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How to Prevent Vaccine Injury

Many parents who know the risks of vaccines still choose to vaccinate because they feel that the benefits of protection from the disease outweigh the risks of vaccinating. Here are some possibilities to consider for those parents who are concerned about the risks but still want to at least partially vaccinate their children:

1. Homeopath Dr. Tinus Smits is an expert in treating vaccine damaged children. He suggests giving a homeopathic potency of the vaccine before and immediately after the child gets their jab. This is an effective method of preventing vaccine damage, although it is not always effective 100% of the time. Contact the clinic or a classical homeopath in your area to find out more about how homeopathy can be used to prevent vaccine injury.

2. Delay vaccinations until the baby has built up its cellular defenses sufficiently. Dr. Donald Miller recommends delaying vaccination until the child is 2 years old. If you are not willing to wait until your child is 2, consider delaying as long as possible. Dr. Smits recommends waiting until the child is at least 1.5 years old.

3. Administer vaccines separately when possible. Canadians can ask for the DTaP-IPV vaccine to be administered separately from the Hib vaccine, for example.

4. Reduce the total number of vaccinations to three from four for the DTaP-IPV and HIB, the first two with an interval of two months and the third after six months. Other countries follow this protocol.

5. Leave out the vaccines that are not absolutely necessary. If your child is healthy you should consider leaving out the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), Varicella (chicken pox), Hep B vaccine and (H1N1) Influenza vaccine. Measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox and influenza are relatively mild diseases in healthy children. Most babies and young children in Canada are not at risk for Hep B, though parents may want to consider the vaccination when the child is older or when traveling overseas.

6. If you suspect that your child’s health has been compromised by vaccinations, seek homeopathic help before vaccinating further.

To read more about the homeopathic prevention of post-vaccination syndrome, read this blog post: Homeopathy for Adverse Reactions to Vaccines.

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How to Prevent Vaccine Injury

13 thoughts on “How to Prevent Vaccine Injury

  1. I was looking into a possible DT (Diptheria, Tetanus) vaccine for my unvaccinated children (5 & 8), because I wanted them to be protected against Tetanus. Thoughts? Homeopathic suggestions?

  2. I have some questions with regards to how you use homeopathy in place of vaccinations and would appreciate further insight into your protocol! Thank you, your website is a great resource.

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for this blog post. It is very helpful. Could you please clarify this point for me?

    “4. Reduce the total number of vaccinations to three from four for the DTaP-IPV and HIB, the first two with an interval of two months and the third after six months. Other countries follow this protocol.”

    When does the six months run from? Is it from the beginning of the series or from the time of the second shot? Or does it mean after 6 months of age?

    Thank you!

  4. Hello fellow Vancouverite and critical thinker!

    I am very happy I came across your blog, when looking for an image to post along with an article I wrote about overvaccination. Last time I wrote about it, I was personally attacked (I removed some comments on that posting, well, several, as they contained much profanity, and had nothing to do with the topic at hand – they were personal insults – I wasn’t hurt, but very annoyed…and afraid).

    I would love to hear about the success you’ve had in getting the message out that we need to be critical about the things that we put in the bodies of our babies, children, and ourselves. We need to do our own research – the mainstream media and Big Pharma are not legitimate “sources” of knowledge. Do you get a lot of slack? Have you lost friends over this like I have? Or has your distribution of REAL knowledge been better received?

    Best Wishes,

    1. Hello Scars
      Thanks for your comment. It’s tough standing against the mainstream and fighting for what we believe in, but for the health of children and babies everywhere I am proud to stand against vaccinations. I have perhaps lost friends over this but I think it’s OK to lose those types of friends. I try to choose my company very wisely nowadays. I have some amazing clients, young couples, very well-educated, who are doing the homeopathic immunization program with me. I try to ignore the negative people since I’m not really interested in what they have to say and they are fascist bigots anyway (i.e. the skeptics society who are sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry).

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