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Research on Coronavirus

Part 1: Introduction to the research, the registrants who were involved, and the basic concepts of the research

This is a review of research done by Kate Birch, certified classical homeopath, on the use of a homeopathic coronavirus nosode, over a 6 month period, starting in March 2020.

The presentation covers research design, the number of registrants and the follow-up, proving symptoms from the coronavirus nosode, prior and active cases in those who were exposed, remedy response outcomes, and overall health outcomes.

This is a study on the effects of Novus-CV 1M in dilution in relationship to disease expression. This is also the largest homeopathic proving ever done. It was a real-time homeoprophylaxis application in an epidemic

The study resulted in improved health outcomes and no adverse events. 

Research goals: To determine the safety, effects/response, and efficacy of Novus-CV 1M.

About the Coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2/COVID-19) Nosode (Novus-CV)

Nosodes are homeopathic attenuations of pathological disease products sourced from infected individuals. 

The coronavirus nosode was made from samples of nasopharyngeal swabs, alveolar lavage fluid, and sputum of active human cases of COVID-19, authenticated and checked for cross contamination by a third-party lab. 

The remedy, Novus-CV, was made from samples that passed authentication. The remedy was potentized by a homeopathic pharmacy in the traditional way of trituration, dilution, and succussion.

Coronavirus Nosode Research Design

An intake was done with all research participants, and their overall health was assessed, as well as whether they had recent or active disease, and they were separated into age groups. There were follow-up surveys done 2 weeks after starting the protocol, then 3 months after starting the protocol. Note that there were no placebos used and there was no blinding done in this study. 

A number of participants reported having a strange sickness in November 2019, and they were placed in a separate group from the other participants.  And there were also a number of people who upon registration had active symptoms. 

The participants were clients who had done the childhood homeoprophylaxis (HP) program with their supervisors, and their friends and family.  There were 33 supervisors who registered participants in the study. A total of 1169 people registered which represented 348 families, but of those who registered only a total of 817 people took the nosode.

Participants ranged in age, but most were in the 0-5 and 30-49 age range. 10 pregnant women also participated. There were no issues (no adverse reactions) that occurred with the pregnant women or with the 5 elderly people 80+ who participated. According to the results of this study, this nosode is safe for all age groups. The 30-49 age range tended to have the highest amount of proving/immunological responses (side effects) from the remedy. Participants lived in mostly the USA, in various states. They were also mostly (80%) Caucasian. 

The Circle of Disease

When we are using a nosode we are activating an immunological process. So what does that immunological process look like? There’s a prodromal period, then fever comes, which capitulates the immune system to move towards a discharge, then there’s often an eruption, and then there’s often some sort of resolution through sweat. This is known as the circle of disease.

This immunological process can be compared to the action of infectious disease in the general population. First there’s a prodromal period, moving towards the peak of the epidemic, then at some point there’s a transformational change, and collectively immunity starts to develop, and this is the theory of herd immunity. When you are giving the nosode in an epidemic, you are diving into the problem, to help activate the seed of consciousness to move towards a resolution. 

Note that homeoprophylaxis can ameliorate symptoms but it can also cause proving symptoms (side effects). For those who are new to the concept of homeopathic provings, click on this link to learn more.

Part 2: Dosing, active cases, and remedy responses

Dosing directions

Participants took a single dose (3 pellets) of the 1M potency of the COVID nosode. A week later, they took a triple dose (3 doses) of the 1M potency of the nosode within a 24 hour period. Participants were instructed to repeat the triple dose of the 1M potency (3 doses in a 24 hour period) if they were exposed to the virus or if they had COVID-like symptoms. If they found the nosode dose to be too strong, participants were told to put a single dose of the nosode in a full glass of water and sip it throughout a 24 hour period until symptoms subsided. 

Kate Birch has spoken with the researchers at the Central Council for Research in Homeopathy in India, who has done research on using the Dengue nosode for Dengue Fever, and they found that it is best to use a potency of 200C or higher, due to an increased chance of aggravation symptoms (side effects) from potencies of 30C or lower.

Kate Birch had concerns that clients would have more side effects/aggravation symptoms if she used potencies that were too low of the COVID nosode, so she decided to use the 1M potency. 

Most participants did their first dose late March, and then they took the triple dose a week later in early April 2020. So most of these doses were taken by participants prior to the peak of deaths from COVID in mid April. Then these same families were instructed to take another triple dose of the nosode in October – note that some took the 1M potency and some took the 10M potency (families who took the 10M were those families who elected to take the 10M during the summer for added risk reduction). 

Active cases

Some participants (a total of 63) had active acute symptoms upon registration such as fever, body aches, headaches, coughs, runny nose. A lot of the symptoms were intermittent and many of these participants had difficulty breathing and wheezing. Most of the fevers were very low grade. Many of the symptoms were intermittent or recurring or slight. There was lots of fatigue.

Participants who already had active symptoms often had an increase in fever symptoms after taking the nosode; however, their sinus, cough, and headache symptoms often improved. What homeopaths are doing, when we give the nosode, is that we are pushing forward the immunological process of the circle of disease. The participants who had active low fevers upon registration were stuck in a prodromal period, then when they took the nosode, the fevers were pushed to higher temperatures, which burned out the discharge and moved them towards a resolution of their illness. 

The COVID nosode can be a good remedy for the symptoms of post-COVID syndrome because it helps intermittent symptoms pass through. 

The suggested miasms for COVID-19 are malaria (intermittent) or typhoid (effort and collapse).

Remedy responses

Immunological symptoms, if any, that participants experienced after they took the COVID nosode, were mild and short-lived. Immunological symptoms that participants reported after they took the nosode included runny nose, sore throat, and headache. 314 respondents had immunological symptoms after the single dose, and 219 respondents had immunological symptoms after the triple dose. 

Common words used or immunological symptoms experienced by respondents after they took the nosode

Sharp, sore, glassy, trickle, prickling, scratchy, high pitched noises, itching, burning. An irritating feeling. 
Heat, red, flushed, dry.
Tight, stiff, blocked, congested, plugged. 
Nausea, gagging, vomiting, burning, bubbling, gurgling, reflux, violent, cramping, tension, belching gas, bloated, loss of appetite, anxiety in stomach. (Lots of GI symptoms).
Gas and loose stools, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, pungent, voluminous stools. 
Shortness of breath, out of breath, inefficient breath, suffocation, labored, winded, restricted, wheezing, elephant, tightness, heaviness, pressure, burning, wetness, congestion, junky. 
Cough, slight, minor, short, dry, shallow, intermittent, occasional, seldom. 
Increased sleep, deep sleep, profound sleep, drowsy, sleepier, insomnia, sleepless, difficulty falling asleep, restless. 
Tired, exhausted, profound fatigue, deep fatigue. 

Organs of affinity: head, nose/sinus, throat, lungs, stomach, rectum, lungs/respiration/cough, sleep, energy.

Main side effects/proving symptoms experienced by participants who took the COVID nosode

Felt out of touch and a little unhinged. 
More vulnerable, profound sensitivity; crying at any reproach. 
Hyperventilating, weeping episodes. 
Irritability, cranky, seemed extra tired and grouchy. 
Tight chest – anxiety? 
Anxiety, fear, dread, paranoia – death, disease, family. 
Heart palpitations when I woke up with fear.
Panic after being in public. Shortness of breath.
Apathy, lack of motivation, exhausted.
Extremely emotional. Feel tortured by my partner – impossible to communicate, mishearing him and getting extremely frustrated. 

Resolved symptoms experienced by participants who took the COVID nosode

Immediate sense of peace.
Sense of more strength in immune system.
Felt pleasant as if slightly altered.
Felt more energetic and increased libido after feeling tired and cranky since other symptoms.
Breakthrough – she expressed her aspirations and purpose clearly; enabled ability to cope and vent. 
A feeling of being connected to others.
Improvement of depression/brain fog. 
Feel very well – and excited to be doing this.
Felt a positive surge of energy after dose.
I feel more protected now that I have taken the CV nosode. I believe that it has provided me with some level of immunity. I am privileged to have access to it, when others are continuing to be fearful.

Main mental symptoms/side effects experienced by participants who took the COVID nosode

Lack of motivation. Mentally unfocussed.
Racing thoughts, clear head, busy working until 11:30pm (usually in bed by 9:30pm).
More restlessness set in due to the daily change in state of affairs.
A little fuzzy thinking for a few hours. Brain fog. 
Lightheaded, vertigo, dizzy. 
Memory problems (can’t remember some words) from first dose. I take supplements for memory (forget words). They eliminated the problem until I took the nosode.
Felt like I was drunk for an hour at noon. It passed quickly. 

Improvements experienced by participants who took the COVID nosode

Greater clarity, attention, motivation, really good mood.
Improvement of brain fog and depression. 

Some themes of the COVID-19 nosode

I felt the collective emotions. Again, paralyzing fear, great sorrow, grief, profound sadness, and an out-of-control feeling. All of the symptoms went away within 24 hours. Profound peace, bliss, awareness, and the ability to ground the collective emotions followed. I honestly feel like a different person. This nosode has changed me for the better. 

Felt really good after taking the remedy, fear of the virus completely went. Felt optimistic, like the virus is here to help humanity transform. Feelings of elation and freedom, expansive energy, soaring.

Part 3: Exposure, contraction, and long-term health outcomes

Of the 817 respondents who took the nosode, 96 people had previous COVID-like symptoms and/or 63 people had active immune symptoms when they took the nosode and 130 people had exposure to people who had COVID. A total of 28 participants took the COVID test during the study and they all tested negative.

96 participants had previous COVID-like sickness between Nov 2019 to registration. Of those, 78 people had symptoms that resolved before the study started, and 16 had active symptoms upon registration. 38 participants developed symptoms during the study period, and 14 had relapsed symptoms. 12 respondents were tested, all negative for COVID. The homeopathic success rate for unresolved/relapsed symptoms was 97.3%.

63 registrants had active symptoms, of which 16 had previous disease. 40 of those with active symptoms developed symptoms during the study period. 60 people with active or previously unresolved symptoms resolved with the remedy. 2 people did not participate in the follow-up surveys. The homeopathic success rate was 95%.

Examples of registrants who had active symptoms upon registration, whose symptoms resolved after taking the COVID nosode

Fever 101 degrees, body aches, runny nose intermittently. Intermittent headache. Upon breathing, chest hurt near top of trachea; intermittently for 5 days, intense fear and anxiety about having COVID. All symptoms resolved after first dose of the nosode.

Had been sick for more than a month with sinus symptoms and a cough. After taking the doses all symptoms went away.

Runny nose for a few days, dry cough, lasted a couple of weeks. At the time, the symptoms I experienced felt unfamiliar, not like colds I usually get. All symptoms resolved after first dose. 

I had low grade fever, tightness in chest, difficulty in breathing. Had fatigue the first day after taking it. I had been experiencing chest symptoms that felt like I couldn’t take a full breath on inhalation. Low grade fever and chills. Great fatigue on day 4, lasted all day. Tightness lessened but came back after a few days. And then tightness and heaviness; chest symptoms, couldn’t take a full breath, on inhalation went away. Seldom, dry cough went away after. Moderate headache, alternating sides went away. Anxiety about disease, death, family went away.


130 people who enrolled in the study were exposed to COVID. 57 of those people developed short term symptoms during the study. There was a 98.7% resolution rate of symptoms during the study. 

Of the 130 with definite exposure, 56 did not respond to the survey and 74 people did not get the disease. Of the 434 people who responded to the 3-month survey, 0 people contracted the disease. Survey follow up was open until October 1, 2020. 

Participants’ attitudes about and response to covid exposure before and after taking the nosode

Prior to taking the first dose, I was feeling fearful and anxious. I felt like the unknown was making me crazy. Not knowing if I was going to get the virus and get sick. Not knowing how sick I would get if I got the virus. I just wanted to get the damn virus and get it over with!

The day I took the first dose, I went food shopping before taking it. This was probably at least my third time in a food store that week. I got to a point in the store where the space becomes tight and there were no windows. My fear and anxiety started to come in and I started to think that my shopping was sick. I felt vulnerable and exposed. It was excessive and unnecessary. I thought, “This is sick. It’s sickening.” I realized I was actually saying this out loud. I felt down, dragged down, frustrated. I worried that all of us in there were just going to make each other sick. I wanted to get out but felt the need to finish. I returned home. My mother, my daughter and I all took the nosode together. We said a few encouraging words, almost like a pep rally. About an hour after taking the nosode I started to notice that my mood changed. My fear and anxiety dissipated throughout the next couple of hours until it was gone. I felt lighter, clear. I felt like I was somehow above it all, I felt expansive. It was wonderful. To this date that initial level of fear and anxiety have not returned. I also no longer feel the desire to get the virus in order to move on. I feel like I have moved on, somehow…

On May 21, 2020 I was potentially exposed. I came in contact with one of my students’ families, 4 of whom had COVID at the time (one of them died in June of COVID). The student hugged me and I was in close range of two of the sick family members. I repeated the triple dose of the nosode at that time. I did not get sick. 

The COVID nosode decreased the feeling of fear in study participants

Fear was a predominant symptom that most participants experienced, especially before the study began. During the dosing, most participants noticed a lessening of their fear overall. 3 months after the dosing, very few participants were still fearful and there had been a shift collectively towards a feeling of well-being.

A strong and resilient immune system

Our immune system reflects how we live on this planet. When we have a healthy immune system, we can say that our degree of autonomy will mirror that; our volition, and what it is that we are doing in life. 3 months after the taking the COVID nosode, the vast majority of participants felt that their immune system was strong and resilient. Also, according to the responses of the 434 people 3 months after dosing, there was no worsening of previous chronic health conditions after taking part in the study. 

Words of gratitude/testimonials from participants

We love HP! I am a critical care paramedical nurse and wish you could integrate HP and homeopathy into emergency medicine.

I was symptom free, no aggravations. I’m assuming that all is well since I’ve had no bad reactions. Thank you for doing this research. I have been using homeopathy for 25+ years.

I’ve been around many persons with COVID both in hospital where I work and outside of work. I feel confident that this nosode helped me to fight it off and not contract it. 

The shift in my overall well-being has been enormous; most significantly, my emotional-psychological vitality, my ability to communicate with and connect with others, my capacity to keep perspective, set boundaries, consistently self-care, confidently pursue my work and passions: all have had a significant amelioration. 

I am grateful to have had access to this nosode. I am certain it alleviated my anxiety about getting sick. The anxiety was quite bad. I am fascinated by the lessons of the illness and became entrenched in my desire to learn more about the illness and myself during the early phase when I first took the nosode. I hope to get back to it and grow with the energy of this epidemic. 

COVID Nosode Overarching Proving Theme/Lesson

The overarching theme or lesson of the proving of the Novus-CV nosode is “The Shattered Mirror.” What it means is that whatever illusions that we’ve had, we’ve looked in our mirror and however it is that we saw it; what we thought life was about, it’s changing, it’s not that anymore. 

It reminds us of the homeopathic remedy Spectrum, which is made up of all the colours of the rainbow. Somehow, in the fragmentation of this, we have an opportunity to come together and create a better situation. We’ve been living with divisions between us and separation and isolation, and really what needs to happen is cohesion, to come together, on how it is that we are living on this planet and with each other, and taking care of each other. 

When the mirror has shattered and the illusions about who we are have dissolved, we can’t recognize ourselves in others. This is a collective reckoning for all of us to come to know who we are and how we can live together in a way that is in harmony with how nature intended for us. And once we heal the individual, we can heal the collective. 


Coronavirus homeoprophylaxis research review Part 1 (16 min)

Coronavirus homeoprophylaxis research review. Part 2 (27 min)

Coronavirus nosode research review. Part 3 (27 min)

Disclaimer: Nosodes are not intended to be an alternative to vaccination. The CHPA cannot recommend the use of any homeopathic medication, in lieu of conventional medical vaccinations. To their knowledge, there have been no homeopathic substances thoroughly tested as consistently effective replacement therapeutics for conventional medical vaccinations. Nosodes should only be used in consultation with a professional homeopath. Health Canada has not authorized any NHP to treat, prevent or cure COVID-19. The information in this article is not intended as medical advice and does not substitute for the advice of a health practitioner. 

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Research on Coronavirus
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