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Corrupt drug company GlaxoSmithKline to distribute swine flu vaccine in Canada

Yesterday it was announced that Health Canada has approved GlaxoSmithKline’s swine flu (H1N1) vaccine , Arepanrix, for use in Canada. The mainstream media, drug companies, doctors, and Health Canada says that the swine flu vaccine is safe, but there is evidence to the contrary. I also strongly assert, with good reason, that the swine flu vaccine is not safe for pregnant women and young children.

GlaxoSmithKline assures us that the swine flu vaccine is safe. Let’s look at their track record to see whether they are a good, honest company, or not:

paxil032tkPaxil is an antidepressant drug that GlaxoSmithKline first introduced to the market in 1992. A few days ago a US jury ordered the company to pay 2.5 million to a woman who took the drug during pregnancy and consequently her son was born with serious heart defects. There are 600 similar cases pending that blame Paxil for heart problems and other birth defects. At the trial, an executive of the drug company talked about burying negative studies of Paxil. A company memo was presented as evidence during the trial.

In 2000, GSK pulled a drug for irritable bowel syndrome, Lotronex, off the market because it was linked to severe side effects and several deaths. It had only been on the market for 8 months, and in that time had caused 4 deaths and nearly 200 serious gastrointestinal events.

In 2001, an article in Bio-Medicine links GSK’s anti-smoking medication Zyban with 5000 adverse reactions and 40 deaths.

In 2003, the Italian branch of GlaxoSmithKline faced fraud and bribery charges for providing financial incentives to physicians to favour their products.

advairIn 2005, the drug company was forced by the FDA to put new warnings on the labels of three of their asthma medications: Advair, Serevent, and Foradil. These asthma medications all contain long-acting beta 2-adrenergic agonists (LABA), which are linked to an increased risk of severe asthma episodes and death.

Also in 2005, GSK paid over $150 million dollars in a drug pricing fraud case. It was alleged that the company was engaged in a scheme to set and maintain fraudulent and inflated prices for anti-emetic drugs Zofran and Kytril.

Avandia alertIn 2007 the FDA issued a warning about the GlaxoSmithKline diabetes drug Avandia. Avandia has the propensity to worsen heart failure in patients who already have significant heart failure. GSK has faced hundreds of lawsuits over Avandia. Patients who are suing GSK say that the company knew about the drug’s risk but did not warn consumers until until the FDA forced its hand.

In 2008 the Argentinian authorities started an investigation of a possible link between the deaths of 14 children and an experimental vaccine they were taking in a clinical trial run by GlaxoSmithKline.

In the summer of 2009, a “media backgrounder” written by GlaxoSmithKline talks about how they are testing the HPV vaccine Cervarix on a large number of different women. The vaccine has not been approved yet but they are using women as guinea pigs in their trials.

GSK logoWhat lawsuits will we hear about after enough people have been vaccinated by their new swine flu vaccine, Arepanrix? GlaxoSmithKline can laugh all the way to the bank, because it will be taxpayers, not the company, who will be paying for any vaccine damages. That’s a pretty sweet deal for GSK!

GlaxoSmithKline expects to earn revenue of about 2.1 billion from the sale of their H1N1 vaccine. When they tell you the vaccine is safe, are they thinking about your safety, or are they thinking about their profits?

By Sonya McLeod
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Corrupt drug company GlaxoSmithKline to distribute swine flu vaccine in Canada

7 thoughts on “Corrupt drug company GlaxoSmithKline to distribute swine flu vaccine in Canada

  1. What is in “Merck” serum? “Merck” uses serum from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Vanezuela, Mexico, Europe and the list goes on. What else is in “Merck” serum? Well, in each 5000 liter batch, there is 1000 litrers of water, 30kg soy powder and 6kg NACL. This 1000 liter concoction costs under $1,000 and they sell it as foetal bovine serum for $50,000. Pretty handsome profit for a watery soy concoction which only costs $1000. Foetal bovine serum is worth $500 per litre and they add 1000 litres of water with added soy and pass it off as “foetal bovine serum”. On top of that, no-one knows that the serum is sourced from almost anywhere in the world, regardless of the disease status. This serum goes directly into human vaccines.

  2. GlaxoSmithKline also markets Albuterol inhalers, which contain beta 2 adrenergic agonist drugs. Beta 2 adrenergic agonist exposure has been shown to increase risk of Autism Spectrum Disorders in lab animals. There is at least one study to support that this occurs in humans as well: In utero beta 2 agrenergic agonist exposure and adverse neurophysiologic and behavioral outcomes, found in December 2009 American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

  3. the vaccine is not safe. i asked many people who took it and they are not happy. they are still sick from it or getting sick with all kinds of reactions. it takes time for h1n1 vaccine to leave the area where it was put in and than it starts to work on differnt parts of your body and brake it down slowly.

  4. 1993-94- THE soon to be “Appointed” Fed. Minister of Health, David Dingwall, began sending Faxes to my friend’s(private business/Real Estate-Land Developer-Unelected Backroom Boys) Office, warning-telling that ‘THEY’ (Liberals & unlected ‘Associates’) had Invested in PHARMACUTICALS And MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS, And that THEY were using People-Families who Qualified for-NEEDED to get their Meds through Nova Scotia Community Services in Lunenburg & Halifax Counties, in Unethical-Illegal Medical Research, WITHOUT Their Knowledge or Consent.(SocialServices medicare is Now, computerized
    NS Pharmacare and Seniors Pharmacare
    QUOTE: “Doctors at the hospital, will appear to be natural causes. Sounding too incredible to be true noone will believe it.” “THEY’RE A DRAG ON “THE SYSTEM” ANYWAY.” BRIDGEWATER,MAHONE BAY, LUNENBURG LAW- BRIDGEWATER COURT THERE,WHEN WE NEED THEM.” End QUOTE. (MEANING-Local Law/POLICE and FCS were used to harass and further victimize any People who came forward or made a complaint about being Harmed by Doctors and the SSRH & FMH Hospitals in Bridgewater and Lunenburg, NS.

    The ONLY way to Protect or get Remedy for Themselves-The Victims, was through The Courts-SO-Then Dingwall Faxed Directions to be made to NS Legal Aid mandate to leave Victims & their Families TOTALLY DEFENSELESS.

    YES, THIS IS TRUE. YES, DINGWALL WAS ENTITLED TO HIS ENTITLEMENTS From the Organized Crime CORRUPT Elected, Bureaucrats AND Their Unelected, “ASSOCIATES,” NOT from Our Public Monies. YOU have NO idea how deep & wide this criminal Corruption flows.
    The Day my sister quit- got out of that Office, she in an amusing way told her children -If they ever took up Arms to Defend this corrupt Country she’d disown them. Said in fun, she then asked them to TRY to Never Forget that day she said that so that when they got older and understand they’d talk about it. The kids didn’t forget. She showed them the Faxes she copied. They Understand.

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