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Do Homeopathic Medicines Have Side Effects?

No. Unlike pharmaceutical medications, our medicines have no side effects.

Reactions to our medicines can vary. Our medicines stimulate the body to heal itself. How the body goes about healing itself can vary from person to person. Some people have a very gentle response to our medicines. Over time, they gradually notice themselves getting better, until their health problems subside.

Other people have stronger reactions to our medicines. This strong reaction usually takes place if the person has a history of using pharmaceutical medications to suppress their symptoms. For example, a person with eczema who is used to using steroid cream may notice a flareup of their skin condition soon after taking their remedy. Homeopaths would take this flareup as a positive sign of healing, since it means that the body is expressing its symptoms instead of suppressing them. Once this initial flareup takes place after taking the homeopathic remedy, the flareup will eventually run its course and subside,  leaving the person with a stronger vitality and improved state of health.

Less healthy people may also potentially have strong reactions to our medicines, which is why we always commence treatment with the lowest strength remedies when treating babies, the elderly, and people with weakened vitality. This greatly reduces the chance of any unfavourable reactions to the homeopathic remedy. It is important to note that if any adverse reactions do occur after taking the remedy, the remedy can always be immediately antidoted; no long-term damage can occur from our remedies.

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