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Little Mountain Homeopathy

Classical homeopath in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Award-winning holistic natural health practitioner.

What Happens During an Initial Homeopathic Consultation?

An adult’s initial consultation lasts approximately two hours. During the consultation, the homeopath will ask a series of questions to try to determine which remedy is most suitable for you as a unique individual. In classical homeopathy, there are many remedies for the same disease. Therefore, the homeopath is most interested in what sets you apart from everyone else. The things that are unique about you are the things that will guide the classical homeopath to your remedy. Because classical homeopathy always treats the whole person, various details about you are important, such as personal details and dreams. The more the homeopath knows about you and the details of your symptoms, the easier it is to determine your correct remedy.

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What Happens During an Initial Homeopathic Consultation?
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