for your child to go off their standard pharmaceutical medications. In these cases I still encourage you to try homeopathy. Homeopathy can be taken along with standard medications since there are no drug interactions to worry about. Over time, when your child is doing well on his or her remedy, your MD may decide to decrease the amount of medications, or in some cases discontinue them altogether. No matter what your child’s situation is, their quality of life will improve from using homeopathy.

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