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The Homeopathic Trituration Proving of Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)

A detailed summary of this remedy is found in the book “The Art of Proving” by Sonya McLeod, published in 2020 by Saltire Books

giant-panda-china-big1No Longer the Victim: Letting Go of Grief and (Re)Connecting with Heart-Centered, Peaceful Playfulness 

1. Grief about Mistreatment, Tears Well Up,  Crying Difficult/Ameliorates, Lump in Throat
2. Acid Reflux with Burping, Bloating, Stomach & Abdominal Pain
3. Solitary, Slow-Paced, Playful, Lazy and Hyposensitive
5. Plugged Ears; Hoarse Voice (Affinity with Throat Chakra)
6. Desire Freedom; Captivity agg., Need Space & Sunlight

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