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Hives & Dermatitis

Classical homeopathy can treat skin rash, hives and dermatitis naturally and effectively. For chronic skin conditions, an appointment must be made at the clinic in order for treatment to be effective. For acute skin conditions, such as exposure to stinging nettle, try self prescribing with a homeopathic first aid remedy.

Rashes, hives and dermatitis are usually the body’s allergic response to an environmental allergen. We do not do allergy testing at this clinic. Most people have sensitivities, not real allergies. Sensitivities to foods and to environmental factors can change, which is why Vega testing is not always accurate. Homeopaths prefer to use homeopathic medicines to strengthen the body so that it is no longer sensitive to allergens. Rather than limiting your life and telling you to avoid the allergen, we strengthen the body so that it can eventually tolerate the allergen.

Topical steroid creams and pharmaceutical medications have side effects and only suppress the symptoms temporarily. Homeopathy gets to the root of the problem by strengthening the body and is free of side effects.

Studies Prove the Effectiveness of Homeopathy for Treatment of Dermatitis

Itamura R, Hosoya R. “Homeopathic Treatment of Japanese patients with intractable Atopic Dermatitis.” Homeopathy, 2003, 92, 108-114.

In this uncontrolled study, 17 people suffering from intractable atopic dermatitis undertook individualised homoeopathic treatment for the condition in conjunction with their existing pharmaceutical therapy, for a period of up to 2 years and 7 months. On an objective assessment and the patient’s own assessment, all patients experienced in excess of 50% improvement by the end of the trial.

Mohan GR, Anandhi KS. “Efficacy of homeopathic drugs in dermatitis of atopic diathesis.” Homoeopathic Links, 2003, Winter, 16, 4, 257-260.

The authors treated 31 people suffering from either atopic skin and respiratory symptoms, or atopic skin symptoms alone. Both groups were treated with individualised homeopathic therapy over a period of 5 years. During a 6 month assessment period following this treatment, the authors determined that 41% of the group with skin and respiratory symptoms achieved not less than a 76% improvement in symptoms and 58% of the group with skin symptoms alone achieved this outcome.

Smith SA, Baker AE, Williams JH. “Effective Treatment of Seborrhaic Dermatitis using a Low Dose Oral Homeopathic Medication.” Alternative Medicine Reviews, 2002, Feb, 7, 1, 59-67.

41 patients with seborrhaic dermatitis received either placebo or a homoeopathic combination product for 10 weeks. Significant improvement was seen in the test group when compared to those using placebo.

Witt C, Keil T, Selim D, Roll S, Vance W, Wegscheider K, Willich SN. “Outcome and costs of homoeopathic and conventional treatment strategies: a comparative cohort study in patients with chronic disorders.” Complement Ther Med. 2005 Jun;13(2):79-86.

This cohort study, carried out in Germany, examined the outcomes of homeopathic treatment compared to the orthodox medical treatment of 493 people suffering from a range of chronic illnesses including headache, lower back pain, insomnia, depression, bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis and allergic rhinitis. The patients’ assessments, taken at 6 months and 12 months from the beginning of the treatment, found that homeopathy provided a greater level of improvement in their illnesses than orthodox medical intervention. This difference appeared to be more pronounced in children than in adults. In regard to the cost of each type of therapy, this study showed these costs to be similar to each other.

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