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Pine Needle Tea Safety & Other Pine Remedies for COVID mRNA Vaccine Shedding

Many natural health practitioners and doctors around the world, and their clients, have reported symptoms such as headaches, brain fog, bruising, nosebleeds, post-menopausal vaginal bleeding, miscarriages, and other menstrual abnormalities after coming into close contact with individuals who were recently vaccinated with a COVID mRNA vaccine.

“Shedding” is a term used to describe a phenomenon that can take place after someone has recently been vaccinated with a live virus vaccine, such as the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine. Due to the live virus contained within the live virus vaccine, there is a chance that the recently vaccinated individual will be contagious because they are shedding live virus, for a few weeks after they have been vaccinated. However, the mRNA vaccines contain no live virus, so they cannot shed in the traditional way that traditional live virus vaccines can. Yet, practitioners and their clients have observed that something is being transmitted from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated, and thus some experts are using the term “transmission” instead of “shedding” to describe what is taking place.

Sayer Ji of Greenmedinfo proposes a scientific explanation for the shedding/transmission phenomenon. The possible explanation is “microvesicle shedding and/or exosome-mediated transfer of nucleic acids . . . For instance, it is theoretically feasible that a vaccine recipient’s cells expressing COVID-19 spike protein as a result of transfection with mRNA from a Covid-19 vaccine may secrete microvesicles containing components ‘originally alien to the cell, such as proteins and nucleic acids that are transiently or constitutively expressed via plasmid or viral vector.’  (Scientific Reference: Microvesicles and intercellular communication in the context of parasitism). These microvesicles, like viruses, and other extracellular vesicles known as exosomes, can be transmitted to other individuals (inter-individual transmission) through both normal or diseased physiological processes (Scientific Reference: Exosomes in Pathogen Infections: A Bridge to Deliver Molecules and Link Functions).” Dr. Seneff and Nigh, in a recent paper about the possible dangers of the COVID mRNA vaccines, propose a similar explanation: “While this [mRNA vaccine shedding phenomenon] may seem hard to believe, there is a plausible process by which it could occur through the release of exosomes from dendritic cells in the spleen containing misfolded spike proteins, in complex with other prion reconformed proteins. These exosomes can travel to distant places.”

There is evidence that the COVID mRNA vaccine manufactures are aware of the vaccine shedding phenomenon. For example, during their early COVID vaccine trials, Pfizer warns their recently vaccinated test subjects to stay away from pregnant women, so as not to “expose” them through skin to skin contact and/or via inhalation. And Luigi Warren, who is one of the pioneers of the mRNA technology, recently had one of his tweets flagged on Twitter. He describes himself as “the inventor of the technology on which Moderna was founded.” In his tweet, Warren admits that people vaccinated with mRNA vaccines do shed spike proteins.

The Antidote? Suramin and Pine Needles

In the spring of 2021, blog and social media posts about how to protect against the COVID mRNA shedding phenomenon went viral. A short clip of a video interview of scientist and researcher Dr. Judy Mikovits posted by the Academy of Divine Intervention made the rounds, but unfortunately her words were taken out of context. She then did a second interview where she set the record straight. In both interviews, Dr. Mikovits talks about the pharmaceutical drug Suramin being protective against the toxic effects of the mRNA vaccines. Some misinterpreted her words in the first interview, and thought that Suramin was derived from pine needles, but Judy Mikovits clarified in her second interview that Suramin, being a pharmaceutical drug, bears no relation to pine needles.

It is, however, worth noting that pine needles do have potent antiviral properties. Pine needles contain shikimic acid, the main ingredient in Tamiflu. Shikimic acid also has anti-platelet aggregating activity, and thus it helps protect against blood clots. The fresh young pine needles are also a good source of Vitamin C.

Pine Needle Tea & Possible Safety Issues

Blog and social media posts about the health benefits of drinking pine needle tea have been circulating even before 2021, but is pine needle tea safe? I talked to a local herbalist at Gaia Garden Herbal Dispensary in Vancouver, who advised against drinking pine needle tea in large quantities. Yet Juliet Blankspoor of the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine recommends drinking pine needle tea, without giving a safety warning. Historically, according to the book Herbal Medicine Past and Present, the country people used to drink pine top tea (made from the fresh needles and buds, picked at springtime) every spring and fall to prevent colds. I would highly recommend that if you do indulge in pine needle tea, to do so in consultation with a professional herbalist. Women who are pregnant should avoid drinking pine needle tea, and pine needle tea is poisonous if made from Yew, Norfolk Island Pine, and/or Ponderosa Pine.

Homeopathic Pine & Pine Essential Oil

To avoid the possible safety issues of overdosing on pine needle tea, the benefits of pine needle tea can be found in homeopathic form, as well as in the form of pine essential oil. Pine essential oil can be used in a diffuser, or 1-2 drops can be applied daily to the soles of the feet. Pine as Homeopathic Bach Flower Remedy can be found without a prescription at many health stores. Pine as a homeopathic remedy can be sourced and prescribed under the guidance of a professional homeopath.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended as medical advice and does not substitute for the advice of a health practitioner. Health Canada has not authorized any NHP to treat, prevent or cure COVID-19.

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Pine Needle Tea Safety & Other Pine Remedies for COVID mRNA Vaccine Shedding
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