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Raccoon Trituration Workshop


C4 Homeopathy and Practitioner Development

September 29-October 1, 2017
Friday September 29: 7pm-9pm (introductory evening)
Saturday September 30: 9am-5pm
Sunday October 1: 9am-2pm
This workshop does qualify for CEU credits. A certificate will be emailed upon request.

Location: 32nd and Granville, Vancouver, BC (exact address will be emailed to all participants who RSVP)

With Sonya McLeod, Registered Classical Homeopath
Online & Published Author of 12 Trituration Provings:

Trituration of Raccoon


Triturations are a vital part of homeopathy. Every homeopath benefits from knowing the process well, and from being able to create remedies from raw substances. Like good provings, triturations provide a direct, experiential, body-based knowledge of a substance. They promote and enhance the development of the homeopath, furthering personal and professional growth. This results in greater satisfaction and better results in all facets of practice, from reading and understanding Materia Medica to case taking, remedy and potency selection, case analysis and case management.

 To Hahnemann’s “Aude sapere” (Dare to Think)
I respectfully add, Aude facere” (Dare to Do)

Our workshop begins Friday night at 7pm, where I introduce students to the process and answer general questions. On Saturday we triturate 3 or 4 rounds, with breaks for discussion and food, expecting to end around 5 p.m. Sunday we begin again at 9 a.m., triturating as many rounds as needed, ending around 2pm. As time permits, there will be discussions on the philosophy of C4 Homeopathy. Students should bring their own mortar and pestle if they have one, journals and/or art materials. I will provide extras as needed.

Organon §265
It should be a matter of conscience with him [the physician] to be thoroughly convinced in every case that the patient takes the right medicine, and therefore he must give the patient the correctly chosen medicine prepared, moreover, by himself (emphasis mine).   –Samuel Hahnemann

Why Raccoon?

In 2009, I led a pellet proving of raccoon along with my colleague, Kathleen Taylor. Although it was a great experience for all involved, we are wondering if something was missed because as far as we know it is not a remedy that is currently being used in practice. Because C4 homeopathy is so good at getting to the core essence of a remedy, I feel that a trituration proving of raccoon is needed in order to fine tune the information that we have about this remedy including what it cures and who it can cure.

Fee: By donation for cost of materials

To learn more about trituration provings, read the trituration proving FAQ:

Space is limited. To reserve your spot, please RSVP as soon as possible to Sonya by email: or phone 604-677-7742.

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Raccoon Trituration Workshop
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