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Prevent & Treat Reactions to Vaccines

For those parents who have chosen the standard vaccinations, we offer homeopathic protection from vaccine toxicity. This helps prevent potential short-term and long-term side effects from vaccination (Post-Vaccination Syndrome). A homeopathic version of the vaccine is given before and after administration of the standard vaccines.

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For parents whose children have had an adverse reaction to vaccines, the damage can be reversed and treated effectively with classical homeopathy.

Case Examples of Successful Homeopathic Treatment of Vaccine Damage by Dr. Tinus Smits

Case 1
Jurgen was exactly one year old when his mother first appeared at my practice. When he was three weeks old he contracted a cold that had still not disappeared. Up to six months he was lovable and quiet, but this suddenly changed: he became restless and noisy and often had one-day fevers, ten times in that year. It was as if he was a different child, said his mother. Nothing pleased him any more, he refused to sit on mother’s lap, even for a game or nursery-rhyme. He had his vaccinations exactly on time ‘with absolutely no problems’ according to the mother, except that after the fourth DKTP/HIB a month ago he had a one-day fever. He has also had abnormal trouble with teething, with a raised temperature and diarrhoea. His colds were characterized by a watery running nose, expectoration and noisy breathing: ‘you can always hear something,’ his mother said. From six months he was given vegetables and fruit juice as well as the bottle. ‘What is the matter with him? He has suffered colds since he was three weeks old so he very probably has an innate tendency to infection and weak defences. But the enormous change in Jurgen’s character at six months is the most noticeable part of this tale.’ Theoretically this could be caused by the change in diet, but it is most unlikely that this could cause the change in character. These changes can however easily be explained by a post-vaccination syndrome. His total lack of reaction to the various vaccines is more likely to be a sign of his poor general defences than of the harmlessness of the vaccinations.
This means for Jurgen that we will in all probability have to reverse the change in character by giving him a series of potentised DKTP/HIB. His weak defences (which are shown by his constant colds) will remain to be treated later, as this was present before the vaccination period. After the DKTP/HIB 30K, which he was given in the evening before going to bed, he cried at night incessantly for four hours, after which he was noticeably more content. He also had diarrhoea that day. The 30K was therefore repeated a few days later, after which the series was completed. After three weeks I saw Jurgen again. Mother said that his behaviour had improved beyond measure. He was now much more content and remained on her lap, and expressed real pleasure (for example when his parents came home). He played more happily, and no longer ran from one thing to another. He had become calmer. Since the treatment he often had diarrhoea and he slept fitfully, waking at night and wanting to play as if to make up for lost time. He yelled whenever his mother went away. I prescribed a repeat series of potentised DKTP/HIB, to which he reacted with three days of fever of up to 40°C, a runny nose, coughing and inflamed eyes. This was followed by almost constant diarrhoea, rejection of his food and continuing colds. Then came a period with bodily disturbances from teething difficulties, expectoration and squeaky breathing. It seemed as if he was bothered by something other than his vaccinations so I decided on the basis of his symptoms to treat him with Cuprum metallicum after which he finally recovered. He sleeps peacefully, no longer has diarrhoea, the colds and inflammation of the eyes have disappeared and Jurgen is fully recovered.

Case 2
Peter, 10 months old, was suffering from colic and stone-hard stools and could scream dreadfully for hours on end following his first DKTP. Mother, who is a ‘DES-daughter’ (child of a mother who used the drug di-ethylstilbestrol during pregnancy, which proved injurious to the child), has Crohn’s disease (chronic enteritis) and took Salazopyrine* during and after pregnancy so could not breast-feed her child. Peter has had hard stools from his sixth week and always needed two days to expel his faeces. He turned red, perspired over his whole body, got cross, shrieked and kicked. After his first DKTP/HIB he had fever for a day and his whole thigh became swollen ‘like a sausage’. He screamed incessantly for nearly five hours. After the second DKTP/HIB he again developed a fever with a swollen, red leg. Growth disorders were also observed. The third vaccine was injected into his arm, after which he again developed a fever, with a swollen arm.
The following potentised vaccines were administered: DKTP/HIB 30K, 200K, MK and XMK on four consecutive days; after the MK Peter cried all day and then started to recover. After two weeks he fell back into his old pattern of ailments. The DKTP/HIB 30K and 200K were then repeated and again he recovered. Mother speaks of a miracle; Peter is happier and no longer screams. The drop in his weight curve started to rectify itself. He still suffered from hard stools, which was to be expected as this was the case before vaccination.
Two possibilities can be considered: he either has a predisposition to intestinal problems or these manifested themselves before birth as a result of his mother’s use of Salazopyrine during pregnancy. If the latter is the case the problem could relatively easily be solved. My initial tentative diagnosis was chronic constipation caused by the mother’s use of Salazopyrine during pregnancy. If this diagnosis is correct the ailment should be cured and eventually entirely disappear after treatment with potentised Salazopyrine. I prescribed Salazopyrine 30K once a week. After two months the constipation was fully cured.


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