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The Art of Proving

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By Sonya McLeod

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458 pages (full colour)

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Each and every homeopathic remedy contains within itself the ability to heal unique, characteristic signs and symptoms. These characteristic healing symptoms that are contained within each remedy are an unchanging eternal truth that remain constant through space and time. Homeopathic provings are an effective way to experience and interpret the signs and symptoms (i.e. the eternal healing effect) of remedies. Yet it is somewhat puzzling that provers are able to accurately access the remedy state during unconventional provings where no remedy is ingested, such as dream provings, meditative provings and trituration provings.

Since discovering trituration provings in 2010, the author has found them to be a deep and extremely accurate way of exploring a remedy’s healing ability. During the process of making the remedy by hand, while triturating the substance with milk sugar, a doorway is opened to what Jungian psychologists call the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is like a world database of information that each and every living thing on the planet is connected to. Contained within the database of the collective unconscious is the eternal, unchanging truth of the healing ability of each and every homeopathic remedy.

Provings are the author’s higher calling, the vehicle through which her soul journeys towards wholeness. So far, Sonya has conducted provings of 14 different remedies over an eight year period and in this beautiful full colour work, nine complete remedy provings including physical, mental and thematic summaries are given for Albino ‘Ghost’ Redwood, Northwestern Crow, Herkimer Diamond, Woad, Wild Horse, Angelite, Black Kyanite, Raccoon and Giant Panda.

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