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Homeopathy can be used instead of surgery or after surgery, in order to prevent cataracts from recurring. Note that homeopathic treatment should be used in conjunction with and not instead of regular medical treatments. Homeopathic treatment for cataracts works best in the early stages, and works less well in cases that are severe or advanced.

Homeopathic Treatment of Incipient Cataracts

The best review article on the treatment of cataracts is The Homeopathic Treatment of Incipient Senile Cataract, with Tabulated Results of one hundred cases by A. B. Norton, M.D., published in the North American Journal of Homeopathy, 1891.

This was a Retrospective Study looking at the homeopathic treatment of cataracts in 295 Patients. 100 Patients were under treatment for longer than 3 months. Results: Improvement in 58% of cases, no change in 42% , Slight decrease in 26%, Significant decrease 19%. The best indication of success is the level of vision before treatment. Dr. Norton looked at two groups. Vision better than 15/50 the results were as follows: decided increase in 14%, slight increase in 26%, no increase in 60%. With vision worse than 15/50 the results were as follows: decided increase in 29%, slight increase in 26%, no increase in 45%. In summary, the earlier you treat the cataract the better the results

The quest for homeopathic and nonsurgical cataract treatment Lian, Rebecca R.; Afshari, Natalie A. Current Opinion in Ophthalmology: January 2020 – Volume 31 – Issue 1 – p 61-66doi: 10.1097/ICU.0000000000000631


Purpose of review Age-related cataract occurs when crystallin proteins in the lens partially unfold and subsequently aggregate. Physicians and traditional healers alike have been exploring pharmacologic cataract treatment for hundreds of years. Currently, surgery is the only effective treatment. However, there are an abundance of homeopathic and alternative remedies that have been suggested as treatment for cataract. This article reviews the current understanding of cataract development and discusses several homeopathic remedies purported to treat age-related cataract. Additionally, we will present an overview of evidence regarding the development of pharmacologic cataract reversal therapies.

Recent findings 

Some homeopathic therapies have been shown to prevent cataract development in experimental models. More studies are required to elucidate the potential medicinal and toxic properties of the various alternative therapies. However, in recent years, scientists have begun to investigate substances that address cataract by reversing lens protein aggregation. One such compound, lanosterol, was reported to reverse cataract opacity in vitro and in animal models. Subsequently, 25-hydroxycholesterol and rosmarinic acid were identified as having similar properties.


Although challenges and uncertainties remain, further research has the potential to lead to the development of a nonsurgical therapeutic option for age-related cataract.


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