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Six Swine Flu Vaccine Deaths and Hundreds of Debilitating H1N1 Vaccine Side Effects

SwineFlu9_thumbLittle is known about the side effects of the brand new swine flu vaccine. Here in North America, vaccinations have only recently gotten underway. Many Europeans, however, have already received the vaccine, because the approval process for the vaccine was speedier in many European countries compared to Canada and the US. So one must look to the Europeans to see what potential side effects one can expect if one is considering the vaccination.

There have been 6 deaths so far linked to the swine flu vaccine. On October 20 The Budapest Times reported that a 64-year-old Hungarian woman died 2 days after receiving the H1N1 vaccine. She had chronic but mild heart disease.

Swedish flagThere have been 5 deaths linked to the swine flu vaccine in Sweden, according to the Swedish paper The Local. The first deaths were first reported by Swedish paper the Aftonbladet on October 22nd: a 50-year old man with serious heart problems and a 65-year-old woman died shortly after receiving the swine flu vaccination. Further deaths were reported by a few Swedish news sources, including, last Friday October 24th: A 74-year old woman died 4 days after receiving the swine flu vaccination and a 90-year old woman also died a few days after receiving the vaccine. Edit: On October 27th another death  was reported in the Aftonbladet. I will post more information once I can find an English translation.  It is worth noting that more Swedish people have been killed by the swine flu vaccine than by the actual swine flu, since only 2 swine flu deaths have been confirmed so far in Sweden compared with 5 deaths in Sweden from the vaccine.

LottaThere have been over 190 reports of vaccine side effects reported to the Swedish government. It is reported by that side effects are more common with the swine flu vaccine compared to the regular flu vaccine. Edit: As of October 27th Swedish news website SvD reports that 350 Swedes have now reported side effects.

The Swedish newspaper Expressen gives personal accounts of some of the side effects that the Swedes are experiencing. Lotta Lindstrom, age 49, still feels bad a week after taking the vaccine. She had a high fever and a headache after taking the vaccine, and was forced to take a day off work. Maria Strindlund, age 27, got a severe fever and chills and was forced to take sick leave after getting vaccinated. Rebecka Anderson, 32, became “decrepit” for 2 full days following the vaccination. Five of Rebecka’s classmates also got sick from the vaccination. Jennely Ottosson, 26, was healthy before receiving the swine flu jab. Immediately after receiving the vaccination, she got a high fever that lasted 3 days and was so exhausted that she could barely walk 5 feet. At least 10 of Jennely’s co-workers also got a fever after getting vaccinated.

horror2vaccineCanadians may be thinking “that’s unfortunate for the Swedes but our swine flu vaccine is safe.” Wrong. GlaxoSmithKline is the manufacturer of both the Swedish and the Canadian swine flu vaccines. The Swedish swine flu vaccine is called Pandemrix and the Canadian one is called Arepanrix, but they are actually the same vaccine with different names. Pandemrix aka Arepanrix contains squalene, thimerosal (mercury) and aluminum salts (among other goodies). As far as I know, the vaccine in Hungary, made by drug company Omnivest, is not being distributed outside of Hungary.

All of the people who have died from the swine flu vaccine so far have underlying health conditions. Wait a minute, aren’t these the same people that the mainstream press and government are urging to rush out to get the vaccine?! I think this vaccine is extremely dangerous for anybody with chronic health problems.

One thing that I find curious is that the press has said that seniors have more immunity to H1N1 than younger people because they were probably exposed to similar viruses in their lifetimes. Younger people are the ones who have less immunity to H1N1, so why are they vaccinating seniors at all? And it is mostly the seniors who are dying from the vaccine!


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Six Swine Flu Vaccine Deaths and Hundreds of Debilitating H1N1 Vaccine Side Effects

29 thoughts on “Six Swine Flu Vaccine Deaths and Hundreds of Debilitating H1N1 Vaccine Side Effects

  1. Vaccine manufacturers first use animals as test subjects, then use humans in the same way, for the same purpose, profit. They have relationships with governments that protect them from us rather us from them. Their “products” kill and maim, the numbers don’t matter, their products are unnatural, unnaturally injected and are poisonous and fraudulent. They represent the largest example of medical fraud that has ever been inflicted on the world. Like Monanto’s quest to control agriculture, or big tobacco’s ability to sell deadly product, pharmaceutical/vaccine producers simply lawyer up when their product damages recipients. The new standard, “underlying disorder” excuses them of wrong doing, and its all they have to say to get away with criminal negligence causing death.

  2. As of November 8, 2009, close to eight (8) million Canadians have received the adjuvanated H1N1 vaccine. 10 cases of acute allergic reactions with complete resolution after 5 days reported. No other effects reported so far.

    Regarding “big pharma”, etc., with all due respect, the decision to provide vaccination is based on the sciences of epidemiology and immunology. Research scientists such as myself are independently financed and conduct our work with great care and professionalism.

    For every fact on the internet, there seem to be 100 myths being circulated. If this were the 1850’s, there are those who would say that Louis Pasteur is endangering human life by demanding sanitation in hospitals. Or that the Canadian researcher Frederick Banting, discover of insulin, and mass produced by a pharmaceutical company was “out to poison” the population.

    Bottom line, get vaccinated to protect your children and others in high risk categories. It is irresponsible to be spreading these scare stories to people who have no scientific training and will believe any persuasive argument, even if not based on scientific fact. No vaccine is 100% safe, but death due to H1N1 is pretty much around 1:1000 for those who do contract it, based on the current mutation of the virus – and that is sure to change in the future.

    1. Hello Canadian Doctor. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, was one of the first doctors to talk about sanitation and personal hygiene 250 years ago. He was very much ahead of his time in many ways, and he was right, of course sanitation is important. No homeopath would disagree with this important and simple fact.
      Thanks for writing in. Obviously you have your own bias as a medical doctor and I have mine as a homeopath. I don’t think it’s irresponsible to suggest a safe, effective alternative to vaccination: homeopathy. It has a historical track record of 250 years of successful treatment of many health complaints, plus it is the most popular form of alternative medicine in the world because it works. There are ways to deal with H1N1 – homeopaths dealt with it successfully during the Spanish flu and we can deal with it and are dealing with it again successfully.

    2. In response to Canadian Doctor -I agree that too many myths are circulated vs facts, which is why I elected to get the shot.
      But, you may wish to do a recount on the 10 cases of acute reactions in Canada. I for one, and at least two others in this very small town have had adverse reactions. I myself am still feeling the effects some 10 days after having my shot. Including a trip to the ER for an infection which seemed to have developed. The problem in this area seems to be, no one is interested in taking the report of any reactions.
      Not the Hospital, Pharmacy, the Health Unit (that gave the shot).
      I am not saying the shot is unsafe for everyone, but, I feel that a person in the high-risk category even with asthma well under control, should be warned.

    3. With all due respect to you sir. I am a scientist as well, I also had many friends in high places in the Military, Government and Scotland Yard. You probably have no idea about Covert Action in our modern society. There is some really sinister things afoot to destroy our freedoms. Many intelligent people like yourself are dying to accomplish a greater objective here. Namely a modern eugenics program. If you had any idea of history you would be more informed.

      Check out this list:

  3. BEIJING – The A/H1N1 influenza virus is responsible for nearly 80 percent of China’s total flu infections and most of the mass cases occurred in schools, according to a senior official with the Ministry of Health (MOH).

    A/H1N1 accounts for 80% total flu cases Flu Pandemic Outbreak

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    A/H1N1 accounts for 80% total flu cases WHO: China’s H1N1 vaccine safe, effective
    A/H1N1 accounts for 80% total flu cases Obama declares H1N1 flu a national emergency
    “As the weather keeps getting colder, many regions are entering the traditional period of possible flu outbreak, and prevention and control work is becoming tougher,” Liang Wannian, vice director of the health emergency office under the MOH, said Thursday during an online interview with the official website of the Chinese government.

    According to Liang, as of Wednesday, a total of 1,502 mass cases were reported in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the Chinese mainland and 96.4 percent occurred in schools.

    Liang said the country would act faster in providing vaccines for more people as it was still the most effective way to protect vulnerable groups and keep patients’ illness situation from deteriorating.

    On Wednesday Beijing reported an A/H1N1 death case of a university student, also the fourth on the Chinese mainland.

    Liang revealed that, based on clinical experiments, at least 85 percent of people receiving the vaccine would get protection from the virus and the effectiveness duration would last till this winter or next spring.

    So far the side effects of the vaccine had been mostly slight, such as temporary fever and exhaustion, and the benefits from receiving the vaccine were “far greater” than harms.

    Statistics from the ministry show that the Chinese mainland had reported 42,009 confirmed cases of the A/H1N1 flu by 3 p.m. Wednesday.

    A total of 30,854 patients had recovered. Twenty-two of 66 patients in serious conditions had been cured, the ministry said.


  4. There is NO substantiation to the claim about the Swedish deaths being caused by the vaccine. We’re back to correlation not being the same as causation and definitely not the same as coincidence.

    The H1N1 death toll in Sweden is growing including this 3yo toddler.

    Meanwhile more than a million Swedes have taken the vaccine.

    And Ukraine has gone into a 3 week lockdown (schools, theaters etc) to try to limit spread.

  5. I’ve never been one that was into the conspiracy theories, but the way this vaccine production has played out is making me jumpy. The fact that in the same week they can post studies that show that mercury in our teeth fillings are causing heart disease, Alzheimer’s and other health issues but then the N1H1 has mercury in it… Isn’t that odd?
    What about the fact that just weeks before the vaccine came out, the news reports focused on the fact that the virus seemed to be a weaker version and illness was not so bad. The BAM time to sell some of these vaccine’s we’ve paid millions of dollars to make… swine flu death here, swine flu death there…
    Even if you don’t believe that the vaccine contains harmful chemicals and/or could cause harmful diseases – the principle of the matter is huge. Nobody can force you to inject unknown foreign matters into your body. That is your right as an American citizen. I wouldn’t take it on that principle alone.

  6. Hey Bill – you chastise Paul for not backing up his post with evidence yet the original article states no evidence that the H1N1 vaccine was the direct cause of these deaths. All the European “victims” were elderly and had underlying chronic health problems. Who’s to say their health problems didn’t kill them? Evidence of H1N1 vaccine killing these people is circumstantial at best.

    1. But don’t you think it’s convenient that they are saying that when someone with underlying health problems dies after getting swine flu, they always say that they die of swine flu. Yet when somebody with underlying health problems dies after taking the swine flu vaccine, they blame it on the health problems. They can’t have it both ways!

      1. You lost me right there. It is a big leap to say what you’re saying, that swine flu vaccine killed 6 people. I might suggest that you re-evaluate your nomenclature for greatest credibility.

      2. Many countries have also stopped testing for swine flu altogether. Anything that looks like flu, whether it be a cold or regular flu, is now labeled swine flu. So we really don’t know the real death toll of people who have died from the swine flu either.

  7. I don’t know anything about the vaccines outside of the U.S., but the 4 that were approved in this country are downright dangerous. In fact, the injectible have an ingredient proven to cause cancer.

    Also, swine flu is spreading due to the nasal spray being administered. Apparently, after reading MedImmune’s package insert – it leaves you contagious for at least 3 weeks (see page 19).

  8. What an absolute load of rubbish. There have been extensive clinical trials undertaken on both the GlaxoSmithKline and Baxter swine flu vaccines. Both these vaccines are based on the Bird Flu Vaccine that has undergone tests previously. My only concern is the lack of Paediatric information on the Baxter swine flu vaccine as trials of this in Children have only recently got underway, incidentally over a 1,000 children have taken part in this new trial and there have been no serious adverse side effects reported as yet. I am sceptical of something that seems to have been produced so fast but the evidence on balance so far leads me to believe this is no worse than a normal Flu Jab with the same risks.

    1. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, Paul. There is a lot of scientific evidence coming out that points to the regular flu shot not being effective at all. Think of who is funding a lot of these studies, the drug companies! There are studies that talk about harm and ineffectiveness of flu shots, but those tend to get ignored by the scientific community because there is a potential for money to be lost. Sadly, these companies will put money ahead of safety and peoples’ lives. I write about this in my blog posts.

    2. Paul – Interesting that your comment is “Total Rubbish” with nothing to back it up. People are getting sick from the Flu vaccine. More people in Sweden have gotten sick than cases of seine flu. Please comment with some real substance.

    3. First of all, the only studies (of good size) that are available are for the seasonal flu “vaccine.” All arguements for the H1N1 vaccine go along the lines of: “It is made the same way as the seasonal flu vaccine.”

      Secondly, the efficacy (how well they produce the desired response — antibodies) is only 50% for the shot (much better for the nasal mist.) Except that it is only 20% for children under 2 and people over 60 years of age. So I wouldn’t get it if I were in those categories–it doesn’t work. To add to this point, this is the measured anti-body production. There is little research you can find to point to comparing the rate of flu infection for the “vaccinated” vs. the “un-vaccinated.” More on this at the end.

      Additionally, there have been no studies of significant size that have produced results showing the risk vs. reward for children under 6 or pregnant women (in fact most literature recommends pregnant women NOT receive the seasonal flu vaccine.) I found a number of studies that found that the seasonal flu vaccine is not effective in the people it is pushed on the most–the elderly, as it doesn’t produce the immune response (again, as for actual protection, little to find.)

      Finally, you can find a number of studies that talk about the “healthy person effect.” Basically that since the healthy are more likely to get the flu shots, the fact they get the flu less than those who don’t is just a result of who decided to get the “vaccine.” The study cited basically compared the differences in those who were admitted to the hospital for heart disease, stroke, and other ailments to the disparity in those contracting the flu. Their conclusion is that either getting the flu shot results in a decreased change of getting ANY disease as much as it reduces the chance to get the flu, or the flu shot does not much. I think it is the latter.

      To conclude, my search for definitive data supporting the seasonal flu vaccine came up short. The H1N1 vaccine arguements rely on the effectiveness of the seasonal vaccine. The recommendations of the CDC (notably to vaccinate pregnant women and children < 2 yrs.) run counter to articles that I found from medical sources. The H1N1 shot contains materials that have been removed from the seasonal vaccine due to concerns. And this fact, which is not medically based but tilts my scale slightly: I have been violently ill for 48 hours within 2 days of getting a flu shot (worst I've ever been sick.) Since I stopped getting the flu shot I haven't gotten the flu at all.

    4. Mr. Paul Newman,
      You are not very well informed about the dangers of these vaccines or the companies that produce them. Watch a qualified person give you the skinny on this vaccination. I guarantee, it is not a load of rubbish.

      Dr Blaylock – Swine Flu and VACCINE – pt 1

      Dr Blaylock – Swine Flu and VACCINE – pt 2

      Dr Blaylock – Swine Flu and VACCINE – pt 3

      Dr Blaylock – Swine Flu and VACCINE – pt 4


      Gary Null’s vaccine nation…

  9. I am very glad to have found you here on the net, you have some great and useful information. I myself am really unsure about this (or anyother flu shot) I have never immunized my daughter (age 4) or myself.

    I think that I am nervous…what if she does get the H1N1, can she die? But what if she doesn’t? Also what if she gets the vaccine and then become ill or dies because of it?

    I feel lost, but your articles have given me lots of information to think about. As does the media, but the media always has a seperate agenda!!!

    If you have any new information…let us know so we can really make a good choice!

    1. The media is funded by Pharma, Medical schools are funded by pharma, political campaigns are funded by Pharma. Whose best interest is it for really?

      The regular flu vaccine is only 35% effective in Children over two. Everyone else ZERO.

      Educate Before You Vaccinate.

      All Vaccines are risky and no guarentee of protection. H1N1 is no different.

      Maryland Coalition for Vaccine Choice

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