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Fibromyalgia: Vidatox a Valid Remedy

VIDATOXBrowsing through the various pages of Facebook, we stumbled on a group with the name: “FIBROMIALGIA STOP AI DOLORI” where one of its members highlighted the effectiveness of the homeopathic product named Vidatox.

We copy and paste HER WORDS IN FULL: there are many positive comments about it. Will it be the real solution to this terrible disease .. ??

“Hello everyone, I am happy to give my testimony about Vidatox. It is commonly used to treat tumors, but now I want to give my testimony that can also help those who suffer from fibromyalgia. I know there have been medical studies about the beneficial effects of Vidatox on fibromyalgia, but I have used it for 2 years and 3 months and I have some positive feedback.

For those unfamiliar with fibromyalgia I can say that is a very disabling disease with many symptoms. Besides the two main symptoms, pain and chronic fatigue, there may be other symptoms, such as morning stiffness, sleep disturbances, difficulty falling asleep, frequent nocturnal awakenings, unrefreshing sleep; headache or facial pain, tinnitus or ringing (vibration inside the ears), abnormal sensations, tingling in particular throughout the body, gastrointestinal disorders, digestive difficulties, acid reflux, abdominal pain, upset stomach, stomach cramps, alteration of equilibrium: the sense of instability, confusion, true vertigo; tachycardia with pulse-pounding episodes that often send patients with fibromyalgia to the hospital for fear of heart disease; cognitive disorders: difficulty concentrating at work and on one’s studies, confused head, loss of short term memory; allergies: many fibromyalgia patients are allergic to many medicines and have food allergies of various types; anxiety.

As you can see the symptoms are numerous, to the point that one is subjected to constant pain 24/7.

One undergoes various radiological examinations and tests, but always with negative feedback; it is easy to not be believed and to be confused for a hypochondriac. Continuing to search for the solution to our ailments, some doctors will prescribe heavy drug treatments that do not give a satisfactory result, as has happened to me and many other fibromyalgia patients.

VIDATOX2Before taking Vidatox I documented but could not find information about the effect it could have on fibromyalgia; then I met some who used it for fibromylagia and had comprehensive results. Later I talked to my family doctor and under his advice, before beginning, I did blood tests, resulting in staggering values ​​in my ESR and GGT (unfortunately the many medicines I have taken in the past created liver problems) .

After the first month of using Vidatox I repeated the analysis and values ​​were subsiding, so I continued with this treatment. After two years the values ​​are back to normal. With the help of my doctor I gradually removed all the drugs that I was taking (137 tablets per month; the treatment prescribed by the doctor was useless).

I now take only Vidatox, vitamin D, and a supplement named cardinin. The muscle aches, headache, sensory disturbances, impaired balance, cognitive disorders (especially short-term memory) and swelling in the wrists and ankles are gone; I can close my hands to form fists, and before everything fell from my hands. I also started to drive again. For two years I’m no longer taking the flu vaccine; Vidatox has stimulated the immune system, I only had a few colds.

This is my experience, I hope it is helpful to those who have decided to take Vidatox but are not sure and that we continue to spread the news to the group to help all fibromyalgia sufferers. I know that is not a cure but it is just a way to relieve symptoms, because when I stop taking Vidatox the pains are back again, but I think that even if there are no medical certificates on its benefits on fibromyalgia, but if people have a chance to live better days with their loved ones, without side effects, why not take it? – Annalisa

“Good morning to all. I refer to the speech that Anna made and tell you that Vidatox, well it is changing my life; it has been three weeks that I have been taking it and my pains are lessening, and there are days when I have no pain, even like today for example. I believe in it and I will continue on this road. When the pain keeps you from living and you find help then take it, I think so. If anyone wants to know more please contact me, I am always available. The evil of fibro with Vidatox fades and then disappears, with a little patience, but if one does not try ….. one will never know, after all, is a homeopathic product, has no side effects, does not create any problems. For now I stop then as I update you, a kiss to all all those who are suffering. “

Vidatox, a homeopathic painkiller and an anti-inflammatory and strengthens the immune system, the refrigerated Escozul of labiofam;  antitumor, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and boosts immunity.


Quote from Mr. James, one of the “mysterious” couriers who imports Vidatox to Italy from Cuba:

“The Vidatox is a homeopathic anti-inflammatory painkiller, which boost immunity. It ‘also used by many patients suffering from fibromyalgia, and for this condition gives excellent results. More generally, it is taken by those suffering from rheumatism, or other disorders that cause chronic pain. “



Casamayor Z, Guevara M, González S.

Grupo Empresarial de Producciones Biofarmacéuticas y Químicas. LABIOFAM. Calle Corrales Nº 105 entre Cardenas and Cienfuegos. Habana Vieja. La Habana, Cuba. E-mail:

Introduction: VIDATOX® 30CH is a homeopathic product from the venom of the Rhopalurus junceus scorpion.

Objective: To describe the clinical evolution of the patients treated with VIDATOX® 30CH.

Material and methods: It was performed an observational and descriptive study of patients attended on the medical services of LABIOFAM treated with VIDATOX® 30CH during the period of 2011- 2012. 2541 patients were included. Symptoms consultation reason, frequency of administration of VIDATOX® 30CH and the moment in which they began to improve symptoms were the main variables. The Chi-square of Pearson test was used to compare the clinical evolution and the improvement of the symptoms was tested by Analysis of the Variances (ANOVA).

Results: The patients with oncoproliferative diseases prevailed (2261; 88.98%) and the degenerative ones were in second place (132, 5.19%). The pain was the most referred symptom (1431; 56.32). The majority of the patients were prescribed VIDATOX® 30CH three times daily (1389; 54.7%). 96.92% of the patients that were prescribed VIDATOX® 30CH three times daily improved the pain

Conclusions: The homeopathic product VIDATOX® 30CH is a therapeutic reliable option in the symptomatic treatment of patients with oncological, inflammatory, autoimmune and degenerative disorders




Cuba e tumori, parla il corriere dell’Escozul


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Fibromyalgia: Vidatox a Valid Remedy
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