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Homeopathic Remedies for Teething

Like many parents I’ve talked to, my first introduction to homeopathy was when my youngest daughter started having teething troubles. She would wake up screaming in pain. Tylenol didn’t seem to help with the pain; she and I would be up most of the night. All I wanted was to see her (and I) get some much needed relief and sleep. I then decided to try Boiron’s Camilia. One dose didn’t seem to do much, but by the third dose she had calmed down and was able to get back to sleep. The next night, she woke up screaming again. This time, armed with Camilia, I was again able to get her back to sleep within 45 minutes instead of the usual hellish night of no sleep.

Camilia works, but most mothers who have used it agree that it is expensive. Soon after my experience with Camilia, I started seeing a classical homeopath for constitutional treatment. I bought the book “Homeopathy for Children” at my homeopath’s clinic. It is a very useful and basic book about how to use homeopathy for everyday health complaints. It had a very good, comprehensive section about treating teething with homeopathic remedies.

After reading the children’s book, I discovered that my baby fit the remedy picture of a Chamomilla baby while she was teething. Babies needing Chamomilla are extremely irritable when they are teething. The pain can be so unbearable that they can get extremely angry and strike out. They can be extremely whiny and nothing will satisfy them. One characteristic thing about my child that made me know that she needed Chamomilla was that Chamomilla babies are quiet as long as they are being carried. My husband and I spent many nights pacing the floor carrying our daughter in our arms! Other characteristics which would make one think of giving Chamomilla are the pains are worse at night, there may be loose stools, and the cheek that the tooth is coming in on can be hot and red while the other cheek will be pale.

Chamomilla is by far the most common teething remedy, but it does not work for all children. Aconite, for example, is another common teething remedy. Teething babies who need Aconite have extreme pain with a lot of anxiety and restlessness, and often have inflamed gums. It’s a good second choice if Chamomilla seems indicated but doesn’t work.

Ignatia is another common homeopathic teething remedy. Unlike angry Chamomilla children, the Ignatia children are more weepy and sympathetic when teething. The Ignatia child may sigh, tremble, single body parts may quiver or jerk, and they may wake from sleep with piercing cries.

Kreosote is the indicated remedy if your baby’s gums are severely inflamed and red with a spongy consistency. Teething for these babies is extremely painful, and they will be extremely agitated and wakeful.

Mercurius Vivus is indicated for teething babies who are drooling excessively accompanied by offensive bad breath. The pain is worse at night.

Podophyllum is indicated when the baby’s teething troubles are accompanied by noisy, explosive diarrhea.

In the above video, expert homeopathic practitioner Miranda Castro talks about two effective single homeopathic remedies for teething: Chamomilla and Pulsatilla.

Dosage for single homeopathic remedies: One dose can be enough if the teething isn’t too severe. For more severe teething, one dose can be given every half hour for up to 3 doses. If 3 doses doesn’t bring relief, you have chosen the wrong remedy.

Using single homeopathic remedies as opposed to combination remedies (such as Camilia) will save you money. I also find that single remedies can be more effective because in general, single remedy potencies are stronger than the potency of combination remedies, plus you are being more exact with your prescribing by just giving one remedy. Combination remedies contain many different homeopathic remedies in a low potency. Most combination remedies contain enough different types of low potency remedies that the odds are good that one of the the ingredients will help your child.

For those of you who find single remedy selection confusing, I recommend Hyland’s Teething Tablets. I have talked to many satisfied parents who have used Hyland’s Teething Tablets for their children. When using these tablets with very young babies, it is best to put a few of the tablets in a dropper bottle filled with filtered or spring water, then put a few drops of the watery solution into the baby’s mouth.

Or, if having trouble selecting an acute homeopathic remedy for teething, we now offer acute homeopathic consultations.

Some children have a lot of trouble with teething. If your child’s teeth are very slow to come in or are decaying soon after coming in, it is best to consult your local classical homeopath so that your baby can have constitutional homeopathic treatment. Contact the clinic for more information about constitutional homeopathic treatment.

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Homeopathic Remedies for Teething

35 thoughts on “Homeopathic Remedies for Teething

  1. Hello again. I was checking to see if you had replied and I realized that I mistyped (too many sleepless nights). I am so desperate to find a remedy for my 2.5 year old having fits with his molars. To say he hasn’t been himself is a huge understatement. The last two days, he gets so angry, kicking and screaming for the littlest things and so restless at night. I meant to say Chamomilla CM worked wonders until I realized it was not 200c as labeled on the bin. We’ve tried 200c over the last few days with only little improvement, so I feel we are on the right track, but need a higher potency. I did some reading today. Should I try 1M next? If so, how often can I give to him and how many pellets per dose? I’ve been giving 3 pellets of the 200c up to 4 times daily.

    1. Try 1M first – 3 pellets up to 4 times per day is fine. After that, if needed, you could try 10M then 50M, but only move up in potency if the weaker dose doesn’t work.
      CM is strong, but homeopathy is individual, and if your child reacts well to the CM I think it’s OK to continue with that dose as long as it continues to help him.

  2. I have one more question. Chamomilla 200c is doing wonders for my 13 month old. He cut 2 teeth without Ibuprofen or interrupted sleep. We did accidentally give older brother (2.5 yrs) Chamomilla CK. It was in the same bin as the 200c and I didn’t double check the tube as it was even the same color. It worked amazingly on him helping him sleep better than he has in a while. I discontinued use once I found out how strong a dose this was. Being that the 200c is only providing very short term relief with his molars and he’s struggling with sleep due to this, is there a stronger dilution I can use for him? If so, what dilution and dose should I try next? What is the strongest dilution and dosage that I can use for him?

  3. Sorry. Commenting again. If I do see that the chamomilla works for him, is it okay to use before naps when he is not necessarily experiencing teething pain. I’m interested in Chamomilla mainly to provide relief for teething where nothing else has worked, but we are going through a hard time with his naps. For nearly a month and a half now he has refused one or both naps. It all began when he cut his first 4 teeth in 2 weeks. He had an upper respiratory infection during and after this time for about 2 weeks. He is about to start walking and he’s also reaching some developmental milestones. All this combined and my previously perfect napper will not nap unless I’m rocking him except for one nap here or there. And he’s an absolute mess because of it. It also seems like he’s ready to transition to one nap. The poor boy has so much going on and no matter what I try we cannot get back into a good nap routine. At night, he puts himself to sleep in 10 min and sleeps 11-12 hrs, so it’s not a sleep issue. He’s been miserable from not napping and will whine constantly unless I’m holding him. Also, he’s 13 mos now. I would say he’s exhibited separation anxiety since he was about 10 mos. It’s getting a little better, but up until a couple weeks ago, he would absolutely lose it all day long any time I walked away from him. I’m sorry this is so long. Just wondering if I see great results with the Chamomilla for teething if this would be a good remedy for getting him back into a good nap routine again and for days he’s struggling with separation anxiety.

  4. Hyland’s tablets worked great for my first son. Not so for my second. A friend just recommended I try Chamomilla. He seems to fit the Chamomilla baby profile. Should I try 30c before trying 200c and if 30c doesn’t work or only provides some relief, then try 200c? I’m confused as to which I should start with.

  5. Any suggestions for homeopathic treatments for a baby who is dairy intolerant? I am worried about the lactose in the homeopathic treatments. I have used the Camila because it is lactose free but I was hoping to find a single remedy that is lactose free. My baby seems very sensitive to even small amounts of dairy products as well as corn, soy and gluten. I have had to cut all of these out of my diet because I am breastfeeding.

  6. I gave camilia and hylands not really thinking camilia doesnt really work and neither does teething tablets but together they worked amazing…but is it ok?

  7. I thought I purchased the correct Calc Phos, but discovered that it’s 30x and not the 6x you mentioned. Can I just crush the tablet and give him a small portion of it or do I need to return it and get 6x?

    1. No you will need to get the Calc Phos 6X and it should say somewhere on the bottle “cell salt” or “schuessler tissue salts” or similar.

      1. OK, thanks! Nothing I’ve tried has seemed to be working so I am ready to just suck it up and not sleep for another year. 🙂 In fact, one of them burned his little rear end raw. Sad day. Thanks!

        1. Us moms have all been there, it’s just a stage and they will grow out of it. Homeopathy will also help plenty while you are on your journey of motherhood 🙂

  8. Details question:
    What do you consider a dose? Full pellet dissolved in a bit of water? Also, 3x…is that every 15 or 30 minutes or just 3x randomly? Thanks!

    1. Yes, give the doses at least 15-30 minutes apart. Response should be seen fairly quickly (within 3 doses) if it’s the correct remedy.

      A pellet dissolved in a little water, then given with a dropper is probably the easiest way to administer.

      1. Well, after a bad morning, I gave Cham 30c before afternoon nap and got 3 hour nap! He got irritable before bedtime again and I gave the 3 doses but he still woke up multiple times last night crying. He won’t cry the full 90 minutes, but also struggles to fall asleep. Cries intensely off and on. Didn’t try again this morning. Does that mean it didn’t work or perhaps it did? Should I look to another like Aconite or calc phos / ferrus phos (bio 21). He usually drags this out for 2 weeks or so. Would I do this every day? Do you notice results enhanced by amber teething beads?
        Thanks again! Great info!

        1. You could try a 200C potency of the Chamomilla, 30C may be too low for him. If that doesn’t work you could try the Aconite or Bio 21. Yes, some clients have had good results with amber teething beads.

  9. Would love some direction on which to try. My guy has a bad corn allergy, so I can’t fall back on ibuprofen or Tylenol (besides, I wouldn’t want to offer night after night). During the day he wants to be held and will stop crying then. Day or night he loses a lot of sleep. Night takes over an hour and a half to get him back to sleep at times. After 5am very difficult to get him back to sleep at all. Lots of crying. Day will only do forty five minute naps which were typically almost two hours. Generally a super friendly, happy and active guy. Adaptable. No red cheek thing. Swollen gums. Did I miss anything? Thanks!

      1. This is where I’m headed next, 200c of chamomila, aconite, calc phos single remedies. The Camila and Hylands combo haven’t seemed to phase my 9.5 mos daughter’s teething pain/anxiety much. Would I do dosing as often as the 30x, or how many times a day would you suggest?

        1. Yes, Camilia and Hylands don’t work for every teething baby and seem to work best in mild cases.

          200C is a good potency to use when the teething is intense, you can use it up to 3X during the day, and up to 3X at night, which is plenty. If you don’t see any difference after giving it 3X, you’ve chosen the wrong remedy.

          Also use Calc Phos 6X, Calc Fluor 6X and Silica 6X cell salts as nutritional supplements, to balance out nutritional deficiencies. One pellet of each twice per day.

      2. Hylands with zero difference. Haven’t tried anything else yet out of skepticism I guess and lack of direction. Could get Cham easily.

        1. I would try Chamomilla next, 30C or 200C, whichever is available. If it’s the right remedy it will work. Hylands Teething Tablets do not work with every child.

  10. I am on my third terrible teething baby, I never found anything that worked with the first two and am determined to find something for this one!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well as dosing recommendations. She seems to fit a Chamomila baby as I have to carry her around all day, but even then that doesn’t necessarily stop the crying, it just lessens the amount.

    1. Have you tried Chamomilla 1M? Also, to correct the mineral deficiency, give homeopathic tissue salts – Calc Phos 6X, Calc Fluor 6X, Silica 6X, 1 pellet of each given up to 3X per day.

  11. Hi,

    I used the Hyland’s teething tablets for my first daughter and thought they worked well. I tried to find them lately and they seem to be off the market on account of some recall. Have you heard of any news on why they were recalled?



    Also, are Homeopaths covered under our medical or extended medical plan at all or does it depend on the carrier?

  12. Hi there
    I am so glad I came across this post.
    I am expecting our first child and I do have lots of questions about what to do when they are crying constantly. I am sure I will learn as we carry on but useful information like this means a lot. Thanks for sharing

  13. I also thought Camilia would do the trick. Everyone I know tells me the same thing…

    I will make note of the other you have mentioned here as well. Worth the try I think!

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