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Homeopathy for Period Pain

Many women suffer from pain during their periods. Homeopathy can provide effective relief from period pain without putting a stress on the liver. Women with other hormonal symptoms such as irregular periods or  women who experience intense pain every month should see a classical homeopath for constitutional treatment.

For occasional or moderate period pains, the following homeopathic remedies are commonly indicated:

Belladonna: Useful when the pain comes on very suddenly. Throbbing pain with a sensation of heaviness, sometimes accompanied by headaches.

Magnesium Phosphoricum: Cramping pains that are relieved by pressure or warmth.

Colocynthis: This remedy can look similar to Mag Phos (pains better from pressure or warmth). A woman needing this remedy would also be in an irritable, angry mood.

Pulsatilla: This woman is very weepy and craves affection. She has no thirst and feels worse in a warm room.

Potency and Repetition: Give a 30C potency (strength) of the indicated homeopathic remedy up to every 4 hours. If there is no relief after 6-8 hours, try a different remedy.

If the remedy choice isn’t clear, try Magnesium Phosphoricum 6X Homeopathic Cell Salts. This is a great remedy for all types of cramping pains. It can be used for leg cramps or any type of muscle pain.

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Homeopathy for Period Pain

2 thoughts on “Homeopathy for Period Pain

  1. This article needs far more specific information… Belladonna, for instance, while combined with phenobarbital and a few other medicines in tablets on occasion, is considered only appropriate to use as a salve for the purpose of localized pain relief. Oral preparations are quite unsafe; there’s no control over the quality and it does contain chemicals toxic to ingest… information on preparations of ointments would be helpful…

    After seeing the award post recently, I must say this is a bit… disappointing. Keep in mind menstrual cycles=child-bearing age… would also do well to mention foods that are linked to menstrual relief and likewise exacerbation of symptoms! I honestly, despite having relief only through Toradol with my “normal” diet, was able to, two decades ago even, figure out what foods to consume and not to consume. This impacts half (quite likely more, in reality) of your readers, after all! It deserves rich detail.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read the article, however, you have missed a few of very key things. First of all it’s very important that you educate yourself about what homeopathy is. Homeopathy is hundreds of years old and is completely safe, effective and non-toxic. You can learn more about homeopathy here:

      Second of all, I’m sorry to hear that you’re disappointed by my award, however, I can’t say your opinion carries much weight because the award was in “homeopathy” something that you have no knowledge of. I am the top person in Vancouver in terms of educating the public about homeopathy, through my blog articles and articles in various other publications. That is why I got the award, and it was well earned.

      And thirdly, about your comments on foods, I agree eating the right foods would be helpful, however, the title of the article is “Homeopathy for Period Pain” not foods for period pain. Also, if the person takes the right remedy the foods don’t matter all that much.

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